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♪ Doobie, doobie, do, de, du ♪
- Hi, we're Joel and Lia.
- And welcome back to the
Baby Sussex miniseries.

In this episode we're
talking about baby names.

- Yes.
- One of my favorite subjects.
- I know, this is probably,
actually I think this is probably
what I'm most interested in.
- Yeah, I know, same.
Modern day parenting,
have you heard of like

Tinder, like the app you
can swipe for baby names.

- Oh really?
- And when it's a match
you and your partner

both get a notification.
- That is such a good idea.
- Yeah, so it's like, you know,
for anyone who doesn't
know what Tinder is,

it's like a dating app, you swipe,
yeah, same thing for.
- You swipe left for no and--
- [Together Right for Yes.
- So they do that with baby names.
- Baby names, so if you
and I were to have a baby.

- Yes.
- We'd be--
- Baby Joel, baby Jia.
- Baby Jia, we'd swiping
Alice, Mary, dah, dah, dah,

and we're like oh, match
it's a match on Sara,

we both agree on Sara.
- Yeah.
- 'Cause we've obviously both got jobs,
we're modern parents, we're working.
- Yeah.
- And we're just swiping
baby names all day.

Isn't that amazing?
- Ah, so you don't talk to each other,
you just do it on your phone.
- Great!
- So obviously there are certain few names
that are sort of royal names
and they're kind of expected to pick
at least on of those for
a middle name, at least,

if not of the first name.
- Do we think these names will have been
suggested by The Queen, her people.
- By her people.
- Yeah.
- 'Cause I think The Queen really doesn't,
it's the advisors, isn't it.
- Yes.
- That control it and go.
- Yeah, the royal advisors that are going
here are the name you
might want to consider.

- Yeah.
- So.

- Which are things like Alice--
- [Together] Mary.
- Charlotte,
which obviously won't be Charlotte.
- We'll not be having Charlotte.
- No.
- We've already got one.
- Elisabeth, obviously, things like that.
And for boys it's like Frederick, James--
- James.
- Edward.
- Edward.
- Like those sorts of names.
- Of course it will.
And I think we will
see that, like you say,

in a middle name, at least.
- Yeah.
- But will the royal baby,
will Baby Sussex be named
something maybe a bit more American.
- Maybe, that would be a nice touch.
I mean--
- Yeah.
- Some American names aren't
that different to the U.K.

but then others are.
- Oh yeah, some of them have really just.
- Yeah.
- Imagine if it was a
- Brittany--
- Imagine.
- That'd be so funny.
- That our royal Baby Sussex, Brittany.
- Baby Brittany.
No, I hope it's not Brittany.
- Brittany, Brittany Mary,
I was about to say Markle.

- Brittany Mary Windsor.
- Windsor.
- Wow.
- No, it can't be.
- No, I don't know, literally,
there's no way of to tell this
but people can predict
the baby gender, obviously

'cause it's 50% chance of either.
- Yeah.
- But what's it gonna be.
- Harry Junior.
- Her name?
- Harry Junior, if it's a boy.
- Or Harriet.
- Harriet!
- No, it won't be Harriet,
that's too narcissistic.
- Yeah, that's hilarious.
- That's really funny.
- Harry and Harriet.
- I'm hoping for Joel if it's a boy.
I think that's a cool name.
- Do you think it would make it?
- It could if they, you know.
- If (sighing).
- We're cool.
- If they were cool, yeah.
- Yeah.
- So betting shops in the U.K.
have got a high probability

of the baby being called Diana.
- Yeah.
- In respects of Harry's mom.
Other names that are also
quite high up on the list are

Victory, Grace, which is 12 to one.
- Yeah.
- So a little bit more quirky.
- Alice, Isabelle, Isabella--
- Isabella.
- And Elisabeth.
- Oh, how nice would Isabella be,
do you like that name?
- Mm, I don't dislike
it, I really like Grace.

I think it should be called Grace.
- Yeah.
- If it's a girl.
- And I think Grace is
also a little bit Americany

- Yeah, and it's a little bit cool
and new agey.
- Yeah.
- But it's also still quite
traditional at the same time.

- Exactly, just like that priest
that Meghan got for the wedding.
- Oh he was something else.
- Graceful. (laughing)
- Graceful.
- Graceful.
- What is it, so for boys,
the top choice is Arthur and then James
would be at 16 to one.
- Nothing new there.
- No.
- Harriet.
- And Harriet.
Harriet is on there.
- Harriet is on the list,
if you bet one pound

and the name is Harriet,
you get 20 pounds back.

- Wow.
- So, that's great.
- Harriet.
- Bets on Harriet, guys. (laughing)
- That is so good, it's
not gonna be Harriet.

- I know.
- It's like me naming
my daughter Joelette.

- Joelette.
- Joelette.
- Juliette.

- Juliette, who knows, I
think Grace if it's a girl,

it's gonna be Grace.
If it's a boy, it will be James.
I guess.
- Okay, nice.
- What do you think?
- Isabella I think is quite high.
- Yeah.
- I don't know, it's just gravitate,
I'm gravitating towards it.
- Yeah.
- And Arthur.
- Yeah, oh Arthur's nice.
- Arthur for a boy.
- Hey, Arthur.
- Hey, Arthur.
Okay. (laughing)
That was just a show when were were kids.
- Let us know in the comments
what name you think the baby will called
and if you think it'll be a boy or a girl.
And go and watch the other videos as well.
- We've made just a couple
of videos around Baby Sussex

and they're all on the
playlist here on YouTube.

Go check them and we'll see you soon!
- See you soon, guys.
- [Together] Bye!
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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Baby Name! | Baby Sussex

132 Folder Collection
Yukiko published on April 28, 2019
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