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Sans Souci Gardens, only three miles.
That's French for "worry-free date."
You bet it's gonna be.
Please insert 25 cents.
Thank you. And drive safely.
Oh, I got this.
I don't have any change.
Minnie, you got some change?
Hmm, how about a brick of gold?
Oh, that's not gonna work. We need a quarter.
Oh, no. We're next.
Please insert 25 cents.
Oh, here we go. Problem solved.
It knows. It knows what we've done.
Oh, Mickey, don't worry. It's just a quarter.
Yeah, I guess we're fine.
It's just a quarter.
Yeah, I guess we're fine.
Please insert 25 cents.
We're here.
Oh, we are.
Toll booth.
What? I don't see anything.
Say, let's go for a walk around the park.
Mickey, are you all right?
Oh, it's silly.
But I keep thinking I'm seeing that toll booth everywhere.
Please insert 25 cents.
One please. Sure thing.
That'll be 75 cents, please.
Here you go.
Gosh! Y'all need change?
Yes please!
We'll, let's see.
With the current interest rate...
Keep the change!
Thank you. And drive safely.
Excuse me. I still owe you some more change.
Well, that certainly was a "change" for the better.
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For Whom the Booth Tolls | A Mickey Mouse Cartoon | Disney Shorts

4216 Folder Collection
jasmine published on June 11, 2019    jasmine translated    Evangeline reviewed
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