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three four five
what's up everybody its kids city back with another spider-man Fitness Gym now
that it's worn up it's important for everybody to get outside stretch your
legs today the kids are competing in a obstacle course designed to get them
both kids will run two rounds and the idea is on the second round to better
their time so they're competing against themselves you guys ready to do it yeah
in this obstacle the kids will have seven different challenges they'll start
at the agility rings move through the spider-man crawl ropes hop down the
bouncer lane bob and weave through the soccer cones
and then successfully make a long soccer goal before they measure their long jump
which will earn them some bonus seconds on their times now the kids aren't
competing against each other they are competing against themselves so in round
two they'll have to push themselves just a little bit harder and try to beat
their own times to help them out they'll be testing out new lycra spider-man
suits that are specifically designed for athletes we'll see if that helps them
get better times first up is Ava you wanna do some stretches
gymnastics beam she fell all right here we go
round one ready
she's going through the spider-man crawl to see what kind of time she can get now
she's gonna suit up what's going on what OSHA bugs that's gonna those bugs
are messing you up on your time get on the bouncy ball and get it down girl
okay she's gonna go on to the bounce the bounce lane see how she does this is
this is a she's doing good and now she's gonna move over to the weight training
oh she's picking up Beckett's weights oh my goodness one two three okay she just
did three there sucker ball she's got she's got that soccer ball she's got a
weave in and out of these cones here I
don't know what's what the holdup is the balls getting away from her whoa she's
moving over here now she's got to make this kick all the
way no sir doggy get out of the way Mac one
more kick
or two more kicks
where are you going she's just gonna get in that goal and now she's got to do the
long jump and jump from the first line oh and that's a skip too and she
minute 34 a minute 34 but what we're doing is we are subtracting the seconds
based on the number that they hit on the long jump so the better they jumped the
better their time will be we're gonna subtract two seconds and her official
time becomes one minute thirty two seconds
do you think you can do better the second time yeah we'll see all right for
your first round with no spider-man costume okay no spider-man suit what is
your prediction less than a minute it's just gold guys less than a minute three
two one oh yeah let's see how clean he can get these spider cross whoa look at
that now this is giving him trouble in the past this little bouncy ball oh he
does it with precision he speaks through now ten lifts one two three four five
six seven eight nine well that was sort of a half lift on the end there and the
dogs getting in the way there
and he's got one shot Oh get that back get that back here that's gonna hurt his
time a little bit almost it comes right back to him oh no the dogs trying to
block him and play goalie Matt get out of the way
there you go gotta make that long jump
okay two and a half and he finishes in a minute and 22 seconds - two and a half
we'll give him minute 19 one minute 19 good time considering we missed a couple
of kicks there what are you doing yeah I'm that chart it came back I just
accidentally just got more far out yeah a little to the right it looked like hey
let's put on them spider-man costume see if we get a little bit better wind
resistance in round two the kids are going to be putting on these specialized
spider-man costumes that are not just any costumes from a Halloween store
they're actually costumes made out of lycra that are designed like athletic
wear to give them less wind resistance in a better chance of a better time on
this obstacle course Iron Man calls this calls his costume
like the mark 1 mark - I think we're gonna call this the spider-man mark
wedgie this is completely form-fitting this is like a like an ice skater let's
turn this way it's like an ice skater suit not like a performance ice skater
but like a speed skater some so for protection we're gonna add the shoes to
this one although does come with feet and I think that you've got a better
chance oh look at these it's got extra long fingers we don't know yeah these
actually have 3d masks on here you look like a mini spider-man can you see no
yes yes yes nice Oh show us your spider you agility you all right there you
think you're gonna slip on that while you're trying to do that sir get
up look like a weirdo spider-man and let's see spider girl's mask once you
get down on her knees all of a sudden
nice can you see yeah okay eyes are a little bigger for her this may make it a
little more challenging for you guys again click inside here it's got the
pink get the pink color very nice there's Spider Girl gearing up is this
your mouth you are trying to beat your time with this new Spidey suit on at a
minute 32 so you need better than a minute 32 okay well I don't know if the
wiggle is gonna help you but we'll see three two one there you go
now down to the Spidey craw oh she's good you got to go under that okay oh
she don't want to okay so she's got a different strategy on this one hmm
she go grab that bouncer maybe likes to do things her own way and she's gonna
grab that bouncer and she's gonna go for it
very nice very nicely done yeah and she go come over here grab these purple
weights this time she's gonna do five of these threw him down she's gonna weave
in and out with this soccer ball in and out of those cones she's gonna have to
hurry to match her time now she's got it now over here to the long kick uh-oh
just lost control that ball she's gonna give it a good kick now keep what finish
it off finish it off now get set come on now finish it finish it
finish it now let's go get a long jump long jump hurry hurry give it a long
jump hey go go for the finish line oh my
goodness how much did she get on this long jump here maybe one okay we're
gonna subtract one from that and she actually had almost the same time she
finishes with a minute 30 it'll show us your muscles oh good job Ava let's see
if spider-man can get this thing done no that was a weak high five she wants
you to do the best oh why did you punch him in the stomach all right little
Spidey your first time was a minute 19 okay and so we're trying to get below
one minute in 19 seconds we think we can do it yeah as long as those eyes stay in
place where are your eyes at point out right up to the right there okay all
right just so we know believe in yourself crooked eyed spider-man
oh there goes the spider-man crawl
nicely done getting on that bouncer driving it home
get him bounce and he's got ten of these to do two three five six seven eight
nine ten and on to the sucker this soccer weave oh he's doing it accurately
all right line it up and take that long shot
nice he takes two seconds of my goodness boy he pushed himself he pushed himself
in he ends up with a time of 54 seconds
take a victory laughs get ready for the superhero mix-up challenge first up is
little flash the recipient of the Scholastic Award for first grade
scholarship award for first grade an honorable character there's one more
thing I'm not what applause he's known for his dancing ability are you ready to
do this
three two one go
oh he's chosen the Wolverine costume
he's got to put that on a hurry and on in a hurry oh god his leg caught in the
wrong leg you can put it on backwards if you want he is having trouble with this
one that's gonna that's gonna really affect his time here oh he's got it on
here we go here we go he's operational now he's got he's got arms coming out of
his Bobo little strange little strange got a backwards Wolverine costume on
never seen muscles coming out the back before looks like he's a factory worker
or something my goodness this is the most bizarre thing I've ever seen
ABS on the back he's choosing a Batman costume on station two
Eddie's picked up with one shot and the finish line is busted already but your
time is two minutes and 11 seconds show me your backwards muscles round one
is two minutes and 11 seconds our second contestant is Ava Ava do you have
anything to say to your adoring fans oh if she makes a prediction she's gonna
put the Wonder Woman costume on that's confidence
representing pink Sylvania the country of Pennsylvania and future pop star Ava
is about to compete this is round one for Ava you ready do it
girl power ready start yes you can't put it on put it on even just put it on as
best as you can
now this is an interesting strategy just our strategy is to okay good job
Reinhold that's got that's the wrong hole there you go
her big Bo's causing her some problems this is extra challenge because she's
just getting the hang of dress herself in the mornings when she wants to now
she's got it now she's got it run to the second round second station
a mask a mask all she picks up the flash
there you go station 3 station 3
she picks up her ball popper keep going keep going
and she's got it backwards she's gonna have to make an adjustment there there
you go there you go almost almost there you go
she's gonna get all of him she took care of all of them at once look at that
fierce girl right through the finish line she missed the finish line her time
was three minutes and thirty seconds but we have to hand it to her she took out
all of the super heroes in the first round this is round two and here are the
rules we will go to the superhero costume selection and then to station
two where we will pick up a bat this is the dizzy round we will do ten spins a
whoa I'm getting old 10 spins around the bet and then we will put a mask on go to
the weapons station and take a shot and here's the catch in round two we cannot
do or pick any gear that we picked on the first round it must be all original
gear for round two you ready to do it let's go round two ready start
oh he's picking something a little bit easier this time
he's got the Thor costume on its normal shirt buddy
okay well he's gonna soar sue that qualifies let's go
grab UM whoa
he's got our man's mask on pick a new superhero new weapon new super user
little bit of trouble pick another one pick another one he's out of bullets
he's gotta pick up the pop Oh
there we go
oh I got it he got it
right through the finish line a better time this time he clocks in at a minute
50 a minute 50 and there's a wasp on me good lord
round to dizzy challenge you ready to do this girl 3 2 1 go
oh she forgot a costume she's gonna go to station one first ah she's picked out
the flash costume remove her strawberry sunglasses
she's super creative in her strategies that's good enough
are you growing out the map that's clear
oh dear goodness but Princess Leia or something
spin around there's a little bit of confusion on the rules got to grab his
best gun with the green bag
well she just counted to ten whoa oh she's she's still dizzy needs a mask a
little confused from the three spins that she did while she counted the Tim
she picks the Iron Man mask
pick your weapon and she could go to any superhero this time
what she's going the wrong way that that dizzy spell just had a lasting effect on
her oh my goodness go to the finish line
just what superhero this dog oh man she's
she's got something in for home go to the finish line Ava
Mike she's been
and her time is 208 girl get ready for round three this is
round three in round three it's the same first station but station two is mixed
up a little bit more this is the superhero home run derby you're trying
to hit the ball to one of the Marvel superheroes and you can ground this
count grounders pound what are you doing earth count rounders
count and fly balls count anyway you can get it to the super hero counts you
ready to do it yeah alright you're making good time so far look what is it
each one does Super Heroes we've already hit does that count
no it does not count you have to hit an original superhero and you have to use
original costumes are you okay with that you better be let's do it I have to go
for Captain America yep clarification on the superhero Home Run Derby he can hit
any superhero he wants it's on the gear tests and weapons station three that he
has to hit Captain America this time because he's already hit Spidey he's
already hit Hulk got it clear alright this is run three and then we're gonna
add up your time you ready three two one go
he's going for the ultimate spider-man costume iron spider go for the hardest
things man he is going for a challenge that's for sure
that iron spider-man costume is a premium Disney costume but quite
difficult to put on especially with shoes
though he's chosen to sit down that's a new strategy right into an ant pile just
now he's standing up and a change of strategy standing up and he's gonna hop
he's gonna hop and dance to try to get it in we do want to say a big thanks to
dad city landscaping for making our lawn beautiful for this event he's almost
there he is almost there oh he's going to round two station 2 for
the home run derby up there's a swing and a miss
almost there but not quite
Oh almost
whoa sets that foam ball back up with the blitzball back he's going for holt
over the fist you count that as a home run
did it break it fell apart of course just like in our gear tests it fell
apart he's going for the nerf mega shock and that is was that it will check the
footage that one was a little longer he finishes with 3 minutes and 30 seconds
and we will tally up your a total time he is hot you HOT buddy oh he's gonna
get some lemonade we ain't got no lemonade this is round 3
Ava you ready to do this three two well go at the first station who's she gonna
pick this time
oh she's going for the Thor shirt yes you can girl you can do anything you
want to do you're a powerful strong confident woman with more sass than you
know what to do it there she goes she said she couldn't do it but she can
always be positive in life kids always be positive
all right there you go oh she just hooked out
this is the home run oh my goodness almost ball number two little flash
gonna help her but he needs to put down his iPad well she don't want help
back up back up hi mo set back up set it back up
go to the next challenge go to next challenge we're super impressed so we'll
give her a go oh you need a mask Ava Wolverine or ant-man left there she's
gonna do the Wolverine there she goes she crazy people how about oh she's
gonna go for the bow all she's got to do is hit one superhero and then be done
with it
almost almost just go set backup just have a little bit of trouble pulling
that weapon back just drops it there but she's about to set back up and I think
that she's gonna get it
a little bit of adjustment
she had it upside down but now she's got it
Oh misfire you can chase weapons change weapons Ava get that Captain America
shield kept it all she's got the mega big shock oh go to the finish
Wow her time for round three is three minutes three seconds all right guys we
are super impressed with both kids for finishing so quickly
Ava had 8 minutes and 41 seconds total time little flash had 7 minutes and 31
total time little flash wins but everybody wins because we're so thanks
for watching our first annual Memorial Day superhero mix-up backyard challenge
and give us a thumbs up remember to subscribe if you're new here
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Spider-Man Fitness Challenge! Superhero Gear Test & Obstacle Course | KIDCITY

104 Folder Collection
Li-chieh Young published on April 26, 2019
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