B1 Intermediate UK 150 Folder Collection
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(suspenseful music)
- It is a happy marriage for Elizabeth and George.
It's just really nice to find that love between them.
Surely the starving poor should be thanking you.
London for Elizabeth and George was
the sort of height of everything, really.
Both of them as a couple could sort of finally utilize
their skills and their connections.
I think it's where they belong
and where they're the happiest.
Jeffrey Charles gets up to all kinds of things
in this series and I think I think she's very grateful
for Ross' help.
- Do I look dreadful?
- [Heida] Francis isn't around anymore.
- Goodnight.
- Ross is sort of like a second father to him.
Where is he?
- Returned to Harrow.
- [Heida] Elizabeth and Ross develop this mutual friendship.
Are you quite sure he was gambling?
- I myself discharged the debt.
- It's lovely and they've really come out
the other end of all the things
that they've been through together.
There are so many elements to why I enjoy playing Elizabeth.
I've been lucky enough for her to be
a very three dimensional character on the page already.
She's just a girl when we start making
really grownup decisions.
- He does not hold with interference
from those who think they know better.
- Myself?
In your case.
And Morwenna's.
I don't necessarily think
she always likes herself very much.
And Caroline's.
Drinking problem and sedating herself
because of some of the things that she's had to do.
Or some of the situations she's unfortunately
gotten herself into.
How different might so many lives have been
without such interference?
- Hello Mama.
It really always comes down to her children
and her securities.
- Good day Uncle George.
- [Heida] So it's always about just trying to
keep her children safe. - Shall we go for a canter?
- [Heida] And for their futures to be good.
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Poldark Season 4 Elizabeth Warleggan

150 Folder Collection
TK published on April 23, 2019
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