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- Okay.
So, apparently we're doing some kind of taste test.
- It's not gonna be a simple taste test.
- It never is.
Nick's about to lick Pussy Juice off my ankle
'cause that's what friends are for.
- Shut up.
(playful music)
We're good.
We've got this.
- [Woman] Mm.
- [Nick] This is hair gel.
It's lube.
- And, I'm about to lick leather scented lubricant
off my best friend.
Are you clean?
- Yeah, I'm fucking clean.
- Oh, just sorry.
The thought of licking your body
just makes me feel sick.
I'll pretend you're a woman, somehow.
Go, go.
- What the fuck?
I swallowed.
- It's like I ate 10 burnt plastic bags
off a hairy mans body.
I just feel like I couldn't get any lower in life right now.
- [Nick] Now, we're talking.
- [Woman] Are we?
- [Nick] Bacon.
- I just wonder how you could use this
in a sexual context.
It's adorable.
Where you gonna lick this one off me?
- [Nick] Put it on your cheek.
- Cheek?
Oh my god.
What's dripping down my face right now?
- Pig cum.
It tastes like shapes.
The new version.
The shit.
- It's going to your mouth.
- Is that just from making contact
with like licking my face or anything or?
- My tongue was like a millimeter away from your mouth.
What am I doing?
- What am I doing?
What are we doing?
- Let's smell Pussy Juice together.
It smells like a dessert.
I mean.
- Smells like pussy.
- Alright, what part of my body
would you like to lick Pussy Juice off from, Nick?
(laughs) (groans)
The Pussy Juice is running down my legs.
- It tastes like lube.
There is no.
- [Woman] No flavor.
- No flavor.
- This is not what vaginas taste like.
- Nope.
- Did a man make this?
Yep, that's it.
That's what happened.
- When I was a kid and I swore too much,
my parents washed my mouth out with soap.
This is the shit
you get to make your kids to stop swearing.
- No.
No, I'm out.
I'm out.
This is the worst day of my life.
- It even looks like cum.
Oh my, it smells like cum.
I, no, I don't wanna,
fuck this.
No, fuck this.
- Think of it like you're just digesting yourself.
- It's only fair that I try it.
- Have you never tried your own cum?
- No, I'm not weird for not trying my own cum.
- Did I say you were weird?
I was asking you a simple question.
- No, I have not tried my own cum.
- Okay.
Do you wanna now?
For all the women out there
that have done the same for you.
You're the first man in about a decade
to have his tongue on my body.
- And, you're the first girl in like four days.
- But, was she licking Pussy Juice off you?
- Yeah.
- Oh, hot.
It's like a one night stand.
I'm putting my clothes back on,
and I can't wait to get outta here.
Hold on, hold on, fuck.
One, two, three.
I can't swallow it.
I cannot,
I cannot swallow this shit.
- This is an all time low.
We're defeated.
I just want to go home now.
- Shower.
- It was a different experience.
I now have tasted what I think is cum.
- I ate leather,
and pig,
and semen.
My three most hated things
to put in my mouth
in lube form
off your body.
Thank you so much, Nick.
I never wanna see you again.
Oh my god,
that was fucking disgusting.
- [Nick] Yeah.
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BFFs Try Gross Lubes Off Of One Another

156 Folder Collection
wang519812 published on April 28, 2019
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