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Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Lesson 321. The title of today's
lesson is "Don't Use the Incorrect Order of Adjectives. " Okay. All right. Now I guess
as a native speaker you know, most natives never ever actually even think
about this. We kind of instinctively know you know, just from growing up and using
the language what order we should put them in. And you know, as a teacher for
many years, I'll correct papers and I'll know when the order is wrong. I didn't
always know exactly how to say it. I just said well it sounds awkward. I know
that's not right. But this is basically the answer. We do actually have a chart
of ... like if you have a number of adjectives together before a noun what
order they should actually go in. I've looked at you know, several different
charts. This is more or less the chart you know, one chart to another chart they
may slightly vary some of the words they use. But this is basically it. So if
you're using adjectives, this is what should come first. Quantity or number. So
you should always say the quantity or number first. So like for example you
know any number like 3 or 5 or 8 or like several or a few all that that should
come first. Then quality or opinion. So I pretty, pretty is opinion. You know maybe
what some person thinks is pretty another may not. Cheap, the same thing.
That goes under... well that would go under quality. Quality or opinion . The next one
the third one, that you should use is size So you large or tiny or big or
small. Then you follow with age you know, young, old, new, brand new. Anything like
that. The next one should be shape. You know, square, oval . I don't know round,
rectangular or anything along that line. Color then any colors like here we use
blue and red, but it could be yellow, orange, green,. Origin, well you know, so
where does it come from ? Like German or Japanese or American or Thai or whatever.
The material like a wooden or steel or iron or whatever. Or whatever it is. And
the last one on the adjective chart should be like purpose or kind. . So these are
just some examples of what we mean by purpose or violent sports or business or
cooking or jogging or something like that. All right. So let's take a look at
the note here. If you use the wrong adjective order in English it will sound
awkward and weird to a native speaker. He might be able to figure out. What you're
talking about, but it just sounds really off. It sounds weird. Don't ... and well ....here's
another point too. Don't use more than three adjectives before a noun. So you
can use three and probably get away with it. Or you can use two . If you still have
other adjectives you know, you could use the three and then you know, you could
add a clause or some of the words to, to still describe it. But don't , don't like
use five adjectives before a noun. That that also starts to sound awkward. All right,
So let's look at some examples where we might use it and you know, why it's wrong.
And then what's the right way to use it. So let's look at number one here.
Of course with the X, this is wrong. He bought a jogging, grey, fashionable suit.
Yeah. now to a ... again, a native speaker you instinctively know it sounds a
little weird. It sounds, sounds off. So what, what should you say ?
He bought a fashionable, gray, jogging suit. Okay. So let's look at why. All right. Remember
the jogging , that, that's that's the last one. That's, that's last in order.
All right. Gray, gray of course goes under color. So obviously you shouldn't be
using one over here before this one. And then fashionable, fashionable would
probably go under quality or opinion. So that's why you should have fashionable
first under the quality or opinion. Gray here under color.
And oh yeah. Jog and jogging. Of course. Would go under kind or purpose. Okay.
Let's look at number two again. With the X, this is wrong. He only has a pair of
black. old, cheap sneakers. Again it sounds a little weird to a native speaker. So
what's the correct way ? He only has a pair of cheap, old, black sneakers. Okay.
Again why do we do this ? Cheap goes would go under quality. So that should be first.
Old would be age, so that would be after the cheap and black would be of color. So
that's why it should be in that order rather than the other one where you had
black old Jeep that would be wrong okay. Let's look at the third one. He bought a
Japanese, brand new, kimono. Okay you know, the ... the type of road the come on a
robe you know, like a silk one. You know here we're only using two adjectives but
it still sounds awkward if the order is wrong. So you should say he bought a
brand new Japanese kimono So again brand new would have to do with
age and Japanese would do with origin . So obviously, age comes before origin. So
that's that's why it should be that way. All right. Let's look at number four. I own
stylish three swimsuits. so to a yet to a native you would know that this really
sounds weird. So of course what should it
be ? I own three stylish swimsuits. Okay.
obviously three three goes into number or quantity so that definitely should be
first and then stylish is after that so you know that would be you know quality
or opinion. Okay. Let's look at number five again with the
X this is wrong he has an Italian expensive sports car again sounds a
little weird a native speaker would pick up on that right away. That it just
sounds weird he has ...of course this is correct what the check. He has an
expensive Italian sports car. So again expensive we go under quality or opinion
Italian of course goes under origin. So that's why expensive should be first an
Italian should be next well let's look at number six again with the X this is
wrong that is a wooden lovely rocking chair. It just sounds weird. Of course,
what you should say is that it is a lovely wooden rocking chair.
So again lovely also consider you know quality or opinion wooden would go under
material over here the next to last one. Okay and we just got one more to go over
example number seven again with the X this is wrong that is a cooking
expensive utensil again it just sounds really awkward and weird to a native
speaker so what you should be sending as that is an expensive cooking utensil so
again expensive goes on a quality of opinion the cooking nose under purpose
or kind at the end. Okay. nyway I hope you got it. Oh it's clear thank you for
your time. Bye bye
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Tutor Nick P Lesson (321) Use the Correct Order of Adjectives

36 Folder Collection
anitawu12 published on April 25, 2019
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