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  • Alright, it looks like we got multiple stab wounds to the left chest.

  • And hey!

  • Someone get a sample of whatever fluid that is!

  • Thank you.

  • Alright, we got the murder weapon, people.

  • Let's get this to forensics--

  • Oh! It's monogrammed!

  • Alright, someone go arrest Tony.

  • He's murderin' again.

  • Alright, Jordy.

  • I'll see y'all later.

  • What's your problem, man?

  • You're on my jacket, Man.

  • Look, man.

  • It's got my monogram right here on the front!

  • Jacob. Sebastian. Lane.

  • Oh, sorry.

  • That's a beautiful name.

  • Well that is so sweet of you to say...Thank you.

  • I really like the lime on the brown leather.

  • Well, actually, it's chartreuse, but thanks man.

  • - I appreciate it. - Take care. - You too.

  • I love green bean casserole.

  • Is that bacon??

  • No! Put that spoon down!

  • Why?

  • Look right here...

  • It's Janet's.

  • She puts raisins in everything.

  • Raisins?!

  • What kind of monster...?!

  • It's ok...Let me just put it out of its misery...

  • Hey...

  • So, you ready for the weekend?

  • It's a Tuesday.

  • Let me see your ID.

  • Yeah, yeah of course!

  • Chadwick Miller Channing?

  • Mmhmm. See?

  • Wait a second...

  • Oh man!

  • Yeah get out of here, Chad!

  • If that is your real name!

  • He has brown hair, and brown eyes, and blue glasses--

  • Calm down, we'll find your child.

  • What is his name?

  • Dustin Thomas Dixon.

  • Attention shoppers: we have a missing child.

  • His name is Dustin Thomas--

  • Found him.

  • Dusty!

  • Where have you been?!

  • Heaven.

  • This episode was brought to you by United Monograms.

  • The #1 online shop for monograms.

Alright, it looks like we got multiple stab wounds to the left chest.

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