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- If you like it,
then you should have

put a ring on it.
- Why Australia?
Tell me why.

♪ (French accordion music) ♪
- (FBE) G'day mate.
- G'day mate.

Oh, Australian food.
- (FBE) We're gonna head
to Australia to try some

of their favorite snacks.
- Yes!

- I know that it's a country
and also a continent.

I know that is has a lot
of koalas, which are amazing

and adorable.
- Capital is Canberra.
The largest city is Sydney.

It used to be a colony of Britain.
There are six major provinces.

Other cities include Darwin
and Melbourne.

- ♪ (harp music) ♪
- (FBE) So, while we know
there are a lot of options,

the snacks we're presenting
you with today

are some of the more popular
native Aussie snackage.

- Okay, I'm excited.
I like to try foods

from different places
and maybe if I go there,

I might know some
of the foods.

- The Vegemite is disgusting.
I've seen videos on it

on YouTube.
- Let's hope that it's good.
That's all we can do, hope.

- Oh my God, I love today.
Thank you today.

- (FBE) Here's your first
Aussie snack.

- Is that milk?
It's a chocolate bar

with wafers on the inside.
- It looks like a Kit Kat
because of the wafers.

- This is just like a chocolate
wafer, but I'm most likely

completely wrong.
- That is delicious.
Hundred percent delicious.

- Yummy and crunchy.
- They're crunchy.
They are tasty.

They are chocolatey.
- (FBE) So, these are
called Tim Tams.

- Oh, I've heard of these.
- (FBE) The Tim Tam slam
is the practice of drinking

a hot or cold beverage
through a Tim Tam,

so you bite the bottom half
of that Tim Tam

and then you're gonna
drink your milk through it

like the Tim Tam
is a straw.

Try it.
- So, I bite the other side?

- (FBE) Yes, go ahead.
- I like it.
- It works.
That's really cool

and a good idea.
It's good milk.

Kinda makes it a little
more chocolatey

like chocolate milk.
- And it works.
Oh my God,

I am so impressed.
I did not think you could

drink milk through wafers.
- (FBE) Here's your next one.
- Okay.
- Why is there pasta in it?
What is this?

- Is this a sandwich grilled
with noodles inside of it?

That's spaghetti.
- It tastes fine,
but it just seems weird,

so I wouldn't have tried it
to begin with.

- I'll try it.
Oh, and sausage.

Surprisingly, I'm enjoying it.
Extremely surprising,

because I don't like

- I like it, 'cause sometimes
I dip my bread

inside spaghetti,
so it's normal to me.

- I think these stringy
things in the middle

are maybe noodles with
some sort of a sweet sauce.

- Why Australia?
Tell me why.

- (FBE) This is actually called
a spaghetti jaffle.

There are several types
of jaffles made in Australia,

but this is made with
buttered bread,

tinned spaghetti and cheese
all packed in jaffle iron

and pressed down,
very similar to the paninis

we have here.
- I love paninis.

I love spaghetti jaffles.
I would definitely eat this again.

- Whoever invented this,
I like it.

- (FBE) Here is your next
Australian treat.

- Oh, chips.
- They look like Funions,
like little Funions.

- If you like it,
then you should have

put a ring on it.
- I've seen people put these
on their fingers and eat off.

Cheesy and salty.

- Kinda sour.
- Oh boy.
It's sour.

- Tastes like a whole bunch
of garlic and onion.

- It tastes like onion rings.
I like it.

- (FBE) These are called
Burger Rings.

- I don't taste any
meat flavor in it.

- (FBE) So, the Aussies
love this snacking

sensations, starting in 1974
with the launch of

the unique burger taste
that is now called

a Burger Ring.
- It doesn't taste

like burgers at all.
- This definitely does not
taste like a burger.

- Tastes a little sour
and burgers,

at least not in California,
where I eat them,

don't taste sour.
- Why don't you just brand
them as onion rings?

I mean, that would work
just fine.

- (FBE) Okay, here's
your next one.

- Is this a type of pie?
- It looks some sort
of a pastry.

- It looks like Nutella,
but it's not.

- It smells like bacon
and a couple of other meats

that I can't really identify.
- Let me just try this.
Oh, this is cheese.

- I don't like it.
It tastes bitter.

So, first bite where you
only get the bread,

you're like, "Mm, bread."
and then you bite into it

and you're like, "Ah"
I don't like it.

It's not tasty at all.
If you don't like the inside,

just cut it out
and just, yeet.

Just eat the outside.
That's what I would do.

- Kinda tastes like sourdough
a little bit.

Smells like you would have
a lot of meat in it,

but it doesn't,
so I assume there's something

extra in the sourdough
or bread.

- It has a bitter aftertaste.
It's gross.

I don't like it.
- (FBE) This is called
a cheeseymite scroll.

It is a spiral of baked bread
with ingredients like

Vegemite, cheese, and yeast.
- I've done a Kids React video

to Vegemite.
It looks amazing,
tastes terrible.

Rotten dirt with rats
scurrying over it.

I personally didn't like it,
but now I love it.

- I thought the middle
was gonna be chocolate

and it was gonna be sweet
like a donut,

but no, it's Vegemite.
- (FBE) Okay, here's your
last one.

- Is that butter?
- This looks kind of like
maybe some Starburst

or a stick of butter.
- Are you sure this isn't
a brick?

A tiny little brick?
- It's mint toffee.
- Is it gum?
It's minty like gum.

- Ooh, it's minty.
Mm, I like this.
- It's basically like
a candy cane

turned into gum or something.
- (FBE) These are called

They are a hard, white,
and chewy rectangular

mint flavored lolly,
which on chewing,

becomes so sticky
that they are notorious

for causing fillings to come out.
- Not very surprising.

- My first wiggly tooth
got pulled out by taffy,

but hopefully not this one.
- I don't like them
'cause they're very sticky.

I usually don't like
sticky candies.

- This is the best one
I've ever had,

because I've never had
a mint flavored toffee

and I chew gum every day.
- (FBE) So, how was eating
Australian food today?

- This was awesome.
- They all were amazing
except for that one bread thing.

- It was way more original
than I expected.

- My favorite was definitely
the Tim Tam,

'cause it was just so
delicious and chocolatey.

I'm all for all glad
that I did this episode

because I got the experience
and now I get to say

I ate Australian snacks.
- Thanks for watching
Kids Vs Food

on the React Channel.
- Don't miss out.
Be sure to Subscribe.

- Goodbye, Aussies.
- G'day mate.
My name's Alyssa

and I'm a producer
here at the React Channel

and I'm not even gonna
try an Australian accent

because that would just
be pitiful,

but if you enjoyed this episode,
let me know in the comments.

I will be here for the first
30 minutes of this

episode releasing.
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263 Folder Collection
wang519812 published on April 29, 2019
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