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  • We kind of tend to think in the winter that we got a lot more out of bulking.

  • You know, probably rest around 94kg all winter

  • and then I'll race at about 88kg so that drop is huge.

  • You kind of starve yourself to get to that point but at the same time it's a very clever starvation program.

  • A lot has changed since Rio in myself.

  • Appearance-wise, I've grown from a boy into to a man, I think...

  • So it's all about what's that next step to make me even faster.

  • What I squatted before Rio, I think it was 110kg...

  • I'm squatting 150kg now and, you know, I could go further but then you get to the question

  • 'is it worth the injury if you get injured?'

  • If we go to 160kg, are we kind of going up to injury territory?

  • Or do we stay under 150kg and get more power out of it?

  • There's a lot of calculations that the team do and obviously I work with them

  • His body has the potential, if he did too much weights, he would just literally...

  • It would not be okay and we know what numbers we need to get to

  • and I think that exact science has been... we've got a formula with that

  • and I think we just kind of refine that and trim that and try to make it better each time.

  • [Adam Peaty] I mean I don't tend to eat meat when I'm in taper so it's kind of keeping that fat down.

  • On those unnecessary stuff that I don't need in my body I'll strip

  • and then I'll probably from, 6am until 6pm I'll have a 12-hour fast

  • so, yeah, it's kind of getting into that phase where your body's burning those fats after six hours.

  • Protein shakes, BCAAs, stuff like that is hugely, hugely important for me

  • because, especially when we're on the go and we're at the pool most of the day

  • we're trying to find those protein hits

  • and as I don't eat meat it's a little bit harder to kind of get that hit.

  • It's just all about fine-tuning, like a race car.

  • You look at the engine; you look at the computer

  • and you're trying to fine-tune to get those extra performance benefits

  • and that's something we always do.

We kind of tend to think in the winter that we got a lot more out of bulking.

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