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I'll go bring my coffee and come back, I'm back hello guys and welcome back to
Aseel by sketchbook! do you remember that project of yours that you felt that
you worked on really really hard but by the end of the day people didn't receive
it well let me tell you why they might have not liked it
although you have put a lot of effort in it so what you've seen a few moments ago
is a transformation and it's a very simple transformation but it's such an
important transformation because we have the same elements the same components
the same pillows same sofa same everything we just arranged it
differently that was our example to tell you how it
feels like to look at the presentation of interior design or not interior
design any presentation in general arrange the components arrange the
elements and make them look nice so in this particular video that's gonna be
talking about presentation skills I'm not gonna be talking about content I
might talk about content a little bit let me talk about aesthetics when it
comes to presentation hi guys yes I'm inside of my screen and I'll be taking
you with me right about now while taking myself out because we both can't be
there obviously okay you guys well now we'll move inside of my computer and
I'll show you a presentation that I've already done for one of my projects as
you can see in our title slide first slide that you see you have a title and
a subtitle you want to know what the project is specialty if you have for
example a big residential villa let's say and you're breaking down the project
on like a smaller room so what you want to do is like title their name of the
project and then you want to talk about the part that you're working on so for
example I'm showing one of the living rooms in one of the projects that I did
let's talk about font I am NOT a graphic designer
but I do appreciate a good font and one of my graphic designers friends , she was the
one introducing me to Gotham it's one of the most beautiful fonts and I find it
go really well with a cursive font to the one that I'm using is I am
fashionista be linking both down below so check them
if you want to know how to install font on your computer you can find a tutorial
on youtube or you can check the tutorials that I posted down below as
well so as you can see if you mix between both of them you'll create some
dynamic image and at the same time it goes really well with the whole theme of
the background image one thing about the background image is can have it as
simple as you want you can have no background at all but for the sake of
this video I wanted something that is delicate I found this awesome on
unsplash I'll be linking it down below notice how my typography is setting
right on to this image of paper so this is the theme that I'm going for
something more handmade you know it could be in no background at all
format background let's say it's a gradient it could be a gradient color
could be solid fill whatever it is that you're looking for but for the sake of
this video this is what I'm keeping my next slide is a very very important
slide, this slide is all about content you want to set expectations for your
audience so you want them to understand what your gonna show them next keep it
minimal never use too many words nobody who likes to read anything on PowerPoint
you only want to see words key words something that's sharp and to the point
our content here is more boards, space planning a furniture board and budget let's say
this is like a kind of a second meeting and you want to show the client what you
have so far so by the way this is a real project and I just like edited few
things just to keep everything together for this video as well as you can see is
that I connected the two fonts so your font on the first slide is the exact
same font on the next slide the exact same font on the third slide fourth keep
it cohesive this is what I'm doing here and this is not what I always do it
depends on the project you have to create your own style for presentations
it will help with building your brand because people will associate you with
those things you know what I mean for example if you go like neon
colors and but a lot of bold colors that will identify your brand this is your
personal brand and your more likely to attract clients that have the
same style and there's a lot of like people who like different things so it
will all work out for you and for them because they'll hire a great designer
now that you've set your expectations if you move to the next slide I have
made a mood board this was actually in Arabic and I've
translated it just now and made it in English because my client preferred to read
Arabic that rather than English as you can see there's not much text to read
anyway it's just keywords that I want to
represent the design and what kind of style are we going for this was a
Majlis, which was like a living room let's just keep it as a living room
and this living room was like very powdery it was very pastel-ish
and it was like it had a hint of glam because it was for females of our color
scheme here we have our main picture or main picture is this picture and we gave
it a big proportion of the page or off the slide because what you need to do is
you need to differentiate between what kind of things are you going for
especially if you're doing a mood board you want to give the right
message like this is what the style that I'm going for just how everything is
fitting within a rectangle however thing some elements are getting outside of the
rectangles this will give you some visual interest will give you something
to look at and it will keep it away from being boring to the eye so i really
suggest you do that if you want to know how to do this on powerpoint i will link
down below and probably here somewhere here or here i will link my mood board
tutorial using powerpoint so that if you watch that i think you're set for how to
make a mood board like this so i'm just going to be talking about the structure
everything works within a grid and if something is taking more than two
squares this is your main image this is your rule of thumb so I'll be sketching
this right now one of the things that I found right now is this message it's on
my notebook I think it was an accident that
have gotten into in the parking lot because all of my accidents are in the
parking I'm really bad at parking you guys it's ridiculous this as you can see
is a grid and what you want to do is you want to think of your slide as a grid so
if we say that this is our grid as you can see they're squares so you
want to leave the same amount of squares between of this slide is the same you
want the spacing to always remain the same so if it's one square it's one
square and as you can see right now if I'm trying to move an element it will
show those arrows and it will show you how much of the spacing that you have
and how much you left which is right now it's pretty ideal if we go ahead and
we go to the next slide this is also another technique I have a little plan
here as you can see this is our plan and I've made this in like five minutes so
I'm very sorry for that because I didn't color my previous plan so if you look at
the plan we have a few a sketch here that I sketched myself we have this
sketch of the same area that's shown in the plan and then we have a little bit
of like notes again I'm trying to keep the same manual style that is like going
through the pages the clips and the paper clips and the notes so these notes
right here I downloaded from a website that I'll also be linking down below and
I connected it with a mood board using the color scheme if you go back to the
previous slide you can see that the color scheme is here so if you go down
the color scheme is still here so you show how it's connected to the space
spawning and then you can see like the full room in 3d with the sketching
especially if you are in the initial stages of design so you have sketches
it's nice to show them you can just put them right by to fill the page and at
the same time to make a better understanding for the client on what's
going on within the space because as designers we're trained to see things
from the top view for our clients or maybe audience it will it's going to be
different to differ on who you're presenting to have a white background it
starts to have your elements centered so everything is
it's nice equal margin our next slide is furniture choices this is where it gets
tricky it's really really hard to make
furniture mood board or a furniture choices board because you're most likely
to have all of the furniture either within a white box or like I did I
removed the background of all of them but I like to do is I like to gather
things and go within the room nearby each other together so we have an
armchair here and we have our sofa as you can see we have an armchair and sofa
near by each other so putting them together you can show that connection to
the client as you can see what you add you don't only add the furniture you
have to add some kind of accessories just to spice things up you want to
connect everything for your clients so you want to show them how things are
working together so as you can see I have the wallpaper as a background
because in reality it will be like that it will be as a background and I have
the paint code here because I want it to balance out things and because this is a
completely separate wall for me if we go to the last slide it's the budget and
the furniture locations and this is assuming that we made our Pinterest
board where we actually pinned all of the furniture that we chose and how our
design so for me this is this is a real this is a real budget and it's a real life
furniture location so if you're looking for one of those furniture pieces this
is where you can find it it's up to you how you do this but what I do is I go to
excel and I usually I do it with Excel and then I copy it and put it on my
presentation as a PowerPoint I'll make sure to adjust the colors of it I'll
adjust the colors to be a part of the design here's the thing this was one of
many examples that you can actually go for you need to stay true to your style
if you don't know your style yet that's okay it will take a while for you to
actually develop an identity or our brand for yourself where you know
exactly how you're gonna be designing and what are your go-to's you might go for
a very minimalistic approach and that's okay and you might also go for
think that's extremely bold and that is that has a lot of colors and neons and a
lot of lights that's also okay because by the end of the day there's a lot of
type of clients in the world there's a lot of different type of projects
there's a lot of different things that you can do and it's okay to stick to a
style or to differ from one time to another depending on your client and
depending on your audience and depending on your personal style so if you stick
to a style the advantage is that you will have a reputation in the market
that this is the style that this person does which is something that you want to
achieve because it's about building your personal brand as is for example if
you're more into bold colors you will attract more commercial places which is
like retail and something that is bold hotels sometimes would like something
that's bold so stick to your style just be true to it and find your own way of
presentation because if you do that I guarantee you you'll have a lot of
success and you have a lot of people actually asking for you to do their
design I think we covered all of the points that we needed to talk about
thank you so much guys if you're still here thank you a lot it matters to me
and I really appreciate it and I'm so so glad to be doing this let me know down
below if you have any questions at all I will be more than happy to help please
subscribe and give this video a thumbs up if you actually like the content of
it and share it with your friends and their designers too or they if they have
a presentation tomorrow who knows have a great time of the day wherever you are
in the world and give you a high five because we finished ten videos yeah
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TK published on April 24, 2019
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