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Hi, my name is Caspar Lee and last week I did my British driving license test and things seemed to be going well but.. anyway.. just..
You watch the video and I'll speak to you at the end.
Where do you think the guy is?
-... actually, that's him right there. That's.. Clive!
-Hi! Caspar! Welcome to Clive's drive school!
-Byron, it's Joe.
-Bro, show some respect.
-Banana's just fallen out me pocket. Naughty!
Um, first things first, I don't know why you're laughing.
-Do you have like the ability to actually give me a licence?
-Why do you keep laughing? Come on, this is serious.
Read out the licence registration plate right in front of you.
With one eye blocked.
-EN67 LCE.
-Done. Right, get in the car. Come on!
Room for little one.
There, that's my notebook. Don't peek in there, Caspar! Cheeky, you know that.
Right. Place it by your heart...
- Is this what you usually do?
-Yea, yea, yea yea.

Just wanna get a little test of, you know, what I'm dealing with. Lovely, you're human.
You're human. I love doing that joke.
What are you doing?
-I'm just... I don't actually really know, what am I doing here?

-Sod it! It's Friday! Let's go for it!
Let's try... what are you doing? Roads are a lot busier obviously now in London. I've been driving now for...
So yeah, it should be fine. So first things first, a little bit of show me-tell me-questions test. Are you ready? -Yeah.
-You can't phone a friend, you can't ask the audience.
You little tinkle. Right! Caspar Lee, can you show me where the air vents are?
You know, the air vents. One of these.
-Two here... -Yea, there's actually four...
-One there...

-Nice! Bang on! Lovely!
Caspar, you're flying through this! Lovely jubbly! Next up, can you show me where the windscreen wipers are?
That's right, the wind screen wipers.
Nice, nice, right away. Give it a little go, go on.
Lift it up. There we go! Oh, lovely, look at that!
Okay, Caspar, next can you show you where the gear you stick is? That's right, gear stick.
Oh, he didn't even take his time! Nailed it in one, briliant!
Next up, can you show me where the gaffer tape is? That's right, the gaffer tape.
-Why is there a gaffer tape?
-It looks like a new car but you never know when things could fall off.

Great reaction times, lovely! You stopped exactly when I asked. That was really really good.
All clear?
-Lovely jubbly.

Right. I'm just gonna get my stuff.
-Why do you have so many fruit?
-I'm sorry, I should probably have a belt on, shouldn't I?
Should I take this coat off? Is it gonna rustle too much in the microphone?
-Yeah, that'd be good.
I'm gonna take this coat off. Don't worry, this isn't into your test time.
Yeah, go, nothing around, all good, all good.
Watch out the bin, watch out the bin....
You get fourteen minus, but I'll give you seventeen.
Stop stop stop stop stop! Stop, cause I gotta just quickly get out put the bar up, just so people don't steal that space.
-Maybe I should just drive off?

I'm gonna go.
Is he running still?

-Where is he?
-He's coming around the corner.
-Okay, sorry Clive.
What the bloody f**k you think you're doing? Jesus Christ, so much exercise I hadn't had in a long time.
Jesus Christ!
Look both ways! Look both ways!
Could have had an accident there.
F**king fruit!
I've lost an easy peeler there. Can we stop the car? Can we stop the car and look for my easy peeler?
-Yeah, I can't, sorry.
-Okay, still got the bread, still got the bread, we just lost two easy peelers. Okay, carry on.
Stay in this right handside lane, I'm gonna take you to a little spot that I love to go to. Look around. Watch out! Pigeons! Pigeons!
We've made it. Stay behind this white car, now, what do you see?
-Yes, you do. And it's of course Monopoly millions!
-You want something?
-No, no...
-Are you sure?

-No it's fine... I have a some nuggets please. Nine nuggets.
-Hi, can I please get a nine nuggets?
-I'm on a diet, so that's fine.

-Is that okay?
-Sorry I do that sometimes just to piss off my student, so funny, it gets me every time!
Every single time!
When they're not looking I put the handbrake up and they're bout to drive away
and they're still! Where is my notebook, I'm marking that down.
This is a Specter 007 notebook.
-Did you watch the movie?
-No I didn't, but I just love the merchandise they brought out along side the movie.
I'm more a fan of that than the actual movie, d'you know what I mean?
Love McDonald's. I mean I love fruit, that's my usual, but it's Friday.. F**k it, you know?
-It's Tuesday.
-No, you're right, it is.. it is Tuesday, yeah. I won't tell her if you don't.
Oh, what a day, hey? Tan my legs in weather like this. Tanning my legs, tanning and stretching.
So, are you into men or women?
Look for a bae. I'm just gonna check my Monopoly Millions. I love this bit, it's my favourite.

F**king yes! Get in it! I knew it was gonna be a good day!
God, wait till I tell the misses, she will be over the moon! She's always wanted a free apple pie.
What do you do for a living Caspar?
-I make Youtube videos.

-Uh, that's weird. How do you get paid then?
- Adverts from one of the videos...

How many...followers you have on your YouTube channel?
-Um, seven.. seven million.

So can you get me involved in it anyhow? Do you need me making a video?
-I'm recording this now, so...
-Is that what this is for?
Truth be told, just split with the misses. So, uh...
-That's all right. Don't worry, everyone else is laughing as well, it's a bit weird.

You can't probably... I have sort of let myself go a little bit..
It's one of those swings really.. swings and roundabouts. You will see them later on.
Yeah, it's kinda like, it's one of those things, I mean, I call her my wife, but no, she's just the neighbour, really, that I just watch on the balcony.
Bless you! Get that booger. Don't want a snot going on the seat. This ain't actually my car.
-Whose car is that? The neighbour's?
-I just borrowed it from the DVLA. They let me have it.
They said: Look, you left school, you've got no GCSEs... They actually told me that I'm not gonna go far in life.
-DVLA told you that?

Sixteen years old, the DVLA came to my school
for some reason, I don't know why,
DVLA came around,
they sat me down and said: Clive, get your GCSEs... I get emotional over this.
You alright?
-He's good.
-Please don't choke.

They came around, they set me down, they said: Clive,
pull your trousers up, start with, you know, you're at school,
you can't do that, you're sixteen... So I pulled my trousers up.
They said: Clive, you know,
why don't you come work for us? You know?
We'll give you a car, we'll let you borrow a car, and you can take students and teach'em how to drive.
Cause there's one thing we saw, you know, you're good at
hand-eye coordination.
So I got a job, you know, it was a tough start like any job has a tough start.
-Considering you didn't have your own driving licence.
-Yeah, exactly, good point there Byron, you know, good point.

-Do you have your seatbelts on guys?
-Yes we do, yes, we do.

I've got f**king free apple pie!
Can't wait to tell the misses...
-Do you wanna get that apple pie now or..?

-Nah, I like to save them, I like to save them in my man drawer.
If you wanna now go up this... see this little dotted lines? You know what they mean, don't ya.
Give head. Uh, give away. Sorry.
Oh, f**king traffic! I'll show a bit of nip, we'll see how it gets us. Oh, he's seen it.
Yeah, like that? There we go. See if anyone let us out. Little bit of tease. I always put a finger over it.
You can see my breasts. But you can't see the nip as well. If you let me out
I'll show you that nip on the next lights. So look, I guarantee you this guys will let us out, ready? Oh, he didn't do it.
Oh, he's seen it, he likes it. He likes a bit of nip.
You probably want to get into the..
... stay in this lane. Watch out, cyclist.
-F**king hell.

-Yeah, they.. they're f**king idiots.
See? Bike. See that? Bike.
Gotta be careful.. There! Cyclist! Watch out. Oh! Two wheel weird mobile thing.
♫ I got a brand new combine harvester, and I'll give you the key! ♫
What did you say?
-I said...
-It's 'I'll give you the key'.

Caspar, I don't wanna have to fail you.
Oh, you stalled.
That's it. You got, you got it? Oh, f**k off! He's learning!
School's out. Kids are about, watch out.
See, you can't hit'em but I'll give you 50 points if you do.
Don't tell anyone I told you that.
I've noticed that some people... EMERGENCY BREAK! No, I'm kidding.
Don't worry ,we're on a main road, we can't do that, we'd get in trouble and somebody would kick our ass.
They've already beaten us twice. YOU WANT SOME? Yeah, pussy.
Isabel? It's me, your uncle, uncle Clive.
No, no it's me, Clive. No, I am your uncle.
You're my brother's daughter.
You know that. What do you do, Youtube?

He's just Youtu... Do you watch Youtube? Do you know... what's your name?

Caspar? You do, oh. Yeah, you'll never guess who I'm with.
Yeah, it's Caspar, yeah.
Hey Isabel, it's your uncle Clive.
-Hey, hi Isabel!

-Say: Hi Isabel, hope you're doing well, I'll send you some merch.
-Your uncle, your uncle Clive is...
-It's me! Your uncle Clive.

-I'll send you some merch.
-Remember me?

-And I just really appreciate... uh I have to turn around here.
-Alright Isabel, we have to go!
-Oh, oh, oh, oh oh.

-Oh, Jesus Christ. Oh, my fruit!
Alright, we gotta go Isabel, bye!
Remember when we did a test, Byron?

-D'you know we just ended up going to the park, didn't we? We got stoned all day.
That was fun! The drive back to the DVLA test centre, that was a laugh, wasn't it.
-Took us two days.

-Took us two days!
We ended up in Scotland, didn't we at one point?
That was a right laugh. Those were the days, weren't they?
-It was last week.
-Yeah, those were the days.
Try to get up 65 down here.
That's it.
I think if you go above 160, the light, the actual traffic light can't get you in time.
We made it to the park! My favourite place!
Full of people dogging!
Get past the police.
Go go go go! He's not looking! He's not looking! He's not looking! Go go go go go!
Did he see me?
-Um, no.
-Go this way, go this way.

-What's wrong with you and the police?
-Ah, nothing, nothing. Don't ask.

Yeah, I like it, that was good. Very good.
Yeah, I can open the door, I can probably get out safely. Very very proud.
I'm not gonna touch your hand.
The last task of the day is to test your reactions and that is a quick reverse.
I'll shout STOP and you gonna slam on your breaks and STOP. I'll take an easy peeler with me just in case.
-Ready? I don't know if I should be doing this.
-Did you just hit him?
You drove over the instructor.
Just drive.
And now I don't really know what to do with my life. Like it's all I think about and I'm just...
I'm f**king pissed off because I don't think I'll ever get my driver's licence now.
But we must.. oh sorry. We must move on... it's very heavy.
Hold it far away enough.
No, don't want to see that. Right, I just did a musically challenged with Joe Sugg, who isn't Clive even though
they look the same. Clive is dead. It's called the eggcellent challenge, link in the description below, check it out!
I wanna see you do it at home, and I'll see you next week with another video!
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113 Folder Collection
Kevin published on April 27, 2019
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