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Hey this is Steve Good on The Coin Chat
with my co-host Yuri Cataldo and today

we are with a presidential candidate
who's also a big fan of blockchain

Andrew Yang. Andrew welcome to the show
it's great to have you on. Thank you for

having me both of you it's a pleasure to
be here.

Fantastic. Thank you for joining us. So I am joining from my home, I was joking with the guys its my kid's
room. Even presidential candidates
have to hide from their family sometimes.

Don't we all. I'm hiding behind a green screen here. I'm just glad I have a family to hide from. True!
So I think it's great to have
you on the show really you know thank

you so much for taking the time out I
know you're a busy guy you're out you've

got a lot of things to do to raise
awareness of your your presidential

candidacy and generating all that
interest and you know I think for Yuri

and I we just wanted to have a chance to talk with you and to help
you raise a bit of awareness around your
campaign and kind of get to know a

little bit about what you're doing of
course from our perspective we'd love to

hear a lot more about your interests in
your your view on blockchain and we've

got some questions we've put together
for you, to just you know, to have

an open discussion and just kind of hear
where it's all going to go and

what you see is happening. Well thank you
for that and thank you for sensing that

we're incredibly aligned where my vision
of the economy is very consistent with

the people who are in the cryptocurrency
community and are working on blockchain

advancements where we need to move
towards a more decentralized system for

sure that's more transparent and
blockchain you know it's like many other

technologies where it's going to have
its drawbacks at various times but the

long-term potential is staggering. And
really the reason I fell

into so many friends in the community is
that I found that approximately

99% of people in the blockchain
community are pro Universal Basic Income

which as you may know is the central
pillar of my campaign. Yes. So I arrived

at that through the reality that we are
automating away millions of American

jobs we've already automated away four
million manufacturing jobs leading to
Donald Trump's election in 2016 and now

we need to start evolving and to me
moving toward the blockchain is part of

that evolution so one of the things
we're looking at right now is we could

potentially enable voting on the
blockchain in a way that would free

people up from these lines at poll
stations and all these systems that

everyone's like not even sure if they're
getting attacked by the Russians and the

rest of it. I was just at a
meeting of people who are looking to

distribute universal basic income on the
blockchain which I think is where it

will go eventually I'm also for the
implementation of a national digital

currency to supplement the dollar
because there are many many things that

we could do that the dollar cannot do so
this campaign really and one of the

jokes I tell is that people sometimes
call me a futurist but I believe I'm a

present-ist it's just that most of the
politicians are stuck in the past

because that's just their experience. For
sure. For me I've been a serial

entrepreneur I've worked in technology
for about 20 years and I know what's

possible so with people like you
hopefully we can spread that word to

people around the country. So its an interesting point
that you made least a couple of comments and
in this that I wanted to pick up on one

was the transparency which as you
probably know with cryptocurrency when

you get into privacy coins it creates
some interesting dilemmas especially for

the IRS and for tax. The other thing that
I'm wondering about so I'm just gonna

ask you these two things together is
that is that you know I'm based in

London by the way Yuri's based in Boston.
So as an outsider that spent most of my

last two years in the crypto world as an
adviser to other companies what I've

seen is a complete absence of the U.S.
being really present

mostly because of regulation because of
the SEC and I'm just wondering if you

have any particular views on how we can
open up the potential channels for

allowing the U.S. to really thrive in a
cryptocurrency community or a crypto

community a blockchain community when
there's been so much that's restricted

America while we've seen China and Korea
and Japan and India and

some parts of Europe just thrive,
Russia, thriving because you know

technology and people have been able to
really get into it and I've seen the

U.S. just kind of fall behind on some
respects. Do you have any you know

thoughts on privacy and its impact on
tax and also how we can open up the

channels to really open up the doors for
more innovation in crypto and

blockchain for the U.S? You know I think
the second point is so key where people

think of America is like the hotbed of
innovation and technology when in

reality the American, certainly the
political system, is quite backward and

retrograde and incredibly bureaucratic
and you can see it with the blockchain

and other crypto currencies where the
U.S. is essentially throwing its hands

up and been like you know don't really
have an approach here and so as a result

certainly there are many people in
America who are making use of crypto

currencies but it's a it's not as
supported and there's a lot more

confusion in the u.s. because the place
is not as forward-looking. So I hope to

be able to change that I mean as
President I believe I can start to move

America forward and one of one of the
other jokes I tell is that the opposite

of Donald Trump is an Asian man who
likes...his goal is to freeze time and

turn the clock backwards and we need to
accelerate time and move it forwards and

that includes certainly having a much
more intelligent approach to the

blockchain and other technologies that
would really so I think the other thing

that's going on in the U.S. that's very
painful to admit is that there's just a

lot of rent-seeking in the US and the
truth is if you had the blockchain and

other technology as fully revved up then
you would end up disintermediating

accounting firms and law firms and
financial institutions

and those substitutions really control
much of the American system where no one

wants to let anything out that's going to
end up disrupting their revenue streams

Interesting. Yuri over to you. So I...you're one of the few presidential
candidates who are accepting crypto
currencies on on your site which i think

is amazing and you yourself have
mentioned on your website that

campaign donors have to register and
also not to share your wallet address so

that people can't make untraceable
donations. I'd like to hear your thoughts

on how this could eventually
maybe affect politics in the future

because a lot of people who...A lot of people believe that when they hear Bitcoin or
blockchain or crypto currencies they
think of launderers, your money

launderers drug dealers and then dark
money so how would you approach this

idea of getting cryptocurrencies
involved without that dark money aspect?

Yeah and hopefully like even my campaign
can be an example of this where if it's

simply an exchange of value there's
nothing sinister about it and certainly

for us I joke that you could donate
chickens to my campaign as long as I

knew that it was you and like you know
chickens are worth a certain amount. So you can't just

anonymously donate Ether or a
Bitcoin to our campaign from SEC rulings

like you have to tell us who you are and
if we were to get something anonymous

then unfortunately we couldn't make use
of it so that would sort of defeat the

purpose but hopefully my campaign can
shine a light on the fact that this is a

great way to exchange value and
transfer value to another party and that

you know my campaigns are already
collected thousands of dollars and

cryptocurrency donations and we hope
that continues

it's something you know I've always
want to demonstrate I'm very very

aligned with the values of the community
and so hopefully like you said like we

can disabuse people of the notions that
like anything to do with cryptocurrency

means you're you know a drug dealer or
something. So you know the fact that you

have the you know Bitcoin mentioned on
your website

is interesting because one of the things
that we've seen running a YouTube show

having website and all the rest is
because of the word cryptocurrency or

Bitcoin anywhere through any of our

we can't advertise anything and I'm
wondering do you have the same problems

having a website that has we accept
Bitcoin causing you any problems with

advertising and generally for all the
rest of us, if you're not having any

problems, if for the rest of us who are
struggling to just run any form of

advertising on anything that we do
what's your thought on that about how

much we're being blocked from talking
about what we're doing and how we're

educating people in crypto or blockchain?
Well that's really interesting I didn't

realize that because we haven't had
those problems and it could be because

we have one page that says Bitcoin and we have like hundreds of... Could be. But those
restrictions are very interesting there
are you know, I'm scratching my

head thinking like why those
restrictions exist that you know like I

can imagine some rationale I'm sure that
whatever is being done is overly broad.

Yeah I did a facebook live
video today. It was less than five minutes

long and it was a quick explainer video
for people to just understand how does

mining work why it's not a Ponzi scheme
and what the mechanisms are for using

computers to mine and to verify
transactions like the way a bank does.

That was it. Our marketing team attempted
to go ahead and just you know promote it

on Facebook to make it more widely seen.
Blocked. Not allowed. We have not been

able to advertise anything on our
channels across Twitter, Instagram

Facebook, YouTube. Same companies
again and again here it's Facebook its

Twitter its Google and I'm just wondering you
know at what point do we kind of open
this up a little bit so that you know we

have to draw a line somewhere but you
know it just seems to me that...

I mean like one that surprises me
but two it shows just how much clout and

distribution power is concentrating in the
hands of a handful of platforms. Yes.

And in a way what it does it highlights the rationale
for the blockchain and Bitcoin and other

cryptocurrencies to begin with which is
that you're trying to like create a more

decentralized you know system that
doesn't rely upon like five

institutions or one institution or one
government or whatever it is.

That's right. ...to approve. So in a way this is
like you know proof positive of the

rationale for the importance of your
work it's unfortunate that we

unfortunately are beholden to a handful
of tech platforms to get the word out

and certainly as the presidential
candidate I mean I've got a social media

team and we're like you know Instagram
living and the rest of it so I get it

and if you're not on these platforms and
it's like you don't exist so you know so

entrepreneurs out there in a way what we
need is we need some more decentralized

social media platforms though I don't
know how you do that because of the fact

that ubiquity in that context obviously
ends up driving utility. There's

definitely a number of them on the way
I've come across a few of them myself

and there's a range of things that
they're trying to do to create a

decentralized environment for social
media and they run into similar problems

around mostly around privacy because
they don't want to hold the data but in

order for their systems to actually be
smart enough for provisioning the

data they run into problems of do we
hold the data or do we allow the users

to control the data and it's an
interesting problem because you know

we've seen what the Cambridge
Analytics problem did to Facebook and so

what I see is a lot of these blockchain
projects that don't want to go down that

path and yet are confronted with
sometimes they need some of the data and

they're trying to figure out what the
line is where the balance is so they're

not seen is doing exactly what nobody
wants. Thats so interesting.

I want to tell you guys a joke that I told at this blockchain event that I spoke at earlier this week
Which was someone asked the question why is Bitcoin worth $7,000? And then the response was why is
$7,000 worth $7,000? But you know
it's because what you're describing

really is you know and it took me a
little while to get it it took me a

little while to understand the ethos of
what was possible and what the community

is driving towards but I'm convinced
that we need to move in that direction

as fast as possible that we need to
replace this mindset of resource

scarcity that is taking over certainly
the U.S. in a very dark way and replace it

with a mindset of abundance and future
orientation and and what is still

possible and that the fact that you know
we can build a very different kind of

society very quickly but we need to get
our acts together and this

is one of the things I told that Bitcoin
folks to so I'm running for president

you know and some people probably many
of the people listening to this right

now well they think themselves wow this
guy seems sort of interesting but the

but is there's no way he can win. Something along those lines.
We've heard that before haven't we? Yes so I'm heading to
Iowa for the 8th time next week and what
I boil it down to for people is like I'm an

Asian guy and Asians are really good at
tests. And so it so the question is like

what is the test to become President
United States? And it turns out there's

all of this like media noise and like
endorsements there's really only one

maybe two tests involved. Can you win the
caucus in Iowa and can you win the

primary in New Hampshire in February
2020. Now I'm just going to

break this down for people listening
because the you know it makes people

realize what's possible. So Iowa is a
state of 3.1 million people but only 5.6%

of them participated in the
Democratic caucus last time a hundred

seventy-one thousand out of 3.1 million.
So let's let's make that number

200,000 how many people do we think are
going to run for president as a Democrat this cycle?

a few dozen 20? 30? Yes so if let's say
you have 20 to 30 candidates and you

have 200,000 votes
how many Iowans do I need to get on my

side saying we should get $1,000 a month
dividend in order for me to finish the

top three in 2020 maybe 25 to 30,000
Iowans. Yeah Yeah top three so when

people go through all this and say like
hey you know a longshot candidate blah

blah blah none of it matters if we can
get 30,000 Iowans on board with the idea

that them getting $1,000 a month's a good idea and when I go to
Iowa I'm already polling. I'm already
tied with Kirsten Gillibrand in Iowa

of last year because I go to Iowa
and I ask people have you noticed

stories closing and you're in your towns
and they say yes and then I say why is

that and then they say Amazon and I'm
like that's right and what are you gonna

do about it and then they look at me
they're like I can do something about it

and I was like well if you make me
president I'm gonna bring them back at

the house and dollars a month to you and
you can rebuild your Main Street economy

and give your kids a reason to stay and
that gets 20% of them thinking yeah like about the only thing we can do.

So I'm just presenting this as like
vision as to how change is possible much

much faster than people think.
Sure. Yeah so while you're in Iowa cuz

that's interesting the the idea of a
universal basic income is something I

know that's been floated before but a
lot of people are hesitant about it. What

are some of the strategies you're using
to talk to Iowans about why it's

important to do this? Well I talked to them about
the fact that Trump's our president

because we got rid of 4 million
manufacturing jobs including 40,000 in

Iowa so they saw that happen and then you say hey what happened
the manufacturing jobs we're about to do
to your retail jobs, your call center

jobs, your food service jobs, your truck
driving jobs, all of which are huge

employment categories in Iowa and and so
then I say look it may seem far out or

socialist to you
but if you look at our history Thomas

Paine was for it Martin Luther King was
for it Richard Nixon was for it Milton

Friedman was for it a thousand
economists were for it and it's been law

in one state Alaska for the last 37
years where everyone in that state gets

between one and two thousand dollars a
year and they look at me and they're

like that happens? Yeah you can move to Alaska you get that money too. They pay for it with oil and then I asked them
what is the oil of the 21st century and
then they scratch their head for a

second and then someone says
technology and I'm like that's right

what we did for Alaska with oil we can
do for you and the rest the country with

technology. And isn't Norway already
doing something like this anyway because

Norway is like a massive oil-producing
country and the citizens have like a

really really light nice life there I
mean I I don't know exactly what they're

doing but I know that there's some sort
of system that enables them to all have

a very comfortable life because of the
amount of oil that's government money.

Yeah the Nordic countries northern
European countries like Denmark they

either have incredibly robust social
safety nets or something close to the

equivalent of a universal basic income
right now. Right. But as you can

imagine in the U.S. certainly Alaska is
a much more you know like relevant

example for that because and also Alaska
is like a deep red conservative state so

then it makes them think like this is
not somehow some like far left Socialist.

God forbid a Democrat should be
supporting what's happening in a

Republican state. Yeah someone called me the shuffler. We'd like to see that live!
Yeah and like libertarians are coming

out for me many Trump voters are coming
up to me and saying I voted for Donald

Trump I'll vote for you because you're
an outsider you want to shake things up

you're talking about the same problems
he was talking about but your real

solutions. Interesting you stated on your
website that Americans should be able to

vote via their mobile phones of
verification done by a blockchain how

would you sell that to the older
generation of American people and calm

their fears about being hacked or issues
with using some new technology and you

know to kind of you know
lower their fears considering some of

the noise we heard from the last
election. Yeah so the truth is that any

voting system you're gonna have you're
gonna be working with legacy systems and

the paper backup for some period of time
so to me the the big move we have to

start making is we have to start making
it so you have multi-modal voting where

people who are comfortable voting on
their smartphone just like beep-boop done.

And then if you're an old
person you want to wait in line like be

our guest but you pretty much need to
keep them both around for a little while

because the other thing is that people
would be concerned about not having some

kind of hard hard copy back. Sure.
So this is this has been absolutely

fantastic chatting with you so far if
the cryptocurrency community would

like to get behind what you're working
on or find out more of that how can

they best work with you and
support you and and get the word out

about what you're doing? well thanks so much for asking. Just go to yang2020.com
you get a sense of our platform if you

do have some cryptocurrency around that
you'd like to donate to the campaign

just go to yang2020.com/crypto
and then you can make a donation there

we could certainly use your help those
of you who like to create memes I really

want to become the Internet candidate.
Are you doing any...

any kind of meme competitions on
Instagram or Twitter at all? We're doing

some stuff like that but we're not as
far along we haven't caught really like

the right set of memes as yet but my
team super optimistic about it because

apparently I'm more meme-able than many
of the other candidates. What does that mean? you know I mean

one thing is like there's like the Drake
gods playing video where he's just

giving money to people and there's like
sticking my head on it I'm actually

giving $1,000 a month
personally to a family in New Hampshire

that got picked up by CNBC and the rest
of it just to illustrate shocker $1,000

a month will actually help people's
lives. Yeah. So I'm like here's $1,000 a

month. The people are like you know is that
allowed and I'm like apparently.

We checked with the SEC it is allowed.
and and and it was so inspiring that a
couple in Georgia said that they're

gonna donate $1,000 a month to another
family in South Carolina just to support

my campaign just to show giving people
money would actually improve people's

lives. Amazing. I know there...yeah it's
incredible! Like we can really start a

movement here that helps open people's
eyes to the fact that value can be

distributed very very very differently
and that this can be a world of

abundance instead of a world of resource
scarcity and a dog-eat-dog. Yeah well we

certainly talk about scarcity versus
abundance that's something that Yuri and

I are both learned a lot about and we
talk about because we know how important

it is that when you're trying to
fundraise for a project or raise money

as a company and be successful that you
want to create that feeling of abundance

and that there's the ability to make
things happen rather than being held

back because something getting in the
way so we talk about that all the time

because it's a fundamental thing to run
a business or to be successful. Yeah guys I'm a serial entrepreneur, before this I started an

organization called Venture for America
that trained hundreds of entrepreneurs

and created thousands of jobs in the
Midwest and South that's why I know what's

going on in the Midwest and South. Thats one reason why I vibe so well with your community is that
you all are so entrepreneurial and
future-oriented and have that mindset of

abundance that's necessary to make
any of these positive things happen and its

one of the things I try and explain to
people it's like look if you want people

to be entrepreneurial you can't have
them living paycheck to paycheck and

freaking out about paying their bills
every day right now that's not going to

lead to business formation and
creativity whereas if you get people's

heads up and start thinking hey if I
build this then I could make it better

and I can get the resources and like
we've got a great idea so that's one

reason why I love the work you all do in
your community so much because we need

to create that mindset in people all
around really all around the world yeah

well I was working in big corporate
world you know and I left it to do

crypto and I've been independent now for
the last two-and-a-half years just

working helping companies advising them
with strategy helping them figure out

where they're going with their product

and all that kind of stuff and it's it's
an interesting place to live being you

know truly entrepreneurial on my own and
we're gonna get Yuri to do the same soon

too right Yuri? That's right. I gotta say it's the
best thing you'll ever do it's the

hardest thing you'll ever do it's like
the most growth inducing thing you'll

ever do yeah you know so it's all of
those things but it helps it helps

elevate the human experience in my view. So just for a moment I mean
we're talking blockchain what we're
gonna do I just want to ask a question

because we're here talking about the you
know the universal basic income premise

how do you fund it because one of the
things I listen to one of the podcasts

that you were on and it sounded like you
were talking about and maybe I got this

wrong but you were talking about you
know the big conglomerates like an

Amazon that's taking jobs away and now
you might want to perhaps tax them more

or create a VAT tax but what I'm thinking
about is how does that work so that it

doesn't damage the growth of these
potential companies have and at the same

time enable a level playing
field for everybody to actually get the

universal basic income without it
affecting them affecting the companies

around them? Yeah so the VAT I'm
recommending is half the European level

which would not meaningfully affect the
incentives for automation and innovation

and I talked to techies and
entrepreneurs and they actually say like

that's a much better approach than if
you would actually for example tax AI

or tax like specific things so
they're like that's more of like a

gentle redistribution and if you look at
it every advanced economy already has

one except for the United States. Right.
We have sales tax in the US

versus a VAT so would you still retain
the local sales tax on each state

and then put a national VAT on top of
all sales? Yeah I mean as you say the

state tax is very much a state-by-state
decision some have it, some don't but

keep in mind that all of the money is
going straight in the hands of American

consumers and it's gonna go right back
into like the hands of businesses around

the country including like the Amazons
of the world so when I talk to CEOs they

find this plan to be much much more
amicable than some of the other things

that are being bandied. Interesting.
Guys I've got a run but thank you for the work

work that you do
anyone who

to follow up with any of this please do
does Google Andrew yang or go to

yang2020.com and let's build a future that
we can be proud of together

so keep it up thank you guys so much.
Thank you thank you for coming on the show and

we'll look forward to seeing you for
perhaps a live episode at one of the

caucuses if you'd like. Oh yeah it'd be a lot of fun. Just head to Iowa or New Hampshire. I'll me there.
Thank you hey
thank you very much for joining us

hey and thanks everybody for joining us
today on the The Coin Chat with

Andrew Yang who is running for President and
also a big advocate of blockchain

To the Moon! Until next time.
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Interview with Andrew Yang Blockchain Advocate & Democratic Candidate 2020

259 Folder Collection
王惟惟 published on April 29, 2019
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