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- Hi we're Joel and Lia.
- And today is another episode of
Ask yourself,
which is our series where
Joel and Lia go deep.

- Yeah.
- So,
It feels weird saying that.
- I've got itchy nose.
- Itchy mitchy.
- Itchy mitchy.
And yes, if you've
noticed my voice is weird,

it's caused I've got acute
briconters, broconters,

- Bronchitis!
What is broconters?
- Briconters
I've got broconters. I've got bronchitis.
- You're such a prince.
Joel in his Disney prince
cottage in the Cotsworld,

being like, I've got acute bicohonters.
- Bicohonters. I've got acute pocahontas.
- That's so sweet.
- Anyway, I've got acute
bronchitis so that's that.

- Yeah, when you go to
the doctors next week,

please say it wrong,
- Yeah, I will.
- That will be amazing.
- I've diagnosed myself with pocahontas.
- Then just do a little cough.
For anyone who saw the
last episode of this,

we finish every episode
with the first question from

this episode. So,
- Which was,
- Do you prefer being around men or women?
Do your closest friends
tend to be men or women

so is that all in one go?
- Interesting.
- Well, what do you think?
- I prefer being around
men, I think.
- Really?
- I have a few female friends
and I treasure them like

when I find a female that
gets on , we get on with each

other really well, finding
each other really funny,

it's just like winner
winner, chicken dinner. But,

I just don't really have many.
- No?
- No. I've got, I got female
cousins, and family members

that I love being around but in general,
I'd say most of my friends are men.
- Yeah, yeah?
It's interesting I think
it might, it could be our

generation as well because
most of my close friends

are girls.
And again, when you meet
a guy, someone of the same

sex as you that you get
along with so well is like

amazing and you can't replace
those relationships, but

there's something being around women,
I just find it more relaxing,
like if you've put me in

a room with loads of women, I'll be like,
they're all gonna love
me within like 5 minutes,

like they're gonna love me.
Whereas if you've put
me in a room full of men

for 5 minutes, I'm like,
they're all gonna hate me.

They're literally all gonna hate me.
- And I think that because
that is an ingrained thing

in your mind, you now believe
that that is what's true

moving forward.
And I kind of have left my,
in the same for me, as well,

I'm like, me and women,
like I just don't have many

female friends and that's
why I don't have any

many more female friends
cause I've said it to myself

so many times.
- Exactly, it becomes a
self-fulfilling prophecy

all the time.
I think also for me
being bullied at school,

it was always by the boys and a few girls,
but mainly boys so then
I'm just always like,

yeah, they're just gonna
hate me and they're just

gonna bully me so.
- It makes so much sense
like, of course that,

that because that has happened,
you're like, you know,

closer with girls.
- But you know what? It
used to really bother me,

I was like, why do I have
so many friends are girls

and not guys, but actually
now, I'm just like,

I don't care like, I don't
care if they're boy, girl,

whatever you're identified with, I'm like,
as long as I like you
and you're a nice person

and you make me laugh, that's fine.
- That is so true, love that.
Okay, I think I wanna skip the next one,
- Okay, shall I read the next one?
- Yeah you go on
- So we'll skip that one.
Oh, okay, this is a long one so buckle up.
- Okay.
- Right, while on a trip
to another city your spouse

or lover
whether you put a ring on it or not.
- In brackets, or lover.
- Meets and spends the night
with an exciting stranger.

Given that they will never meet again
and that you will not otherwise
learn of the incident,

would you want your partner
to tell you about it,

and it roles were reversed,
would you reveal what you

have done?
- Oh my gosh.
- I wanna know it all, I think
I'd wanna know. Wouldn't you?

- I wouldn't wanna know.
- You wouldn't?
- Not want to know,
no, I don't wanna know.

- So yeah your partner might
never see those people again,

- Yeah.
- But it says something
about their personality and

their character the fact
that they cheated on you.

- Yeah, and I think
that, that's their issue,

that's their problem
that they cheated on me.

- Yeah, but do you still
wanna be around them for

doing that? You still wanna
keep someone in your life

that did that to you?
- I think if, maybe this
is really controversial,

but I think if they were
to deal with their own

fears, anxieties and whatever
they like have to deal with

because they did that,
then I'll be willing to stay
with them if they were to

willing to like learn from
it, be a better person,

- Yeah, but you don't know any of this.
- I know, I think that's also
me protecting myself from it,

like if they were to do it, and
then like, how would I know?

Great, I think like ignorance is bliss.
I'd rather not know.
- I'd rather the bliss was
ruined and that relationship

ended and then move on with someone else,
I just think it's unforgivable.
I would never, ever forgive
anyone that ever cheated

on me.
- That's good, yeah, I
mean. I think I would, but,

I don't think,
I'm not saying I have
like a partner that would,

I really, really, really
trust who I'm with but

if it was to happen, I
just wouldn't wanna know,

I know it would bother me,
I think it would damage me so, so much,
but if I was to know, I
would obviously end it.

But I think if I wanted to
stay in something and have it

like a strong forever,
I would rather not know.

How funny that we're just, I
just would rather not know,

but I would want that person
to go and deal with their,

do you know what I mean,
I look after my half,

you look after your half.
Together we're great but
you've done something

and you've messed up,
- Yeah
- I'd rather not know.
- Wow, interesting. Would
you tell if you'd done it?

Would you tell or would you keep a secret?
- Yeah, I would tell because
I think if it was my beef,

I'd have to end that relationship.
- See I think, we're completely different,
cause now I think I would
probably keep it a secret,

after what I've said like,
I'll never forgive anyone,

I'll be like, I'll just keep it a secret.
If I'm never gonna see them
ever again, and I'm like,

I don't wanna ruin what I've got,
I'd probably would just be like,
I'm not gonna say anything,
which is really hypocritical.

- You know it's true though
because I see where you're

coming from because what good
will it do to that person

to know?
Like what good would I do to
my partner to inflict this

information on them that's
gonna probably ruin their life.

- I know.
- If they were that into me.
- Yeah.
- It's so tough, what do
you guys think? Let us know.

If I'm not sort of Joel's
- And if you're enjoying this video,
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- Okay, are there people
you envy enough to want to

trade lives with them? Who are they?
Are there people you envy
enough to want to trade

lives with them?
- Definitely people I envy
and like I'm jealous of

what they've got in their life and but,
yeah I'd never wanna trade
lives because I'd wanna

be me in their position,
I wouldn't ever wanna just

be them.
- Yeah, I agree.
There's only one Joel
Wood, and that's you.

There's only one, there's
only one person with these

fingerprints and that's me.
- And that's me.
- Yeah, and I also like,
I think a lot of envy or

jealousy comes from like,
other people's achievements

or other people stuff that
they've like smashed it,

but surely so much of that
is from experiencing it

Do you know what I mean? Like
so much like that you gave

from that.
- That you've worked from
it rather than just being

given it.
- Yeah. Imagine just
swapping lives I mean like,

Ah, this is amazing like I
fly, I'm in a private jet.

- Yeah, no exactly.
- It's not gonna be fun is it?
- Right next one, okay.
Sorry, this is really funny.

- What is it?
- For an all-expense paid
one week vacation anywhere

in the world, would you be
willing to kill a beautiful

butterfly by pulling off its
wings, what about stepping

on a cockroach?
Absolutely, of course. I'm
sorry butterfly and cockroach

but yeah, I would.
- That is hilarious.
- Isn't that funny?
- I mean obviously like when
you get the butterfly in

your hand, you're gonna be
like, oh it's so pretty,

like you don't really
wanna pull its wings off

- But then I'd be, all-expenses holiday
- All-expenses, bye.
- I've already done that,
I know I'm a horrible human

being, loads of you are
probably gonna unsubscribe

because I'm admitting to
this, but when I was a child,

I used to love catching
those flying daddy long legs,

you know the ones that
are flying spiders almost,

I don't know if you call
them the same thing,

and I used to catch them,
pull of their wings,

pull off each leg and just
leave them as a wriggling

Awful, isn't that awful?
- I can't believe you
were one of those kids,

only the bullies in my school
did that and you aren't

a bully.
- I've never hurt any animals but insects,
I was just like, you deserve to die.
Apart from wood lice, I love wood lice.
- That's so bizaare.
- Isn't it weird? It's so horrible.
- Don't like you, you're a
spider, you deserve no legs.

- Oh I hate spiders.
- Okay would you be willing
to murder an innocent person

if it would end hunger in the world?
The classic like
- Which is never gonna happen,
so why are we discussing it?

I don't think I would,
I'd feel really guilty.

- You can't imagine
- Imagine the guilt you'll live with,
would ending all the hunger
in the world, sort of like,

wash away that guilt?
- No.
- Of killing that person.
- No. I wouldn't do that
for the greater good.

- No.
- I'll just be like, let's
just leave it as it is.

- We came through loads
of questions today.

- Okay, yeah, we're whizzing
through some of them.

- So the next question is
what was your most enjoyable

dream and what is your worst nightmare?
So literally what you
dream and nightmare about.

What is the best and worst?
- I struggle to remember my
dreams but sometimes I do,

but I remember there's a phase
where you would literally

have a dream almost every
night and then the next day

tell me what it was.
You had so many good dreams
that I almost lived my

happiness through your dreams
like me and Gemma Collins,

- I'd wake up and be
like Lia, I just dreamt

- So we will be like, so we
were out in awards ceremony

last night and this
happened then we met her

and we kicked it off and now
we're best friends, like,

some of those dreams were amazing.
- Do you know what I really
want to get a book on lucid

dreaming because I didn't
really know what lucid dreaming

was until someone explained
it to me, and I was like,

oh I do that all the
time and they were like,

what? That's really rare.
- I'm not sure what it is.
- So apparently it's where
you can control your dreams

so you know that you're
dreaming, so you're like,

oh cause I'm dreaming I
can do anything, let's fly,

and then you just start
flying or you're like,

and I do that all the time.
Apparently it's a thing to
control your subconscious

- You did this, used to, I
don't know if you still do,

where you like, think
about something before bed

and you know you're gonna
have a dream about it.

Is that basically lucid dreaming?
- I think you can train
yourself to do things like that

but I never have like,
I remember so the nightmares
that I used to have,

always was someone like
following me with like a chainsaw

or something like that,
and there came a stage where
I would realize that I was

in a dream.
And I'd be like, oh he's
following me with a chainsaw,

this is just a nightmare,
and then I'd find a way to
like, I'd find a quiet place

wherever it was, if it was in
a palace, if I was in a palace

or like on the street in
London, wherever I was I'd find

a quiet place, hug my knees in like that,
and then I'd wake up in the night.
And I could wake myself
up from the nightmare.

- That's insane.
They should make that,
that should be a film.

Like about, that's so cool.
- Isn't it weird? But then
the same for nice dreams,

if I want to fly or something,
I'm like, oh it's a dream,

I can do what I want and then do it.
And apparently that's like a
skill and I didn't know I had

- So much control over the
dream, no, mine is not like that

at all.
I've had, I don't know, I just
don't remember dreams very

well like I remember having
one loads when I was a kid,

where I would always go downstairs,
open up the shoe cupboard and
all of the shoes I've ever

wanted were in the cupboard.
- Balenciagas
- Prada, Gucci, the ones
that look like socks.

And then I would wake up from the dream,
run down into the kitchen,
open the shoe cupboard,

and it would just be the
normal shoes that were there,

and I'd always be devastated.
And I'd open up and be like,
Mom, like it's so annoying,

like I really wanted all these
shoes I just dreamt about.

- Cause I remember the first
time I had that as well

where I dreamt that I had loads of sweets,
and I woke up in the morning
and they weren't there

and I got really upset
and that's when I realized

that dreams weren't real.
- I used to have this
dream like before school,

that I'd, it was really,
really close to waking up,

I'd woken up, done my teeth,
got ready, got dressed

and ready to go, and then I'd wake up.
And I'd be like, I'm
ready, oh no I'm not ready,

I just dreamt that I got ready.
- Yeah, that's weird isn't it?
- It's so annoying and
that has happened loads

and I dose to sleep, and
then to not to have no time.

- Or the relief when you've
dreamt something like that

and you're really late
or forgotten something,

and then you wake up and
you're like, oh it was,

it's so good.
But I think you can, it
is a skill, I think if you

want to dream, you should
do some research on it

because I think there are
things that you can do before

bed that can enable you to dream.
- That's cool. Imagine if
we went to like a Dreams

Specialist and they're
like put stickers on us and

stickers and everything,
stickers all over our heads

and we're like,
- I do believe dreams mean
stuff though, so like,

I will go, one of my friends
is really good at knowing

what dreams mean or like
interpreting what they could mean.

So I often go to her if I
had a really weird dream,

and I'm like, I dreamt
this, what does it mean?

And she's like, I think it means this.
- Yeah, Dad does that. He's
like, did you dream about

...that means death.
If you dreamt about falling,
that means a certain thing,

like, so I would be like, Dad,
I had a dream about falling,

and he'd say, ah that
means this, this and this.

Don't know, it's interesting though,
I'm interested in dreams.
- I've got one more
story about that as well,

- Also got a really funny
one, remember when you had

a go at me, you were like,
Oh Lia, last night we were
talking about (whispers),

and then I had a dream about him.
- Did you and you're like why
did you give me that dream?

- Exactly.
- Yeah, that's the worst.
Now I had a dream once
where, so before RADA,

which is a Drama School,
where me and Lia met,

I woke up on the day of
my results being released

from College how I did my A-levels,
and I was supposed to
be going to University

to study Drama, and I had a
dream that I didn't get in.

I remember sitting at the
screen and it said like,

you didn't get the
results, you didn't get in.

And I was like, and then
suddenly my dream took me

somewhere to a Drama
School, but I think it was,

in my head it was GSA, and
as I was walking around

the Drama School and it was
like me attending Drama School.

Anyway, woke up, it was a
dire result so I was like,

that was a weird dream, went
downstairs, checked my results,

failed, didn't get in and then
fast forward a year later,

I was at Drama School,
not at GSA but at RADA,

and I was like, that's weird
that I dreamt the exact thing

that happened.
- I love saying it in a
Geordie accent, that's weird,

that is weird. I was
bad but, that's weird.

I'm nervous by that,
that's weird.
- We keep saying and if you've
watched our Bambino Becky

collab, like we started
a video with her going,

I'm nervous, it's that one when
we're nervous, I'm nervous.

So good.
- Right, I think that's
enough for this episode.

Come back next time guys
because we love doing this,

and if you haven't seen the old ones,
we would link them up in the
cards so you check those out,

go back and watch them.
- They're often titled not
with Ask Yourself or Going Deep

with Joel and Lia, they're
titled like the juiciest thing

that came up in the talks.
So if you find a weird title,
it's probably one of these.

- Thanks for watching guys,
we hope you enjoyed it.

Don't forget to like,
subscribe, do all the things,

and follow us over on our Instagrams.
- Yeah.
- We post content daily on there.
- Daily.
- It's thrice weekly.
- The work never stops.
- Oh never, never stops.
- And the fun.
- Yeah.
- We'll see you next time. Bye.
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