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  • Hi. I'm Chris Rokosz. Actor and director of both stage and screen. And I want to tell

  • you what the Phantom of the Opera musical is all about. Well about an hour and forty

  • minutes. Just kidding. An incredible show written by Andrew Lloyd Weber. Music by Andrew

  • Lloyd Weber I should say. The show centers around Christine Daae. A chorus girl, an ingenue.

  • Basically a nobody at the Paris Opera house. She is now in her remote dressing room from

  • being given voice lessons by the Phantom of the Opera. Now the Phantom tells her that

  • he is the angel of music sent by her dead father to give her voice lessons. Yeah, and

  • her being a young girl she bought it. He also then proceeds to manipulate the new managers

  • of the Paris Opera house to get Christine Daae out of the chorus and into the soprano

  • role. Now Carlotta, the prima donna on every way you can imagine, doesn't like this obviously.

  • And its what prima donna would like to be usurped by a young hot chick. So the Phantom

  • has to make its point heard that his will is to be obeyed by well, in this case, dropping

  • the chandelier practically on top of her but on the stage and ruining it. He does this

  • because during the voice lessons he's fallen in love with her. She in the meantime has

  • fallen in love with an old childhood flame by the name of Raoul. Raoul is the Viscount

  • de Chagndy which basically means he's a French Count. So, you know, he's handsome, he's a

  • Count and he's not a disfigured monster living in the bottom that she's never met before.

  • Erik, the name of the Phantom, doesn't go for this too much. Ends up bringing her down

  • to the bowels underneath where he lives. You know, and basically tries to manipulate her.

  • Well when that doesn't work too well they, Raoul and Christine about a year later decide

  • get engaged. And this brings us to the beginning of Act 2. After that he, the Phantom, is actually

  • spending the time, biding his time, spying on them and basically makes demands. Produce

  • my show, put Christine in it and his plot is to in the middle of the show to replace

  • the male lead and kidnap her. Well Raoul doesn't stand for that. The rest of the people in

  • the theater don't, People that run and operate the theater don't stand for that. A chase

  • ensues and I'll let you figure it out when you go see Lloyd Weber's version of Phantom

  • of the Opera. I'm Christopher Rokosz. Go see the show.

Hi. I'm Chris Rokosz. Actor and director of both stage and screen. And I want to tell

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