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the doctors quite frequently and they diagnosed me with everything that you can imagine from
gout, rheumatoid arthritis , the list just went on and on.
My life was miserable. A friend of mine asked me if I have ever been tested for Lyme disease.
My son has Lyme and your symptoms are very similar. You might want to get checked.
got the tests results back and I blew it off the charts. I started on antibiotics and for
8 years i was on and off antibiotics.
By 2009 when those slide backs would ocur they would
become more severe each time. By the summer of 2010 the disease had gotten into my brain
and knocked off my short term memory and started attacking my long term memory. I was living
in an absolute fog. i could not so much as put a sentence together. I could no longer
walk down steps. I lost 70 % of the use of my arm. I love bass fishing and i had to stop
that. He brought over to my house 7 gallons of restructured alkaline water
my energy levels picked up and for the first time in 10 years i slept a full night
within a month the pain in my hand went away
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Kangen water helps beat Lyme disease - Testimonial

340 Folder Collection
winnie published on May 1, 2019
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