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if you've ever spoken to a designer or heard a designer speak inevitably you'll
hear them say something about flow I always try to make the spaces I design
flow from one room to another this flow is all about making your home feel more
unified more spacious and especially more comfortable that's not to say you
can't have different colors in your home but there are key things that help bring
it all together here's how to make your home flow from one room to another
start with your flooring and keep it continuous for example wood floors that
flow through from one room to another should all be consistent I love wood
flooring because it serves as the foundation for all other finishes
finding the right stain color is key whether it's a very dark stain that
looks warm and Lux or a light natural stain that brings light and openness to
the home find that perfect shade and keep it consistent of course this
doesn't mean you shouldn't have other types of flooring in your home obviously
rooms like bathrooms laundry rooms and mud rooms have special needs and you'll
want to address these things like water resistance cleanability and durability
as much as the general aesthetic but when you have open spaces like a living
room and a kitchen great room or connecting spaces like fayez and
hallways than having one type of flooring will help navigate you through
your home with one consistent look the next important way to make your home
flow is to think about keeping your trim color consistent throughout that means
your baseboard crown moldings window and door trims are all painted in the same
color these elements literally run through your entire home so make them
consistent this doesn't mean you can't switch things up in a specific room for
instance if you have painted trim throughout your home but your library
has wood stained moldings then by all means make that whole room standout but
in this room you can make sure the flow continues by making sure the type of
moldings in this room are consistent even if the color isn't another
important element to keep consistent are interior doors and their hardware once
inside your home doors are gateways into every room in your home and make
affect the overall look and feel of your home from a very streamlined modern
style of door for a modern home or a more traditional panel door for your
traditional home whatever your style your interior doors and the style and
finish of hardware will be repeated throughout your home and for the most
part should be consistent for a very pleasing flow and finally your overall
color palette is key to making your whole home feel like it flows together
keep in mind how you walk through your home and how all the colors work
together when you're deciding on wall colors keep fabrics and carpets and
accessories in mind not just for that one room but for the whole home keep in
mind what you see from one room to another these colors don't have to be
repetitive or singular but they do need to relate to one another in other words
if you were to bring all the colors in your whole home into one room they
should all look great together in one room so here's your take away certain
elements of your home's interior run through your whole home from flooring
that connect spaces and rooms together to the type and color of your
architectural trim interior doors and hardware to your overall color palette
all of these elements should be considered as a whole individual rooms
can vary but they must have consistent elements from one room to another to
make your home feel like it flows together thanks for watching this little
design tip if you found this tip helpful please like and share the video and make
sure to subscribe and hit that notification bell so you don't miss the
next video I'll have lots more design tips just like this one coming soon with
new videos every week see you soon
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Interior Design Tips: Make your home flow together

90 Folder Collection
TK published on April 23, 2019
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