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today I have 10 tips for you guys in relation to graphic design and
freelancing in the industry - stay tuned to listen to my 10 tips for freelancing
in graphic design
what is up people welcome back to satori graphics home of graphics and
content right here on YouTube now last week I made a video on ways that you can
earn money as a graphic designer they're not a relation to freelancing they
mainly evolved passive income so you want to check out that video go back on
my channel and have a look today however we couldn't be looking at freelancing
and I'm gonna offer you guys my tips for freelancing as a graphic designer online
that's quite funny because decades ago in graphic design
well commonly took place was a graphic design they would go into a design
agency or part of a design team and that's what they would make their career
when they get towards the end of their career that is when they we go into
freelancing this was what commonly took place nowadays however people get to
university or college and when they finish their design courses they
immediately go straight into freelancing so things have kind of turned
upside-down in the design industry as a play but here are my 10 tips for you
guys in relation to freelancing as a graphic designer
now the first one is quite a big one and it's something I see everywhere online
and it's do not undersell yourself as a graphic designer to clients on the
Internet is a huge spectrum of different prices and values for design work this
ranges from a leg of a sign for five dollars all the way up to hundreds and
thousands of dollars for a branding project you need to take a good look at
yourself and your design work and don't buckle down under pressure to sell your
work for cheap prices this is going to devalue yourself and your time with a
designer and it's not going to be worth your while working hard on a design for
such low prices where they could actually be making more money during a
normal 9 to 5 job in retail for example so never under say your self as a
graphic designer if a client doesn't want to give you the
money that you need or you want for a design project simply move on that's
their loss and there's plenty more fish in the sea as they say and at the good
tip in relation to working with clients as a graphic designer
is how you talk to them you need to familiarize yourself with design
terminology and use keywords all professional designers use now this is
gonna make you seem like you know we're talking about and hopefully you do
know what you're talking about so whenever you talk about project or
design use words that designers commonly used so things like bleed vector strokes
you know all these technical terms that every single designer should know about
this is only gonna make yourself look more horrible and more professional when
you're talking to clients another good good point when it comes to dealing with
customers or clients is your customer service you should always sell yourself
in your work but you should always do in a tangible manner and you should always
be polite and considerate that's not to say that you should be in doormat and
you should be walked all over on a trodden on if a client or a customer is
happy with your work they're gonna be inclined to tell other people about your
services that's only gonna beast your portfolio work and the work that you
actually are hired to do on the other hand if you're a cold harsh person who
comes across the person and nobody wants to associate with people will then tell
others about you and how you actually present yourself this is only going to
go against your favor of being a professional successful freelancer in
graphic design this is someone that many designers overlook and it is pen and
pencil before you start any design projects in Illustrator or Photoshop
whatever it's always good idea to sketch down your ideas first this is because
you want to get these ideas from your mind onto a physical form quickly and
easily and you can develop ideas in a very skill for an easy manner on paper
before you take them to a digital realm
another big big point here when you're freelancing as a graphic designer is to
remember you target market is submit you're designing something for I don't
know teenagers for like a pop culture magazine you're not gonna make the
design really for more contemporary as you would for maybe an upper-class small
older audience you really do need to keep in mind who your target market is
because as designers we create physical communication for people to observe and
to soak in it needs to be relevant to those people and the target market is
gonna reach
this is something I've been using a lot in the last two years of my graphic
design work and also my life in general and some of you guys might know about
the Mikey slogan just do it he was actually turned into a mean by shell
above but I've been using it in my projects and also in my life just do it
don't procrastinate just get up and just do it once you start doing things and
you start getting to a rhythm it's easy it's just the initial push to
go and do something that is often the hard part I know procrastination is a
problem for many people but if you simply just start doing it you will
start enjoying yourself after doing it you know as a designer I do love
designing things and creating cool designs but there are these days where
you didn't feel like doing anything and if you do have a deadline that you must
meet use this slogan just do it on the other side of things you really do want
to save yourself time to relax and do things that you want to do in your life
your entire life and being you shouldn't be your projects new graphic design work
you should do things that you really enjoy away from the computer screen so
you didn't get burned out and you didn't fry your brain so it's important to
manage your time between relaxation and downtime as well as your work projects
now the previous two points lead onto my next point
and that's to make a plan of action I find that if you plan out your day or
your days or weeks ahead things run a lot more smoothly so maybe in the
morning you have to design the logo and then you have to then you have to work
on a business card for example just plan out your plan of action so you know
mentally what you need to be doing and when I'm the kind of person who does
these structures so this one really does help me as a graphic designer of course
you might stray away from the plan but when you do actually have a plan you
might find that you get things done a lot easier and a lot more smoothly as
social media is a big one as a freelance graphic designer you cannot rely on one
website to gain all the traffic and the clients that you need
we each have a big presence in social media so that involves having an
Instagram account having Twitter having a Behance profile all of these things
are gonna help you get more clients as a freelance graphic designer and you
shouldn't just post your work you should always engage in groups and also
hashtags that are relevant to graphic design of freelancers when you have a
bigger presence on social media and you have more notoriety you can have more
customers or potential clients coming to you because your name is actually out
there as a graphic designer so get social network and pupil now the
last tip in today's video on 10 tips for you guys in freelance graphic design is
something I've said a lot on this channel and that is your portfolio of
work now you don't have to have a portfolio website but I do actually
suggest that you get one because you have full control over portfolio website
as a paste of social media account if you have portfolio of work you can
direct potential customers on freelance websites to your portfolio website now
this is gonna really really help you because it shows you're more
professional and it shows that you have a vast experience of work as a graphic
designer the more experienced you are the more
likely someone's gonna hire you a freelance graphic designer
so there are my 10 tips for you guys on freelancing as a graphic designer
let me know you guys still to this video in the comment section below like and
share my content if you do find it useful and of course subscribe to Tudor
graphics if you haven't already it's really really hot here today it's like
34 degrees Celsius and humidity is up to 80% so I'm kind of sweltering making
this video for you guys today but anyway I'll be back tomorrow
and until then does on your future today peace
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10 Freelancing Tips For Graphic Designers (CAREER BOOSTING)

105 Folder Collection
TK published on April 24, 2019
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