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- [Female Narrator] This is a baby Cuban Crocodile,
one of the rarest crocs in the world.
Hidden away in only two parts of Cuba,
they have the smallest range of any croc species.
The Cuban Crocodile is critically endangered.
Experts say approximately 3,000 remain in the wild.
Its black pebbled scales set it apart
from the other crocodiles.
They favor freshwater lakes and swamps,
rarely venturing into the ocean.
They're strong swimmers, using their powerful tails
to thrust out of the water, catching prey hiding
in overhanging branches.
Habitat degradation, hunting, and interbreeding
with related crocodile species all pose threats.
This is a Cuban Crocodile.
(dramatic music)
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The Cuban Crocodile Crawls for Coexistence

278 Folder Collection
許大善 published on April 21, 2019
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