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  • Brightly storytime presents

  • I'm a Ballerina! by Sue Fliess Illustrated by Joey Chou

  • Ballet lessons! Time to go-- we head for the studio

  • First we balance on the barre, leaning over, reaching far,

  • Stretching arms and legs out long.

  • Ballet dancers must be strong!

  • Five positions in ballet--

  • We'll review them all today!

  • Next we plié and chassé, pirouette, petit jeté

  • We've been working hard all year. Our recital's finally here!

  • Last rehearsal for the show- Get it right from head-to-toe

  • Twist my hair up in a bun--

  • Getting dressed is half the fun!

  • Tutu, tights, a crown, some bows... Mom puts powder on my nose.

  • Ballet slippers for my feet.

  • Now my costume is complete!

  • My recital starts at eight.

  • Hurry up! We can't be late!

  • The music is about to start!

  • "What if I forget my part?"

  • "Take some deep breaths. You'll be great!"

  • I breathe in and stand up straight.

  • Fix my tutu. Tug my tights.

  • My instructor dims the lights.

  • We hope our show will be a hit!

  • Curtains open...this is it!

  • That's my number. Here I go...

  • I can't believe I'm in a show!

  • Gracefully we bend and rise,

  • Arms like wings of butterflies.

  • Perfectly I pirouette! But the show's not over yet...

  • Glide and twirl, leap...and land.

  • All the parents clap and stand.

  • Time for me to take a bow.

  • I'm a ballerina now!

Brightly storytime presents

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