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Immediately really gamy tones, which is everywhere. It sits like a topper. It's in every country, but
Friends or friends of you, but I believe your parents Amelia
We're bit worried because you didn't have that much to do in the first few episodes. No
No, yes. Yes
Maybe they're like, no it was great
But you're sort of not really on very much are you but but then I did encourage them to watch the last
Not this last episode with the episode before which in hindsight might have been not the episode to choose
View in that it was a little bit. Yes, there was yes, that might be the episode to dip into
Mother doesn't watch Game of Thrones. Does she know she stopped after?
Season 1 episode. I don't know what it was. It was when some guys arm got ripped off his body
She said no, it's too much I'm not doing anymore. No
Like she decided to pick it up again later on. Yeah, but chose just the wrong episode
which is when I was having my love scene and a cave a
Second call going no, darling
Love scene in a cave
You get fans wanting a really specific thing from you there. Yeah, it's nil on so my character on the show
She has a list of people that she wants to kill
Well, no she they're all justified
And she has a list and she recites the names and she's been through a lot of trauma bit of the backstory
And it's what keeps her going and it's what keeps her fighting even though she's lost both of her parents
So a lot of people come up to me in the street and they want me to recite the names, but then add their name
I would actually like that zone
Do you know the names I do yeah. Oh, can you
Yeah, yeah
It's been quite quickly. Which camera which can message. Yeah. There you go
We have you gotten some attention music running we do well, here we go. Who done okay off you go
Ilyn Payne
the mountain
beric Dondarrion
soros of man the red woman Tom Hanks
Look at you you're wearing modern clothes
That must be really nice. It was brilliant
I mean apart from the fact that like McCall is 45 minutes less in the morning because I don't have to get like
three layers of fur and armor on and also it was nice and clean because in Game of Thrones
I'd come back every season going this the costume team is so brilliant
They make it look filthy and it stinks and it's really crusty and they've just not washed it for three years
You've got yeah, I've got the game. Oh and this so do you get bothered all the time?
I mean, it's it can be quite intense. But it I think the pinnacle of this intensity manifested itself at a restaurant
Fairly recently and I went to the bathroom to the Sun restaurant
Yes a restaurant and it's a you know, fairly expensive restaurant
And I went into the bathroom and I went into the store and I
went to
Lower myself into the correct position. Well, I believe to be the correct position and then
Under the door
and slipped a hand
with a phone and the female voice said
No, thank you
The characters you play have been so iconic people like to dress up as them
so we've got we've got a picture of this you and Amelia as the Drogo's and
That's for the thing
That is that's actual Game of Thrones
With professional makeup and the costumes of everything and to bare mind. That's the real thing
This is just a couple at home
Who've tried to recreate this. It's pretty amazing
I'm an all right horse or when they taught me to ride a horse
but if we did have a scene where it was a very very fatty horse and
Whatever the technique was ever making a horse go little squeeze would yeah
Well, I wouldn't with a kick it wouldn't go but anyway, but all the way up
Well, we and I were doing our lines and it's a scene where we get quite
Always a bad scene. Yeah. Well, yeah. Yes. Yeah
Yeah. Yeah, and that was one of my audition scenes which was quite interesting
But I thought that the audition scene was the other way around
Yes, it was the other way around so in the actual scene it was
Working away on me but in the audition
Working away
Something she doesn't ask about tunes it needs you talking about Alfie working around you might be quite strange
Scrips it was my character. It said Yara, and my character is worrying his cock
She is worrying and I obviously sort of understood that to be
You know working away back there
but anyway
Thank and I had to do that in my audition on a chair sort of looking straight ahead
Very very dramatically with just one casting director in a room in a very sort of ashamed cameraman go that's not how you do it
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When Game of Thrones met Graham Norton - BBC

1551 Folder Collection
黃進桓 published on May 5, 2019
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