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- Hi, we're Joel and Lia.
- And this video is 10 differences
between Canada and the UK.
Let's discuss.
(playful vocalizing)
- So we've never been to Canada.
- I've been!
- Oh have you?
- I've been twice.

- Oh you, when?
- But I was little.

- You were young.
- I don't really have memories.
- We just want to include
Canada a bit more.

- Yeah. (chuckles)
- Because we already talk
about America and the UK.

- We just leave them out, don't we?
- Yeah, we do, but,
- Yeah.

- it's because there aren't many,
like these articles, we're
discussing an article by the way,

on Huffington Post.
But people don't tend to
write about the differences

between Canada and the UK.
It's always America and the UK.
So there's loads of stuff for us to do,
to do with America.
- So,

we're just gonna tickle you,
tickle you a bit today.
- Yeah.

Tease you.
- Just tease you a little bit.

And we're just gonna discuss the article,
and say whether we think
this is true or false.

- Yeah.
- Especially about

the UK stuff.
- Yeah, and if you're from
Canada, and you're watching,

go leave like a Canada flag emoji,
or just be like, "I'm
Canadian," in the comments,

'cause we'd be really interested to see
how many of you are Canadian.
- Say it just like that,
"I'm Canadian!"
- Yeah, "I'm Canadian!"

(Lia laughs)
Right, so the first one is that
Canadians want you to have a nice day,
whereas Brits want you to fail.
- So it just goes back to
the whole positivity thing.

- Yeah.
- That like,

I know we've said it
about Americans loads,

and maybe Canadians are the same,
in that they just genuinely want you
to have a nice day.
- I know.

- But Brits don't really
say, "Have a nice day."

Or they might say it,
but do they ever mean it?

- I don't know.
Obviously it's all a huge stereotype.
- Yeah.
- But Brits are nice people,

but there is just that
deep underlying thing

where you just want someone to just
fail at what they're doing.
- (chuckling) Yeah.
- I don't know why.

- It's so weird.
It's like embedded in Brits.
- Yeah.

- It's like, (sighs)
it's like when you see someone
really trying to do something at the gym,
and you're like, "Just fall."
- Yeah.

I know.
- (laughing) It's so bad!

- About everything, and
especially at the moment

with politics and stuff ,
like the Prime Minister,

everyone's just hoping that she'll fail,
and it's like,
it's so funny.
- Oh no.

I do actually feel really sorry for her.
- I know.
- I'm just like,

imagine being you, you're
like a cartoon character now.

- I know, poor old woman.
- Poor old TM.
- Literally old woman.

- Poor old woman.
- She's aged years since
being in that role.

- That--
- Her posture's gone

from this to this.
- It literally has this now.
- Yeah, poor woman.
- Open up darling.

- Open up Theresa May.
- Have a nice--

(giggling) Open up TM.
And have a nice day.
- Yeah, TM the PM.
- Yeah!
(both laugh)

The next one's about fish.
Canadians eat sushi, and Brits like to
deep fry their fish in batter,
and have fish and chips.

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

- I mean, is it a well-known thing then
that Canadians are known for sushi?
- Well it must be.
Huffington Post is saying it.
They say, "Stroll around Vancouver,
"and you will notice
swarms of health-conscious,

"attractive people, lining
up for their nearest sushi."

- Wow, I thought sushi was Japanese.
- Yeah, but. (laughs)
Remember when we were in New York,
and certain places, just
like sushi everywhere?

- Yeah, sushi everywhere.
But to be honest, it's
spread everywhere hasn't it?

- Mm.
- London's very sushi.

We love sushi.
- We do.
- We'd be more likely

to eat sushi than fish and chips.
- I think so.
- Yeah.

- It's just more like on-the-go food.
- Yeah.
- We'd never be like, "Let's
just get fish and chips quick,"

- No.
- We're just not,

that's not what we do.
- Fish and chips

would be like a treat, where you're like,
"Oh my gosh, I should not be
eating this battered fish."

- Yeah, I'm about to
consume like 4,000 calories,

- Yeah.
- in one little tiny tray

of fish and chips.
- Yeah.

- So.
- I also think

it's generational.
- Mm-hmm.
- I think my grandparents,

my parents' and grandparents' generation
would eat fish and chips,
- Especially on a Friday.

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

- Whereas we would be more
likely to order sushi.

- Oh, and we've done that.
- Yeah.

- We've done like, I've done
delivery sushi to my house.

- It's great.
- So maybe we're

a bit more Canadian.
- I just hate sashimi.
Anything with like raw
fish or salmon. (gags)

- Oh, I love salmon!
Oh, nigiri.
- Right, so the next one is that
Canadians go out for one beer,
whereas Brits will have six
before even leaving the house. (chuckling)
Which we've spoken about
- It's so true,

isn't it?
- drinking before.

- It's so true.
- Yeah.

- It's really bad.
Like the whole
- Yeah.

- like pre-drinks,
- I know,

- the whole British
attitude towards alcohol.

- And if--
- It's like,

"Oh I can't possibly go
out and just have one."

- No.
- Why would anyone do,

we would.
- Yeah.

'Cause we're lightweights.
- 'Cause that's all it takes.

But there's just so many
Brits that would just be like,

"No, if I'm gonna drink,
"I'm drinking to get drunk.
- Yeah.

- "I'm not just

"gonna have one, why would
I do that, makes no sense."

- We're probably making it worse as well
by all the Prosecco.
The amount of people, like
we've said, that are just,

like I did a video on my channel
about my three addictions.

- Oh yeah.
- Pepsi Max, sugar, pizza.

- Yeah.
- And they were like,
"What about Prosecco?"

And I was like, "I'm not
addicted to Prosecco."

- Oh!
- I'll have Prosecco maybe

like twice a month or something,
- Okay.

- the perception we've put out there,
- Yeah, the--
- is that we drink Prosecco

every single day. (chuckling)
- Like I get family members,
hi Yaya, my grandma,
(Joel laughs)

watching, saying, "You need to
really look at your drinking,

"and you need to slow down and stop."
And I'm like, "Oh it's
part of a performance.

"It's like a little character thing.
- It's just our thing.
- "It's just like,

"it's our thing."
- Yeah.
- But it's not, it's not.

So it's not a problem.
- It's not a problem.
- No one needs to worry.
- We don't have a problem.

- Saying that, I did have two glasses
of Prosecco last night,
but that was just for fun.

- Yeah, do you know what?
- What?

- Last Saturday,
- Yeah.
- I went to see my friends

near where my parents from
in Hampshires.
- Yes!

- They've just moved there.
- Yes.

- A glass of Prosecco, guess how much.
- Seven pounds.
- Three pound 95.
- Stop.

- Three pound 95!
- Stop!

- Yeah!
- Stop.

- So cheap!
It's a minimum of like seven
pounds in London, isn't it?

- (laughing) Oh I thought
you were gonna say,

"It's a minimum of seven on card,
"so I had to buy like five."
- Oh right.

So I had to buy two.
(both chuckle)
- So the next one is
that Canadians think that

Britain is a place of
magical castles and royalty,

and Brits think that Canada
is basically just America.

(Joel laughs)

- Which is kinda true.
- It's kinda true.

- I mean, that is true, because Canada,
I've learned, Canada is America.
We Brits call the US America.
- Yeah.
- And then,

Mexico is something different,
Canada is something different,
but it's all America, apparently.
So technically we're right.
- But isn't that,

isn't that offensive?
Is it offensive to call,
- No that's true.

That's the continent is America.
- Oh!
- All like North America.

- So why have they got a problem
with that?
- Yeah.

(Lia laughs)
Get over it.

- Get over it.
Guys, seriously.
- I know.

- Canadians get triggered,
- They do.

Do you remember that audition?
- when they get called

American. (gasps)
- And everyone there was
American, except me and Lia,

and a couple of Canadians.
- Yeah.

- And I said something like that.
I was like, "Everyone here's
American," they were like,

"I'm Canadian."
- "I'm Canadian."

- I was like, "Well you
sound American." (laughs)

- It was amazing, that was so funny.
We haven't heard back from that, have we?
- No.
- No.

- It's probably 'cause we
insulted the Canadians.

(both laugh)
- It's probably why,

probably why we didn't get the job.
- I know, but the UK definitely
isn't, I mean, actually,

I was gonna say it definitely
isn't full of castles,

but it definitely is full of castles.
- Oh there's loads.
We were looking at some
- Yeah.
- the other day online,

weren't we?
- Yeah were were gonna

stay in a castle.
- (laughing) Do some filming there.
- Literally it's just so normal,
you're just like,
- Just to perpetuate that

- castle.
- idea more.

(both laugh)
- Yeah.

- Amazing.
- But it definitely

doesn't feel magical.
- No, I don't think so.
Though there's some, there's
a little bit of magic.

- Yeah.
- If you go

to places like Edinburgh, you're like,
"Ooh, this feels quite Harry Pottery."
- Yeah.
- But they're, no.
- No.
- Not much, no magic really.

- No, it's just the UK, isn't it?
- It's just the UK.
- It's just rainy, and--

- It's just rain and fish and chips.
- Yeah.
(both laugh)
So the next one is that Canadians think
Toronto is like really crowded,
whereas when the London
Olympics was here in London,

we were just like, "Oh
it's a little bit busy,

"but it's not--"
- Yeah.

When the London Olympics
were going on, we were like,

"Oh, it's just a nightmare,
"trying to walk through
- Yeah.

- Westfield." (laughs)
- I know.

- But yeah, it's chaos.
- It is absolute chaos, but that's because
our island is so small,
and we've got so many people living here
that everywhere is busy.
London's more busy,
- Yeah.

- than the rest of the country,
but everywhere is busy, whereas,
I was gonna say Canadia.

- Canadia, oh yeah.
- Whereas Canadia

is so spread out.
There's so much space.
- Yeah.

You had to remind me the other day
that we're an island.
- Yeah, we're an island.
- Yeah, you just went,

"The UK is an island."
- Yeah, I was like,

"We live on an island."
- It's like, island life.

- Island life.
- And I was like,

"That's so true."
- Yeah.

- That is, it blew my mind,
'cause I forgot that we were an island.
(both chuckle)
- But that is again why we don't,
why I always forget to
call ourselves Europe,

why I'm not, "Oh, we're going to Europe."
Because we're an island,
we tend to think we're
separate from everything.

- Yeah, I mean we made a video on that,
- Yeah.
- about, and that

also triggered loads of people.
- I know,
so many triggers going on.
- That was when we were like,

(chuckles) "We're not part of Europe,
- Yeah.

- And now look, Brexit.
- Brexit.

- Huh.
- Who knows.

Is it gonna happen?
- Who knows?

Who knows?
(Joel blows lips)

So the next one is that Canadians enjoy
definite seasons of the year,
whereas Brits enjoy a three day summer,
and it's so true.
- So true.

- That is so true, like what
would we give, to just know?

What if someone said, "Guaranteed,
"every single day in
June, July, sunshine?"

- That would be amazing.
And equally, in winter,
snow, cold weather,

snow, snow, snow.
- Snow.

- It'd be great.
- If we just knew

what was coming,
- Yeah.

- we could, I think we'd
all be in a better place,

- In February,

in the middle of winter, in February,
we had the most beautiful days
that were over 20 degrees centigrade.
Like, ridiculous.
- That shook me.

That shook all of us.
- We were all in shorts and
T-shirt, we were loving life,

and then we were reminded,
global warming is not a
good thing. (chuckles)

- And then the next day,
you know two days later,
- Cold.

- cold, a bit of rain.
- Mm, mm-hmm.

- That was crazy.
- Yeah.

Number seven is that
Canadians head to yoga,

whilst Brits head to the kebab house,
which I don't think is true.
- Oh, I don't think that's true.
I mean maybe we're a bit in a bubble,
'cause we're in London,
and we're around very,

a lot of health-conscious people,
- Yogis. (chuckles)
- a lot of yogis,

a lot of yummy mummies, a lot of, yeah.
- Yeah.
- Mindfulness

going on in the city.
But it just sort of goes back
to the other point earlier,

about Canadians and the sushi
and the health-conscious thing.
- Yeah, it's true, and probably
the weather makes up for it

because they'll have nice weather
during the summer, and we don't.
Most of the time it's quite cloudy.
You just wanna eat nice comfort food.
- Yeah.
- You don't wanna work out.

- Exactly, and if you think about
our attitudes towards
exercise, in the summer.

- Yeah, it changes.
- We wake up,

we wake up at like, it's not a problem
to wake up at half five,
- Yeah.
- 'cause the sun's

waking you up, and then you actually,
you might want to just go out
and walk.
- Yeah.

- If I think about,
'cause I don't really
like walking in the cold,

but when it's nice and sunny,
- Mm.
- I can walk for hours,

- Yeah.
- and I'm happy to walk.

So it just makes sense.
It all comes down to the weather, guys.
(Joel chuckles)
- So the next one is that Canadians love
the royal family here in the UK,
and that we Brits, ironically love them.
So meaning as in like, we
don't really like them,

but we sort of, we like
what it comes with.

We like a day off when
there's a royal wedding, and,

- Yeah.
- and, but I don't think that's true.
- No.
- I think most Brits

like the royal family.
- Yeah, I'd say most Brits that I know,
- Yeah.
- really do.

- Yeah.
- I think I've met like

one or two people, max,
- Yeah.
- that are like,

"I can't stand the royals."
- Yeah.

And they're usually sad
and lonely people.
- Lonely people.

And I, we love celebrating the royals.
- Yeah.
- We're like, "Oh my gosh,

"royal wedding!"
That we get so excited.
- I know.

- Street parties, get
all the bunting out guys.

We bloody love a party.
- Yeah.

They're great.
We love the royals.
- I love them.

- Yeah.
- So we'll disagree with the fact that
- Yeah.
- we ironically love them.

We just love them.
- We love them

with a whole heart.
- We would love to invite them over,
- Yeah.
- and have them,

I've got the Queen's birthday
in the diary.
- Yeah.

- I think it's June the 8th.
- Mm-hmm.

- I just like knowing.
- Yeah.

- I'm not invited, but. (chuckles)
- We wanna do a collab with
Meghan Markle and Harry,

and just sit them down and apologize
for the video that we made about them.
- Yeah we really need
to apologize.
(Joel sighs)

- Yeah.
- I think Meghan and Harry

have probably seen that video.
- I think they probably have.

- Who doesn't Google their name
when they're a massive celeb?
- Yeah.

They probably watched
the video, we've watched,

they've watched us call Prince Harry ugly,
and say that we don't trust Meghan,
and now we've changed our
mind and we love Meghan,

and Harry is a handsome chap.
- I can't believe,

which one of us said, was it me?
Or you?
- For what?

- Prince Harry's ugly.
- I said Prince Harry's ugly,

and then you agreed.
- I, yeah.

- But when I said ugly, it
was just a throwaway comment.

I don't mean he's ugly.
I don't think he's ugly at all,
but I was just meaning
he's nothing special.

He's not like, drop-dead
gorgeous, see what I mean?

- Yeah, he's not like my boyfriend.
- He's not like me, for example.
- (laughing) He's not like you.
He's no Joel Woods.
- He's no Joel Woods, but.

(both laugh)
- Us jokes.
- I know.

And then, but then to be fair,
- Oh my gosh, I've--
we said that we didn't
trust Meghan to start with,

- Okay.
- but now we do.

- Yeah.
- We said that in the video.

- We said, in a video,
we don't believe her,

- Yeah.
- because she's an actress,

and we take that back.
And we wanna apologize to Meghan.
- Yeah, so this is a public apology
to Meghan.
- A public apology

to Meghan Markle.
So the next one's to do with currency.
Apparently Canadian dollars
look like Monopoly money,

- Mm-hmm.
- which I think's hilarious.

- Yeah.
- And British pound sterling looks like
- Ancient scrolls, apparently.
- Yeah. (laughs)

- I like our money,
but it's now become very
like Australia's money,

which is, it's all plastic.
The notes are sort of plasticky,
- Mm.
- and you can put it

in the washing machine,
and it will still work.

- I love cash,
and hardly ever have it.
- Yeah,

but we need it.
- Like how often do you

go to the cash point and draw out cash?
- Never ever, only old people do that.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.

- 'Cause that's still their way
of buying stuff.
- That's still,

yeah, whereas us, we're
like, "No, debit card."

- Yeah, not even, I don't even like cards.
I'm just on the phone.
- Oh yeah, Apple Pay.

- Beep, beep, beep.
- Ding, ding, ding.

I know.
- So I'm cashless

and cardless, I'm just phone now.
- Yeah.
- That's crazy, how far we've come.
But anyway, the point was about money.
- Yeah.
- British pound notes are
apparently ridiculous. (chuckles)

- Wow.
- Oh yeah.

- Well thanks.
- Thanks. (laughs)

- So the last one is that Canadians
will say thank you, as
they hop off the bus,

whereas Brits will get into
an argument for 10 minutes

with the bus driver,
for not letting them on,

because they don't have the
correct cash to use the bus,

(Lia laughs)
because they spent all
of it at Wetherspoon's,

which is a pub.
- Amazing.
- Which is funny.
I like that stereotype.
- That's so funny.

- I don't necessarily
think it's true, but.

- No, I have been on a
lot of buses in the UK,

(both laugh)
And people have said thank
you to the bus driver,

- Yeah.
- especially

outside of London.
- Yeah.

- But yeah the arguments are real.
- Yeah, I think the arguments
are less in London now,

because you have, they're all cashless.
You can't pay for cash
on London buses anymore.

It has to be
- Mm.

- contactless, debit card, or Oyster card.
So that causes--
- Or your free pass,

if you're over 60.
- Oh yeah.

- Travel free, honeys.
- I wonder if tourists can do that.
- Well I don't know.
I know, what you mean like international?
Or anyone who's not,
'cause my grandma can use hers in London.
- Yeah.
- But she's not,

I still think she's a tourist.
- But, if you're like an American grandma,
can you come and use it for free?
- I wonder.
Surely not.
- Yeah, probably not.

- Surely not, because then,
how are they making money?

- Yeah, that's true.
- We need your money guys.
We need that tourist money.
- We need all the

American tourists' money.
Sorry, Canadians.
It's about Canadians.
- Canadians.

We did it, we are--
- For goodness sake.

- We are the worst.
- We're the worst.

I meant American as in
the continent.
- I know, I know, I know.

On that note guys,
- Anyway.

- We hope you've enjoyed this video.
We wanted to shed a bit of light on
Canada, Canadian things,
- Yeah.

- and we just wanted to
show you guys some love.

- Yeah, we love all of
our Canadian viewers,

and there aren't many of you,
but we wanted to treat you

to a Canadian versus UK video.
- And if you're an American
watching this, then just please,

thanks for watching to
the end of this video.

- Yeah.
- They really appreciate it.

- Favorite, leave a nice
comment about Canadians,

'cause Americans tend to hate Canadians,
and I think it's completely unfair.
- Tell a story about a nice Canadian
you've met.
- Yeah,

and actually, as we've
said in another video,

I've never met a Canadian
that I didn't like,

- True.
- whereas I have met

Americans I don't like.
- Yeah.

- I think Canadia is the best country.
- Canadia, we love you!
- We love you.
Anyway guys, don't forget
to click subscribe,

if you haven't already.
We post videos thrice weekly.
- Thrice weekly.

And we'll see you next time.
- See you next time.

- Bye.
- Bye.

(playful vocalizing)
- [Lia] I think that
Canadia needs to stick.

Is that what you said?
- Canadia, Canadia.

- Canadia, not Canadia.
- It's 'cause it's Canadian,

- Yeah.
- or Canada,

so sometimes I get mixed
up and say Canadia.

- Canadia.
- I think that's better.

It sounds like an amazing country.
- Canadia.

- So there.
- "Where are you going

"this year?"
"Oh, we'll just be skiing in Canadia."
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859 Folder Collection
Michael Cheung published on April 28, 2019
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