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[Mighty card mod theme]
"Mighty Car Mods"
Marty: So it's a new day and we have our engine pulled out of the back of the shed and we've taken off the
Subframe II crossmember thing whatever it is that looks a lot like the Lance one
Al: Well, it is a Lancer one
Marty: Oh yeah
Al: So that's Probably why
Marty: There's a problem with this engine and that is it has air conditioning which we clearly don't need
because of race car
But Alan how are we gonna how we get a built? Because if we get rid of that just build on fit, right?
Al: no, so we will just
Chop the belt off and remove the compressor and we'll just reroute it. So goes through here
We'll keep that because then you you've got like you you need
Half the pulley to drive properly we've got rid of that and went straight down here. We wouldn't have much Drive surface
Marty : Yep,
00:01:06,360 --> 00:01:07,620

The best way to measure to get your new belt what I do is just cut the old belt in half.
00:01:14,439 --> 00:01:18,419
delete what you're going to delete and then overlap the belt and

Then cut it where it overlaps. So that's your size
Marty: Yep.
00:01:25,000 --> 00:01:27,540
Marty: and that's how you buy like it. This is what a

6 pk because it's got six reeds. Yeah, . Yeah millimetres
Al: Yeah
Marty: it'll be like a 11 whatever 70 or something
Al: Yeah, that's just a millimetre length
so if you use a bit of string or something like that, you just it's it's very hard to get the the proper length because
It's got to go through the ribs are got to go into the into
Marty: Oh yeah...
Al: the rib grooves and stuff like that
Just the belts useless anyway, because it's not fit anymore. So you just cut it and use that as your measuring stick cool
Marty : Cool!
Al: So it's easy way to do
Marty: it chop it man
*Tin snipper sound*
Marty: Oh Ahhhh... Ha ha ha
Al: So the only catch is because it's got an automatic tensioner when you measure it you have to
Well, I measure the tensioner away because otherwise it won't be mark it accurate
Marty: And what you justr get a texture or something and mark it there
Al: I put my finger on then cut it off
Marty: That's oh just a little bit tension like that she's good
Al: Yep, cool. No cut that bit off
Marty: your choppers
Like so
Marty: They're really good, Wow!
Al: Hmm
Marty: Then we just measure this
Al: and then we just measure that
Marty:Oh awh. The tensioners, there's only about length, although we need one that's joined
*tape measure sound*
Marty: 6pk
Al: Bullet

Marty :15:40
Marty: Sounds good. Six PK 1540
Al: then I'll write it now.

Marty: Okay, I will
Marty: Well, first up we're heading to "Super Cheap Auto" to grab some supplies
and maybe some kebabs on the way home

We're gonna pick up a new accessory belt and to help his hand. I'm gonna get our some gloves that he probably won't use
We also need an oil filter some engine oil and gearbox oil ready to go in the car before we fire it up
Assuming we get that far
Marty: Back at Al's shed
We can begin stripping down the 4G 69 and the aircon compressor is going directly in the bin
Marty : weight saving
Al: See that big lump there martin
Marty: This
Al: yeah, that's a balance shaft.
Marty: Oh Really?
Al: Yeah,
Marty: Is it on a cog or something
Al Its on the timing belt drive
Marty: Oh, so it's like a separate big separate thing. Yeah, cuz force it on the inline engines have what's called?
Al Yeah because 4 cylinders inline engines
Al: Secondary
Al: So that's why a lot of four-cylinder engines are horrible buzzy things like
3s GS and that's horrible MR2 Motors and sr20
Marty: *laughing at MR2 hate*
Al: Literally look at them and their vibrating. . I can't tell sometimes the severity of the engines off
Marty: Yeah
Al: that's a natural secondary vibration
Marty: I can't tell sometimes if supergramps if the engine is on or not
Al: Yeah, it's because its a six Cylinders
Al: Don't have it that they're one of the smooth engines
Marty: Benny Stagia
Marty: Is that the motor that they use and they put a glass of water or coin on something and it doesn't move
Al: Hmm
Al: Yeah, so the more cylinders the less vibes you get but also on the in lines are bad for it
So they use balance shafts to cancel the the secondary vibration out
Marty: I thought that one of them stuck to the end of the crank
Al: It's actually like a whole separates Al: It's separate thing with balance weights on it. To cancel out those vibration
Marty: people delete them
I mean, I'm not on it
But they do I guess to save weight and rotating mass
Al: and revving it to a eleven
Al: Yeah, you can't delete them but it's it doesn't it does do a job makes the engine nicer
Marty : *ahhh*
*Metal crash sound*

Al: 'Boot kits' It's very cheap
Marty: Yeah
Al: Relatively easy to replace depending on how accessible the actual rack is, but it's obviously really easy to get it. We know, it's Jase
Al :Yeah
Marty: so tire its tire rods got to come off right and you don't want to mess that up because if you do you ruin your Alignment
because that's what they used to do the towing here
Al: So the tie rod end has to come off with just
Al: Which is this
Marty: yep

That's called a rack end.
Marty: Yeah
Al they call it a rack in when it's on a rack
Al But they call it a tie rod end when it's on a box
Al: So
Yeah, we got to crack this nut to loosen it
Marty: Yep
Al: But we we need to measure the distance between that nut on the end of the thread
So he can put it back on the right way.
Marty: Yeah
Al: that way you don't have to get a wheel alignment.
Marty: Yeah, that's good

Marty: So that good. Well the a wheel alignment is good and it's sticks
marty: So it will be nice not to have to change it
Al: So it is doable without getting a wheel on it. You just have to use bit of
Measuring and put it back together correctly and it's fine
Marty: I'm gonna crack the nuts you can watch and tell me if I do it wrong because that's probably quite hard to single handly
Marty: This maintenance stuff is nowhere near as exciting as dropping in a big-block engine
But it's also only 10 minutes of work now or more like two hours work later on
when everything is installing the car and in the way.
By measuring the length of our reckons we can make sure the alignment is

Unchanged and it's simply a matter of the thrashed out rubbers coming off and sliding some new ones on in place
Some cable ties help hold everything together
With our rack boots fixed we can move on to our shifter
Marty Part of the problem
With this
And one of the reason why the motor might of gone
Is because the shifter was so vague
like the shifters that long
which is my fault as a screwdriver on it

But still like it's it's long
Marty: Anyway,
00:06:44,340 --> 00:06:46,320
Marty: and it definitely feels like as nice as that

But you can grease that up to your right like that's a bit smash, but just regress it and go again
Al : Spray abit of Spray greese
So cool, alright so got to go inside the car to get the old one out, right? Yeah. Let's do it
Al: Yeah
Marty: Might fix that
I just I can't wait to drive it again
Marty: It's going to be good and it feels good. Like it's a nice seat nice steering position. It's got a roll cage got those like pads all the gear
cheap-cheap track car
Mean you could especially consider you could probably buy
You could buy this car for 500 bucks
I reckon with like a day's Reggio on it and you could buy that motor for what we pay
$400 plus some plus and bit service item stuff that you have to buy no matter what car you get
The cage is a bit over a thousand bucks. Probably even less. Actually, I think if you put in yourself
Good tires some breaks. That's thou these things make over 100 kilowatts
Al Yeah,
Marty: throw it in a naturally aspirated

You can we're doing it a bit differently because the wiring because we're gonna rewire it for a
Because we have the haltech might as well use it and we've got the wide band and everything
but if you're going in a you can use a wiring in my fur, I think it's a
4g63 no
1493 which is the 1.8 litre that came in this car and the motors are so similar
You can plug them in like a couple extra wires a different alternator plug in away you go
That's the ultimate way to do this or really on the cheap
Marty: The old shifter first needs to be unbolted from the transmission tunnel and also the firewall on the inside an
Epic stereo install from two Sexy's past-life means there's extra metal attached to the - that's getting in the way
with that chopped
it can be fed back out through the engine bay and we can check it next to the new one to make sure it's gonna
Mitsubishi must have nailed that with the original design as there's hardly any differences at all
Winning the newer CH lancer version will bolt straight in
With the ship disordered we can now start to prep our 4069 for its first test fit into 2sexy's engine bay
We're going to remove all the wiring plugs and sensors as they'll need to be completely reworked
So mad super got from Woody because you don't to lose this little sort of retaining clip is to put the plug back on and
Then push it down and then it stays in the plug and you don't lose it
And then when you go to put that on just clip straight back in
Marty I'm gonna do it?. I?
Al: *Giggles*

Marty: We've reinstalled the front to rear engine support bracket back onto the engine to help locate it in the bay
Being that our original 4G 15 driver's side upper engine mount won't fit
we've ordered one from an Evo which with some minor adjustments to the studs will fit this car further proving that 2sexy is...
Actually an Evo
Al: Why do we do that
Marty: Hmm

Al: Because these two
Bolt holes and fit that mount.
Al: it's just reverse so that holds the third holes here,
Marty: right!

Al: so if we take that out that mount will
most likely bolt on there cool at least just for the purposes of
Holding it up there holding until we get the Evo mount got it
Marty: The plan of attack is to get the engine into position and then drop the car down on top of it
We'll then use an engine crane to pull it into the correct spot and support it from underneath to then bolted it in
Mary: I am putting these
Crushed tube things back in.
and I got these two really long bolts

That need to line back up
They may or may not cause right now they don't exactly
But it's only hanging on one mount very
Softly at the moment. So can move
maybe a pry bar or something just to wiggle it
Al: That's moved a bit it's supposed to just bolt straight in but it's it's half a hole out
Marty: And I can't like I if I can't pull the Forwards anymore because when I pull up try and pull it
Al: Yep
Marty: Because of where the motor sits
Just wrong
So the trick now is to get this crossmember that goes from the front of the back of the car
To line up
so we were told that
You've got to rotate one of these mounts,
but we don't actually know which one it is yet
And the only way we can tell is by
Trying to get this connected in and then see where the engine sits at that moment the tensioner for the belts rubbing on there on
The engine rail, so we're gonna see if we can just attach it and get our idea
We're missing the top driver's side mount which means we can't line it up off that either. We're waiting for that to arrive
It should be here either this afternoon or tomorrow
So we're gonna bolt this in see where all sits
So that also lets us start to plan out where everything else is gonna go so, it'll save us a little bit of time later
*power tool sound*
Marty: How do we know it's not right
Al: Wait, until we get the other mount!
Marty: then it will tell us?

Mary: That looks like I'm 2.4 litre mounted into a CE lancer to me
Al: So the 4G 15 engine is obviously small look as a small capacity engine so that mount is longer here than
This one
the engines

bigger and comes closer to the rail
So the theory is the Evo
Has the right spacing and then the right bolt pattern as well see that's obviously that's reversed
so ummm....
Wait till it gets here.
Marty: It looks like it's meant to be there.
Al: Yeah, it's pretty good hey?
Marty: Yeah, that's um, I mean, we're missing our mount
So when our Evo mount shows up will will be a proper Evo a big-block 2.4 litre Evo
Marty: but you know what? I reckon this is an awesome swap even naturally aspirated
*awkward stare *
Marty: What turbo there?....
00:13:27,460 --> 00:13:30,220
*Marty Laugh*

Marty: No comment
Marty: why is it go at the bumper? What's that about?
Al: It's an Evo. You don't watch the Internet??????

Marty: Clearly not
Al: Cats and Evo's with turbos out the bumper. That's what's on internet
Marty: Turbo out the bumper.?
Al: Yeah,
Marty: Is that a thing?

Marty: Where does your air filter go?
Al: Thats Evo's? That's how they work.
Marty: Where does the air filter go?
Al: What air filter?
Marty: but whatever rock hits it
Marty: Your turbo and your engines is dead
Al: Man be fine every fine.
Marty: Alright

Marty: Yeah, man,
Al : Like a glove.....
Marty: and you reckon just a big manifold thing you all in this that's a lot of space, isn't there?
Al: Yeah, it is
Marty: and I if we get a like a Honda radiator
Would the radiator to go there?

Al :Yep,
Al: just barely anything that's good in Honda's
Marty: is their little half radiator isn't
Marty: Right and do we just attach it and work our way out and
Figure out where it's gonna go.
Al: Yeah. We just do like a big
*Al's mechanical ninja moves*

Marty: How's it go?
*Al's mechanical ninja moves*
It's like
Marty: What does that mean?....
Marty: Will it have a Gooch?...
Al: All the pipes wrapping around each other nine will have a merge collector.
Marty: Oh really look done properly
Al: Yeah
Marty: Do you have a merge collector?
Al: Yeah
Marty: That's like multiple
Gooch's when you think about it

Al : Hmm *nods*
Marty: With our strategy meeting wrapped up
and minutes noted down
It's time to get stuck into rewiring this newer engine to work in the old CE Lancer
Marty: this is a k24, isn't it? This is the K 24 of Mitsubishi world.
Al: It's same thing
Marty This is the old loom.
Al: Yeah
Marty: and what do we need out of here?
Al: So it's got the wiper motor
in it, so that's got to
Al: Come out of it for a start and they'll probably be some power supplies and a few things as well.
Marty: That's that stuff

Al: Is that sort of stuff that joins the body will go somewhere.
Marty: Yep, three plugs - two plugs three plugs.
Umm No, that's a earth junction.
Marty: Alright
Al: So we'll just count it open and just pull out stuff
Marty: We won't need really any of these Al: Thats, The umm wiper motor
Marty: Oh cool we need that bit.
Al: I think that's....
Al: some stuff we don't need
Marty: that's the same as what's already on the car those two plugs
Al: that might be the speed or reverse sensor
Speed and reverse, I think
Marty: oh, yeah
Al: So we'll keep them.
Marty: Yep.
Al: But anyway, we'll just cut it open and have a look first. Because that's
Its easiest way to find out what you're looking at
Marty: cool
Marty : and then we overlay that stuff on your other loom
We'll do the same thing to the other one because it's also got the wiper motor other car in it
Al: So we'll cut that out
Marty: Yeah
Al: and cut out all the stuff that doesn't need to be there because it's not going to be as complex as a factory
Engine management system, so we'll remove stuff way out of that.
Marty: Cool
Chop this
Chop other loom
Join looms
tape on wait for our plug-in pin to arrive for our computer plug that on
plug turn the key start
Al: Skid...
Marty: Skid.
Marty: Rather than making a completely new loom from scratch. We're doing what's known as a loom splice or overlay
It's where you strip back the old engine loom and the new engine loom to their most basic keeping only the bits that you need
you end up with ECU plugs on one end and the sensors injectors an ignition components on the other as well as a handful of
Accessories that the factory may have chosen that add in life wiper motors or air conditioning controls
There's a full video about this process on our second channel MCMTV2
Marty: Some good news!
While we're doing some wiring our engine mount arrived this mount

Sits a lot closer to the rail and where it sort of sits in the car
So with that sort of a missing piece to get our engine mounted properly in the bay
Marty: Like a glove
Those ones should work
so just better wind them out.
That was already come out
there a couple of other we need to get our hands on too
And it should work!
Marty: We're extracting the studs from the 4G
69 and then re using the original 2Sexy engine ones as they're longer and fit the Evo mount,
of course they do
The trick now is to loosely attach all the engine mounts and make sure the engine and gearbox sit correctly in the bay
Which would be fine except for the disgusting smell coming from the air compressor?
Marty: Woody, what are you doing, dude?
Marty: What is that?...
Woody: *Cough*

Woody: The compressor broke,
hang on a second.
Woody: Oh,
Marty: Are you alright? That's so

*woody smell something awful*

Woody: Thats so bad man.
Woody: Its like
Marty: What is it though what's in it?
Woody: So the compressor stop working
There's been this bit of a stench coming from the shed for a little while so I
Decided to investigate I need to find a snake
Marty: Snakes in the compressor.
00:18:48,960 --> 00:18:50,960
That's gross man

Why would a snake want to have a home and a compressor it looks kind of dangerous
Woody: Oh i can still smell it...
Marty: Snake meat. Hey people eat that dude.
Go ahead
Woody: I could still smell it thru this man
Mary: It's probably worse in there
Marty: Next time when the evolution of 2Sexy
Continues we get our big-block four banger ready for boost with an oil drain in the sump
We get our wiring in order and fit the drive size that will soon send shooting into outer space with the crazy
panty-dropping power of this mighty Evo
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2Sexy Big Block Engine Swap

384 Folder Collection
wang519812 published on April 29, 2019
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