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(haunting stringed music)
- [Woman] This is Ciel, an ocelot.
She is beautiful.
But, her beauty is her downfall.
Twice the size of an average house cat,
but with shorter than average legs,
speed isn't their specialty.
They ambush.
Rodents, birds, fish, if it's meat, they'll eat it.
We almost lost the ocelot.
They're alluring coat, with its distinctive pattern,
was highly desired in the fur trade.
They were hunted aggressively.
It used to be that you could find them
throughout the Southwestern U.S.
and all the way down to the bottom of Brazil.
Now there's only 40 left in the wild in Texas.
More exist in pockets of Central and South America,
but the danger of shrinking habitats is always looming.
This is the ocelot.
(light chiming music)
(moves into spacey electronic music)
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A Cat Video Worth Watching

971 Folder Collection
許大善 published on April 21, 2019
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