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It's not easy dating when you're naturally more reserved and don't go out of your way to meet new people on a daily basis.
But there are many benefits to dating an introvert.
As you get older, you may get sick and tired of meeting new people who only want to have a good time.
Instead, you begin to find yourself wanting more.
Here are five reasons why introverts make the best relationship partners.
1. They can teach you to take less for granted.
Introverts are observant and notice the little things that are commonly overlooked.
This means that they have a keen eye for unique moments.
They also know how to slow down and learn to appreciate things in the present.
As wise individuals, they don't see life as a race and know how to pace themselves.
So if you catch yourself constantly feeling burnt out or stressed because you're always looking for the next big thing,
unwind with your partner and learn how to enjoy what you have now.
2. They make you their top priority.
Are you unsure about entering a long distance relationship?
If your partner is an introvert, you won't have to worry about becoming less important to them.
In fact, introverts tend to excel in long distance relationships
because they put a lot of effort in making things work with their partner.
Considerate and reliable individuals, they are great in making a practical schedule that lines up with yours.
Introverts also tend to enjoy going out of their way to bring joy to their partners
because that's how they demonstrate their love and dedication.
For long distance relationship tips, please be sure to check out our video here.
3. You can count on them to be there for you on your bad days.
Maybe you just got laid off, or maybe you're dealing with some family drama.
Whatever the case may be, if you need to have a good cry, know that you can do so on your partner's shoulder.
Introverts make great listeners and excellent problem-solvers
because they know how to absorb information and pick up on useful details.
Of course no one's perfect, and it's impossible to have all the answers.
But introverts are careful and earnest during times of emergencies.
No matter how big or loud a storm is, they know how to provide the calm, which is incredibly refreshing.
4. You always feel like there's something interesting to learn about them.
Introverts are naturally mysterious by nature.
They prefer not to put all their cards down at once, and slowly warm up to others.
So if you're dating an introvert, be thankful that they chose to let you in.
Since introverts tend to internalize their thoughts often, their inner worlds tend to be complicated yet rich and full of imagination.
They make deep thinkers and always seem to have something interesting to say when you least expect it.
5. They're in it for the long haul.
Looking for a one-night stand?
Then look somewhere else, because you've got the wrong person.
Introverts like to weigh all their options before making any decisions.
This makes them methodical, responsible, and level-headed.
If an introvert chooses you as their partner, then it means they see a future with you.
We all know that excitement eventually wears off after the first stage of relationships.
But this never discourages introverts.
In fact, they don't care about the adrenaline rush
so you'll know that your partner is serious about you, because they have a good time with you regardless.
Good luck out there! Introverts are an elusive target.
It might just be best to set up the Netflix bait, and wait.
But before you go, subscribe to Psych2Go.
And remember to let us know any of your experiences with introverts.
Also, don't forget to check out our Patreon for some awesome Psych2Go perks.
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5 Reasons Why Introverts Make Great Relationship Partners

13192 Folder Collection
jasmine published on June 4, 2019
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