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Thank you everyone
Now judges may I join your table? Yes
Now I've been doing magic for 10 years now and I've only been doing it professionally for the past 3 years
And it's all thanks to these ones right here
As you guys can see over here. I have a server coin and a corporate point
J Park can I borrow your hand? Yes, you may
But race down the perfect you're gonna hold on to one of the coins for me. Just make a fist
perfect little tight
Now watch. Oh, I have the copper one
Watch very closely
Right now have this silver coin turn your hand over and you have the copper coin
Thank you very much I've been creating magic for the past ten years
And do you guys know what the most important thing to creating magic is?
It's actually your imagination so tonight I want to bring everyone to see my imagination
Now today I actually need someone's help any volunteers
How about Alan get over here Alan
Hello ever see? Hello. I will how are you man? Give you a round applause. Okay
Now, uh, do you like chocolate I love chocolate perfect you're gonna love this then
Okay, are you ready yes, perfect let's go
Press okay, I can either a of course. It's real chocolate
Your Ellen, can you mix up the cube for me? Yeah
Perfect now into the place both of your hands I like this
Don't you hold on to my hand and covered the cube like this? Okay
Everything's covered cute
You see all six sides
completely solved
Not only that de remembered the cube you mixed up in your hands the whole time lift up your hand and show everyone Dirk you
complete these songs on all six sides
Alex I've already hit one more time. Yeah, don't you watch the cubes?
Watch the cubes very very carefully if I can actually turn them back
Into chocolate
You see this is
Not only doctor
Thank you so much Colleen, oh my
Welcome to my imagination
Speechless, I'm stunned. I point up here. It's still raining. Confetti Wow
Jane I
have no words
I'm awestruck. Yeah
Do I feel like you could turn me into M&Ms? I really do he wanted to wow, that was amazing. I've never seen anybody use
chocolate as a you know, as a trip like a magic before I was
This amazing brought us. It was amazing
Goo and I'm still tripping out. I need you to say something now
You know Erik with my golden buzzer
You're actually the other performer that I was really really looking forward to watch perform and tonight
You know, I see it's just that because I don't know what you're going to do next, you know
Every time every single second as you said if I blink I will miss it. And so I tried so hard not to blink
Again I said it once I said it again you didn't do magic trick for me you are magic. Thank you so much
David as a magic enthusiast your thoughts as a hack amateur magician
I mean, obviously I loved it and you know what all over the planet right now
everywhere in the world
Magic is on everybody's minds if you notice in every continent magic is becoming this big thing in
2019 and we have it right here in Asia, and we have Asia's best and I'm telling you
You Eric could potentially and voters at home pay close attention. You potentially could win this entire
That means so much to me, thank you. All right
Eric I have a question tell us how you did it. No. No, I'm just kidding
Watching you man, my mind lost touch with reality
I want to know what does it feel like to be able to do that to someone?
You know
everything I create I want people to have that sense of wonder again because as we grow older we kind of lost touch of
You know the magic kind of so if people start stopped believing in magic
And I hope my performance can bring that wonder back into your life
Yeah, you made me believe in magic Eric not even joking
Asia if you agree that Eric has what it takes to be crowned winner of Asia's Got Talent get online and votes
Go to Google search Asia's Got Talent vote and select Eric Chen or visit the official
Asia's Got Talent Facebook page and click on the send message button to vote but not just yet
Do it only after we've made the announcement. That voting is open, please another round of applause for Eric Chen from Taiwan
Hey guys is David posture there should be a link a button appearing right about now go port subscribe down
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Eric Chien (Taiwan) Grand Final - VOTING CLOSED | Asia's Got Talent 2019 on AXN Asia

419 Folder Collection
linyungyuan published on May 4, 2019
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