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  • Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Word Origins 37. The word origin today is

  • treadmill. Okay. You know, like the exercise equipment. You often see in

  • sports centers. That treadmill. So let's take a look at the note here. Treadmill

  • is a piece of equipment with a flat moving surface usually a belt, a conveyor

  • belt that keeps going around. That you walk on or run on. Yeah. Sometimes you can

  • tilt it on an angle too, while staying in the same position. Or if you ever passed

  • by any sort of a health clubs or fitness centers , some sometimes you see people in

  • the window you know, exercise running on these things.

  • Okay and a mill, you know a building where grain is made into flour. So that's

  • why in the past you know. you did sometimes wonder what is a treadmill

  • called a treadmill ? What does it have to .... especially what

  • does it have to do with a mill. Tread well even though, tread has not always

  • been the most common word, but it does mean to step heavily on something. So at

  • least that one kind of makes sense. I probably hear the word tread used

  • nowadays more that people are worried that somebody's going to tread on their

  • rights. Like don't tread on me. So you hear it that way too. Like stomping on

  • you are stepping heavily on you. So let's continue. So this is what

  • tread actually means. To walk or stomp heavily on some on something. People

  • tread on grapes to make wine. So that might be one example. The way we use

  • tread. So at least when you hear treadmill, you might be able to... if you

  • already know the word tread, that kind of makes sense. But where does mill come

  • from ? All right. Let's continue. The origin of treadmill was originally used as a

  • device for discipline. You know like punishing somebody. It was originally

  • invented by MR. William Cubitt. Okay, for the use of prisoners, like prisoners in

  • jail. So it was to punish prisoners in jail and probably get some use out of

  • them for some work out of them at the same time, in 1818.

  • This was not originally invented to keep people in shape. So treadmill the

  • original idea was not about exercise keeping people healthy. No. It was

  • actually about punishing them. Prisoners were forced to climb the spokes of a

  • large paddle wheel and this wheel turned around. The energy of the device was used

  • to pump water and crush grain. So that's where the idea of mill comes from. It was

  • making flour. So kind of like killing two birds with one stone. They're punishing

  • the prisoners and they're also getting work out of them and you know, getting

  • crushed flour .So they're using the prisoners in this

  • way. Let's continue. The use of treadmill was abolished it was given up. It was

  • stopped for prisoners in 1898. Yeah. By that time I guess they thought you know,

  • that this might be a bit inhumane or it's never really good if a prison you

  • know prison just wants people to have workers. You know because maybe they, they

  • might do something to help get more workers. You know keep people in prison

  • or get people in prison. So you kind of don't want that . In Britain. All right.

  • when exercise became popular in the 1960s the treadmill was reborn. So

  • somebody figured it out. From the old-time. Hey we can make this into

  • exercise equipment. Okay anyway I hope you got it. I hope it was clear. I hope it was

  • informative. Thank you for your time. Bye-bye.

Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Word Origins 37. The word origin today is

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