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- [Voiceover] This is Amali.
She's an addax.
She's also a new mom.
Her calf Adeline is just three weeks old
and she's very important because the addax
is a critically endangered species.
The addax is a native of the Sahara Desert, and once roamed
over vast areas of north Africa.
They're also known as the screw horn antelope.
It's easy to see why.
They're extremely well adapted to life in the desert.
Their white coats reflect the scorching sun,
and their splayed hooves are perfectly tailored
for traversing desert sands.
The addax can also survive extremely long periods
without water.
But these adaptations are no help against humans.
The addax has been hunted nearly into oblivion.
Estimates put their population at less than 200 individuals
in just a few pockets of the Sahara.
Luckily, reintroduction efforts and captive breeding
programs like the one that produced little Adaline
are helping the survival of this species
that has all but disappeared from the face of the Earth.
This is the addax.
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A Desert Denizen Looks for a New Lease on Life

310 Folder Collection
許大善 published on April 21, 2019
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