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- Hi, we're Joel and Lia.

- And today we're doing a quiz
that apparently 77% of Americans fail
and it's about American history.
- So, these two Brits are gonna try it.
- We're gonna get more than 77%.
- Let me hear ya.
- Let me hear ya.
- Okay, ready?
- Yeah, let's give it a go.
- Start the quiz.

- Let's cracked straight
on, there's no point.

- No faff, no mess.
- No faff.
So, which of the following
presidents did not die in office?

What does in office mean?
Like literally in their office?
- Oh my gosh, imagine if every
president died at the desk.

- Yeah, but is that what it
mean, like they died in--

'cause they spend a lot
of time in their office.

- In their office, yeah.
No, it means, I think it means
which of the following
presidents did not die

whilst they were in power?
- Oh, like in their post.
- In office, yeah.
In post, not in the office.
- In their role as president.
- Which president didn't
die in the White House?

- Well, how do we know?
- Okay, so the options are Zachary Taylor,
Warren G. Harding
- Never heard of him.
- Never heard of him.
Maybe these are all, like
none of them are gonna be--

- William McKinley, John F. Kennedy,
- [Both] Heard of him.
- Abraham Lincoln.
- [Both] Heard of him.
- So, we only know John F.
Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln,

so maybe this is a trick question.
- Wasn't Abraham Lincoln shot in a car?
He was driving and then they shot him.
- Still, I think that means--
- He was in office, oh yeah.
- You're still like, who
wasn't in the office?

For that, we should pick
him 'cause it's funny.

- Okay, let's pick the one
that was shot in the car.

- The pritch president.
- We said Grover Cleveland.
- Zachary Taylor.
- I've never heard of him.
He died in the office?
No, he didn't die in the office.
- Didn't die in the office.
- Where did he die?
Maybe out for dinner or something.
- Next question.
- Oh my gosh.
- What is Susan B. Anthony known for?
Don't know.
- So is she knows for leading
the women's rights movement?

Is she known for making the first US flag?
Or being a western pioneer?
- Well, she looks like the kind of woman
who has led the female
rights movement, doesn't she?

- But I've never heard
of her name, though.

We would've heard of her.
- No, but we know more like the British
like Emmeline Pankhurst
and those kind of people.

- Oh, I thought they were just worldwide.
- No, I think that the Brits.
- We know the Brits.
- Yeah, we know the Brits
'cause Meryl Streep played it

in that film with Carey Mulligan.
The Suffragettes, yeah.
- So, should we say women's rights?
- Let's just try women's rights.
She doesn't look like the kind of person
who would've made a flag--
- Or be a pioneer.
- Well, she might be a
pioneer, but who knows?

- We're right, Susan.
Susan was known for
leading the women's rights.

Why have we never heard of her?
- Never heard of her.
- Again, 'cause we just
focus on ourselves.

- All about us.
- Which of the following
states does not have any land

that was acquired in
the Louisiana Purchase?

I learned about this.
- Did you?
- In my presentation-- you
just burped and that stinks

and you had a go at me for
farting and now you've burped?

- I just didn't know that it was that bad.
- Smells like chicken flesh.
- Okay, well, apologies.
- Accepted.

I own up to it, though.
I burped.

You farted. (laughs)
- So, I learned about this
when I was doing my preentation

on the Appalachian Mountains,
but that's not any else to
do with this, I'm confused.

Anyway, Missouri, Nebraska,
Oklahoma, or Mississippi.

- We're gonna have to do
eeny, meeny, miny, moe.

- Or just pick the one
you think is the most.

- Mississippi.
- Mississippi.

We're right, Mississippi.
Well done, you guessed that.
- That was just a complete guess.
Didn't even read the question.
- Well done.
- Thanks.

- Next.
- When was the attack on Pearl Harbor?
Should really know this, shouldn't we?
- That's a film, isn't it?
- I literally no idea.
They're just days.
December fifth, 1939, December
seventh, 1941, it goes on.

I don't know.
- So, I say we go for--
- So it's only at Christmas,
and build up to Christmas.
What year?
- Which one's jumpin' out at you? (laughs)
- I think 1942.
I've got December ninth,
1942, I'm just like--

- Okay, we'll go for that then,
'cause I picked Mississippi
for the last one.

- Okay, let's go for it.
- (sighs) It was December seventh, 1941.
- So, I was a year and
two days off or something.

- So, is that the one we guessed?
Oh, I see.
- Oh well, where was the first battle
of the American Revolution?
- Oh, this is so hard.
Do you know about the American Revolution?
- I don't know what a revolution is.
It's just a fight, isn't it?
People are just fight, fight, fight
and then they fight and it's over.
- And then there's a big-- I don't know.
Is that the American
Revolution in the picture?

- Yeah, they've got guns and hats and--
- It looks very civilized.
- It might be when they fight the British
because people keep
banging on about Americans

defeatin' the British and I
don't know, maybe that's how.

- We didn't learn about that.
- We don't learn about that.
Yorktown, Trenton, Saratoga,
White Plains, Eutaw Springs.

- Let's call it Yorktown.
- Yorktown, okay.
- Yeah, it just seems
like the kind of place

they might do that.
- Ah, Lexington and Concord.
- Not Yorktown.
- That's weird, is that
where the Concord was made?

- Who knows?
- Who knows?
- What was the first US
city to host the Olympics?

- LA, New York, St. Louie, or Atlanta?
Oh, St. Louis, not St. Louie.
I think St. Louis.
Atlanta-- I think it's LA.
The Olympics was at LA a
few years ago and I think

that was the first time
they had ever hosted it.

- Was it?
What year did LA have the Olympics?
- After us, so ours was the 2012.
- We had done London 2012.
- I think they hosted it.
- And then isn't it four
years later, isn't it?

- Yeah, 2016.
No, it wasn't, that was in Beijing.
Oh no, Russia.
I'm confused.
- You remember there
being an Olympics in LA?

- Yeah.
- Well, we'll go for that, then.
I just don't think they have enough space.
Yeah, not enough space in
New York, definitely not.

It's St. Louie.
- That's got more space to hold it, look.
It just looks like the--
doesn't that look--

- LA is so spaced out,
there's so much space in LA.

- But in the picture,
(laughs) if you were like,

which one looks like Olympics?
You'd just click on that.
- Well, you can't build
an Olympic stadium on water, can you?
- But there's not that
thing that you think--

that's quite Olympic.
- Well, you should've spoken up.
- I should've, I should've
followed my instinct.

- Continue the quiz, click through.
- Okay, number seven.
- How many questions are there?
- Who knows?
- What was the first space
mission to successfully

land on the moon?
Apollo 1, Apollo 8, 11, 13, 14, 18?
- Just go for 11.
- 11, okay.
Apollo 11, well done.
- Yeah, it's a film, isn't it?
- Is it?
I thought it was 13.

That's Oceans 13, that's different.
- Maybe it is Apollo-- I think Apollo 11,
it just rang a bell, so I
was like oh, it must be that.

- Well done.
What is the oldest
institution of higher learning

in the United States?
William and Mary, Princeton, Harvard,
Yale, Cornell, Georgetown?
- I would say Harvard, yeah.
- That's all we hear about.
- That's what we hear
about, Harvard and Yale,

but Harvard more so.
- Amazing, Harvard, we knew it.
- Ding, ding, ding.
- We're so clever.
- Aren't we?
Who is the second president
of the United States?

- George Washington, Thomas
Jefferson, John Adams,

John Quincy, John Madison, Andrew Jackson.
Literally, heard of no one
except George Washington.

- It can't be him, obviously.
We're gonna have to go for
who has the oldest name.

John Quincy sounds quite old.
Let's go for him.
I also quite like that, Quincy.
- Quincy, isn't he a detective?
- He's a coincidence. (laughs)
- Quincy, co-inci-dence.
- Oh, it was John Adams.
So close for going for John Adams.
- Oh, not Quincy, it was Adams.
How many years is four
score and seven years ago?

- Four score and seven years ago.
- Four score, what does that even mean?
- It's slang for either 23, 27, 87,
107, 207 or 407.
- This quiz is boring.
- [Both] Oh my gosh.
- We're gonna be in detention.
I don't think it is, but.
- Yes, 87.
Four score.
You said that.
- No, you did.
I was like it can't be 87.
- Amazing, I'm amazing.
- You're amazing.
- I got so good I can speak American.
- What is the first amendment?
- [Both] Freedom of speech,
- Right to bear arms,
right to remain silent.

- Isn't it freedom of speech?
- I think it's right to bear arms.
No, that's the second amendment, isn't it?
It was like
[Both] Second amendment rights.
- Yeah, yeah, freedom of speech then
'cause why would it be the
right to remain silent?

- That would be hilarious.
The most important thing is
your right to remain silent.

- Imagine saying that to
Americans, you have a stereotype--

- What is the first amendment?
- [Both] Freedom of speech.
- We're learning every day.
Oh, it's taking us to our results.
- [Both] Your knowledge is
as American as apple pie.

- That's quite American then, isn't it?
- You got six out of 11 correct.
- That's amazing.
- Wait, what's that in a
percentage, let me figure it out.

One sec.
- Well, it's like 60,
just under 60% isn't it?

- Oh yeah, sorry, it was 77%
of people who get it wrong,

not that that's the average score.
I got confused.
- Look, you sure do know your stuff,
you practically fart sparklers.
Well, I do.
And your blood type is B for burger.
Sure, you got some wrong, but that's okay,
we blame your history books and the fact
that you'd rather eat apple pie
than study up on American history.
- That right.
- You got that right.
Even if you weren't born
in the United States,

you're part bad ass bird, a
symbol of strength and freedom

and with talons the size of Florida.
- Well done, us.
- Well done.
- That was quite good, actually.
I honestly thought our score
was gonna be four out of all of them.
- We got six.
- Well, we did better than
expected, that was great.

Well done, us.
- Yeah, so I think
that's a pass, isn't it?

So we beat 77% of Americans.
- Pat on the back, thank you very much.
- Well done, us.
- Yeah, we did.
- So, actually we're
cleverer than most Americans,

you could say.
- Yeah, so if that was a citizenship test,
then we'd be allowed in?
- Yeah, sick.
Where would you move, St. Louie?
- St. Louie, Louie Louie.
- I would move to Atlanta.
I don't know why, I just think
it sounds like a cool city.

I live in Atlanta.
- I wouldn't move anywhere that
I have text with tops on it.

- Oh yeah, New York, no.
Los Angeles, no.
- Well, don't I have a
top that says Colorado?

Can't go there.
Can't go to anywhere that
I've got a t-shirt of.

'Cause otherwise I'm just a
bit too much of a fine girl.

- Yeah, of that state or place.
Anyway, thanks for watching.
Guys, if you enjoyed, don't
forget to click subscribe

if you haven't already.
We post videos
- [Both] Thrice weekly.
- And if you wanna watch
us take any more tests,

we will leave the sort of us
doing quizzes in the cards.

Check out those videos, there's some
that are very entertaining.
- Yeah, we've been doing them for years,
so those of you that have watched them all
will know that we're
getting better and better.

Our first one was absolutely awful.
Loads of hate comments on that,
so go and watch that.
- And yeah, we'll see you next time.
- See you next time.
- [Both] Bye.
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94 Folder Collection
Michael Cheung published on April 28, 2019
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