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We would love if you would assign
senior superlatives to each of the Avengers
that survived Infinity War.
Oh, that's awesome.
OK, we have to start with a classic, best hair.
I'm stuck between Hemsworth and Scarlett.
Yeah, I'd say Scarlett, because
with each film that we've done, she's done
some really amazing hairstyles.
Class clown.
Funniest, I'll go with Downey.
Downey, yeah.
Don Cheadle is also very funny.
Yeah, Don Cheadle for class clown.
Yeah, that's for sure.
Most likely to succeed.
Oh, man.
All of them.
Yeah, I think they all have succeed.
Most likely to Instagram Live during a battle with Thanos.
I mean, that's Ruffalo.
Without question.
In fact we destroyed his cell phone.
He no longer can use his cell phone.
Most likely to have an annual pass to Disneyland.
- Evans. - Yeah.
No question.
That's like, he does have an annual pass to Disneyland.
Every time I go to Disneyland, I run into Chris Evans.
Best dressed.
Downey's pretty strong in that department.
Yeah, he is.
He's never worn the same pair of shoes twice.
In life, or in the film?
It's in life.
It's an important thing for him he doesn't.
Or maybe at some point in his life.
He refuses to wear the same pair of tennis shoes twice.
Most fierce.
- Okoye. - Oh, yeah.
She's incredible.
Yeah, she's fierce.
Most competitive.
Hemsworth, maybe?
That guy, he works out like crazy.
I don't know if you follow his Instagram,
but he's got some drive.
Best shoulder to cry on.
Ruffalo or Paul Rudd.
Oh, Rudd.
I would put my head on Rudd's shoulder.
Sweet Paul Rudd.
Most likely to know every word to "Let It Go."
No question.
In fact, I think he does know every word to "Let It Go."
Most Avengers team spirit.
They all kind of do play that role.
Probably say Rocket.
Rocket Raccoon.
[LAUGHING] Good answer.
And last but not least, most unique.
- Nebula, yeah. - Yeah.
You never know what's going on with her.
Half android, half human.
Thank you guys so much.
Thank you.
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Anthony and Joe Russo Assign Senior Superlatives to The Avengers | Disney

137 Folder Collection
Liang Chen published on April 27, 2019
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