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  • Hi! My name is Ryan, I'm fifteen, and I've been thinking about sharing this story for quite a while already.

  • In a few weeks ago it took a turn that no one expected

  • The story is about me and my mom.

  • Her name is Diane and I am her only childthis is important to the story.

  • She studied to become an architect, but lost interest really fast, so she never actually worked as an architect.

  • When she married my dad at 23, she was right at the point where she didn't really know what she wanted to do.

  • Then pretty soon after, my mom got pregnant and that eventually helped her to decide.

  • She started a blog.

  • A mom blog, or a baby blog, whatever you want to call it.

  • As parents have told me, blogs were kinda blooming at that time and a lot of people were starting their own.

  • So this blog started as a kind of online diary for friends and family.

  • My mom would write posts about her pregnancy and expectations, and share tips and picturesanything, really.

  • As the weeks went by, the blog gathered more and more readers, and a lot of them were strangers.

  • The internet itself was growing quickly at this time.

  • After I was born my mom just got more enthusiastic.

  • Now she had a lot more things to tell her readers about.

  • Of course this is stuff I can't remember, since the blog is older than me.

  • But as I have grown up, I scrolled all the way down the blog feed to 2005.

  • And there was everythingpictures of me as a newborn baby, then as a toddler and on and onwe'll get to that a little later.

  • And it was not just about the pictures, of course.

  • Almost every day she would write about what happened during that day, with the most intimate details.

  • And I guess I learned a lot of stuff most kids are not supposed know: like the fact that I was not planned.

  • I mean… I'm totally fine with that, and all of these early posts are no problem in general.

  • Things just got awkward as I was growing up.

  • You don't have many secrets when you are a toddler, but as you get closer to your teenage years, you start to experience stuff you'd rather keep private.

  • The problem was: my Mom didn't seem to understand that.

  • I think I was around twelve when I started to have problems with what she was posting.

  • Because, you know, I grew up with the blog, and for a really long time I didn't think it could be any other way.

  • And the thing that still amazes me is that my mom did not lose interest over all these years.

  • Of course, she doesn't post every day anymore, but she still does it at least two or three times a week.

  • And the content changedit was now about being a mom of a teenager.

  • And that was the problem.

  • Let me give you an example.

  • When I was thirteen I told my mom I liked a girl from my school.

  • You see, I'm not that close with any of my friends and I feel awkward sharing stuff like that with my dad.

  • So I told my mom about my feelings and we had a nice talk, or so I thought at the time.

  • And I felt terrible when I found out that the whole story got posted online.

  • What made things even worse is the fact that the girl's mom was one of the blog's active readers.

  • And even though my mom didn't mention the girl's name, it wasn't that hard to guess.

  • That girl and I never brought this up, but I'm pretty sure she found out.

  • That was the first time that my mom and I had a serious fight about the blog.

  • I was trying to tell her that this stuff was private and the last thing I wanted was for everybody to know.

  • But she just didn't seem to understand.

  • She said that these are things every child is going through and there is nothing to be embarrassed about.

  • I wasn't embarrassed, I just didn't want to be exposed like that!

  • Several months after this, things got even worse.

  • One of my classmates came across my mom's blog online somehow.

  • Of course he was fast to tell the rest of the guys, and all of them found the time to scroll down her feed.

  • Long story short, the next few weeks weren't easy for me.

  • There were so many things my classmates were not supposed to know, including things I had said about them.

  • And, of course, every post had something that they could make fun of.

  • I was deeply hurt.

  • And I tried talking to my mom again, but she still refused to see the problem, so I just made the only decision possible.

  • I stopped telling her anything about my life.

  • And as the months passed, our relationship just got worse.

  • Once she tried to talk to me about the problem and I even thought we understood each other.

  • But the next day she wrote a post about me being offended about the blog.

  • I saw this post when we were having breakfast, I stood up, and I left in tears.

  • I was desperate.

  • I guess that was the point when my mom realized what she had done.

  • That same night she came to my room and said she was sorry.

  • She finally realized that there was a problem.

  • And imagine my surprise when she told me that she DELETED the blog.

  • I remember saying, totally shocked: “ Youdidn't have to do this.”

  • But deep inside I also knew that was the only way.

  • And I know it wasn't easy for her to do, at all.

  • After all the blog was a part of her life for fifteen years.

  • I guess there are hundreds and hundreds of moms worldwide that she helped over all this time.

  • Now we are building our trust up all over again.

  • Do your parents post stuff about you online?

  • Share your thoughts and stories in the comments!

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Hi! My name is Ryan, I'm fifteen, and I've been thinking about sharing this story for quite a while already.

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My Mom Revealed My Secrets To The Whole Internet

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