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He used the stones again, hey
We'd be going in short-handed, you know, look he's still got the stones so so that's gonna
Use them to bring everyone back just like that. Yeah, just like that
Even if there's a small chance that we can undo this
I mean we owe it to everyone who's not in this room to try if we do this
How do we know it's gonna end any differently than it did before because before you didn't have me
Hey new girl
Everybody in this room is about that superhero life
And if you don't mind my asking where the hell have you been all this time?
There are a lot of other planets in the universe
And unfortunately, they didn't have you guys
Like this one
Let's go get this son of a bitch
All we can do is our best
And sometimes the best that we can do
It's DeSoto, it's one of the most highly anticipated movies of all time. Where did that bring you?
Back to me as
Moviegoers saw in the last installment The Avengers are facing the highest stakes. They've ever seen. Why did you do?
We sat down with the core six to see if endgame lives up to the hype, so this movie is under lock and key
How many of you raise your hands if you've seen it?
None of you have seen it
Do you know what happens outside of the senior personal scenes where I was on the given my little section?
I find it strange that you haven't been able to watch your own movie
but why is it is it because Mark can't be trusted is it because
I'm sure we probably could I just think personally I'm actually gonna try and enjoy the experience at the premiere three hours long our
Finest hours. Yeah, I definitely bring a bag lunch
I'm hoping there's a Lawrence of Arabia musical intermission as well because those are always fun
Is there going to be an intermission three hours? That's almost Arthur Marx suggested. You wear a diaper?
There was an emotional post on social media and
It appeared that you were saying goodbye to your character. What should we read into that?
It is the end of a twenty to twenty one movie tapestry a ten year process
This has been an enormous part of my life. It'll follow me for til the day. I die
And that's that's really when you think about it. It's easy to get emotional about it
and and I you know
You try to prepare yourself for
the completion and then the day came and it just it was more than I thought it was gonna be and I was really really
Beside myself and just you know, I know you you talked about it and it just it was just uh, it got me
I'm an emotional guy. Most of you have kids has this up to the cool factor
I was just telling the guys one of my kids thinks that I'm cool wine
Yeah, just one and he gets fed the most to get food our food
The other ones like Wonder Woman, so they sleep outside
Who spends the most time in hair and makeup?
So pretty, can you guys give me one word to describe the end satisfying
Seen the product
you know, it's like when you watch
Like TV shows when you have the final finale how many times do they stick the landing?
How many times do you walk away do you I exactly wanted that to go the way I wanted it to go?
This movie will really I think they deliver. I think they really do stick the landing intermode in terms of you know
yeah, addressing the arcs and and really finding a
Hey everybody, it's Charlie. There's brand-new Avengers footage we have to break down
There was also a big press conference yesterday where Chris Evans said even more before the Russos cut him off
So I'll play that clip in a second just talking about the ending of a big arc
He made it sound like he was getting dangerously close to revealing big spoilers about Captain America's stories
So the ruse is sort of buzzing him just to get him to start talking about something else and I started talking about Scott Pilgrim
And having an argument over Paul Rudd's birthday. There's a new round of the IMAX ticket giveaway
All you have to do to enter is be a subscriber and leave an Avengers comment on the video
This is that funny clip of Chris Evans talking about the end of Captain America
It's so funny to watch the Russos just buzz him like nope
You can't say anything about this movie even though this is the international press conference and we're supposed to be talking about this movie
That's what the Russo said in the clip that I posted this past weekend were they're like we cannot wait to not talk about this
Movie with you because they're trying to not talk about it as much as possible
but the actual footage that they show here is just part of the clips that they showed off this past weekend to press that I
Was talking about I've already broken down a lot of this is them
Arguing about going to get Thanos and Captain marbles saying why don't we just go get the stones from Thanos?
Kill him and use the stones again to bring everyone back
it's one of the very early scenes in the movie and obviously because it's happening so early and they're saying that yet our plan is
Gonna be so easy
we'll do it right away means that it's not gonna be
Successful what you do not see during this clip is that it comes after nebula gives them a bunch of information
So that means that Iron Man and nebula have already made it back. That was the other clip that they showed off this weekend
I broke that down
I'll link that video at the end of this where I explain what happens during that but as you can see war machine is the
One who sort of bulks a Captain America's plan. Like what? What the hell are you talking about?
Where have you been this whole time and why is it that you think that you're so hot?
Standing in a room with a bunch of Avengers who tried to do just what you're talking about
We tried to take the gauntlet from him before and it did not work
Her rationale is is that she was out protecting other planets increase crawlspace
They sort of explained that at the end of the Captain Marvel movie where she tells jaan raghav
ACK tell the supreme intelligence that I'm
Coming to end your war and all the lies
So presumably she's been there for the last 20 years trying to police that part of the galaxy whole lot of untold backstory there
So they'll probably address it with a couple lines of dialogue the Captain Marvel gets during this movie
but also
during the Captain Marvel sequel eventually in a couple years whenever that ends up coming funny enough nobody in any version of the scenes that
They've shown this off. There's a five-minute versions
They showed off the other day. Where nobody
Corrects him after this and says language bitch because it's meant to be a very serious badass moment
They climb onto the back of the guardianship the benatar and they strap in rocket
Then gets a funny moment where he says who here has not been to space
Captain America black widow war machine raised their hand and rocket says you better not throw up on my ship
So there are a couple funny moments and you could say that that Thor moment where he summons his hammer just a sort of test
Captain Marvel a little bit is kind of meant to be funny the other new thing that we learned from the Avengers end game press
Conference the other day too. Is that that this is the first time the brie Larson ever played Captain Marvel
She shot these scenes for avengers endgame before she did the Captain Marvel movie
So it'll be interesting to see what her take on a fully fledged fully developed. Captain Marvel is like
compared to the proto version of the character that we saw during the Captain Marvel movie where she's slowly
Becoming Captain Marvel by the end of the film the the really important thing to note about her, too
Is is that at no point during the Captain Marvel movie? Does anyone call her Captain Marvel?
So I think that they give her that name during Avengers end game at some point and it has something to do with Captain America
Inspiring her to take that name and if you haven't read any of those Captain Marvel comic book stories
It was actually Captain America in the comics that told her to take the Captain Marvel name because originally it belonged to Marvel the male
Version of the character the other really important thing that you don't get from this scene is that they're going to the farm the garden?
Where Thanos is at the end of Avengers infinity war. That's where nebula tells them to go
but Bruce Banner is not kidding when he says that they go in short-handed because
Ironman is not there and you notice that the Hulk is not here
either banner isn't on the back of this jet because as of this moment early in Avengers endgame
He still has not come to an agreement with the Hulk so he can't Hulk out yet
That's why we're all theorizing that the first time that he actually goes back into Hulk form is when Thanos comes to destroy the Avengers
Facility in all the rubble here
It was actually a toy recently that shows him ripping a couple of beams apart in that special spandex purple suit
So people are like well maybe banner just gets caught in the explosion with the other Avengers like you see ant-man really tiny
jumping around all these giant office supplies
So he gets caught in the explosion - you only see three of these Avengers actually fighting Thanos outside in the rubble, though
But it just lets you know that they're gonna be a couple attempts at a fight with Thanos
This looks like it's going to be slightly more successful than the last one because they have more of the Avengers there together
There's also a room that one of fan OSes
Countermeasures for the Avengers early in the film because they say why don't we just take the gauntlet from him and try to bring everyone?
Back with the stones really simple is is that in order to prevent the Avengers from doing that?
Thanos himself really early in the film tries to destroy the Infinity Gauntlet himself to prevent them from rolling his changes back
So if that happens really early in the film that gives you an idea for how they have to try some other way come up
With some special plan for fixing everything that involves the quantum realm the quantum suits all that stuff that comes later
But as all the avengers say during this, good morning
America clip is it that none of them have seen the entire film but the old joke about chris
evans when he talks about the ending being the
Satisfying ending that you don't really get from a lot of TV shows and we're getting ready for Game of Thrones to premiere
So we're all talking about whether or not the ending of that is gonna be satisfying to the fans
He claims that the end of Avengers endgame is exactly what fans will want which I think is a tall order
But I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt now no matter how amazing it is
They're always gonna be a couple people that are pissed off about the ending
He does say that it's a very satisfying end to Captain America's arc in this arc of films
But the really important thing to remember is the Russos put a lot of doctored footage in these clips
So that might not be exactly like this during the final version of the movie
in fact
They've already revealed that in the last trailer that we saw with Captain America and Iron Man in the alleyway where he says do you?
Trust me in Captain America says, yes, then they seemingly shake hands because it's supposed to be Captain America's hand in his outfit there
They say that that scene is not actually in the movie
We can't go into too much detail
so, you know that we tell people that we
Manipulate the trailers in order to skate what happens?
Are you joking?
What does that then mean about the?
actual version of events that happen in that it probably goes down with either a different character or it might have something to do with
Captain America wearing his
Outfit from the original Avengers movie and then wanting to hide that or because ant-man is there for a lot of that - Ant Man
Could be the person in this scene and they could have just changed the arm in
Post-production to make it look like it's Captain America shaking his hand and not ant-man
Because they're taking over Jimmy Kimmel almost every single night this week
We might get more footage either later tonight or later this week. Whatever ends up dropping. I'll do videos for it
but what we're all watching this just remember that some of the scenes might be doctored so that certain characters don't look the way that
They look in the actual version of the movie or certain characters are digitally removed
That's part of the fun about big Avengers movies like this
Just imagine what its gonna be like when we get to Avengers 5 in a couple more years
It is really fun to watch all the other actors making fun of Mark Ruffalo and Chris Hemsworth
Chris Hemsworth because he spends more time in the makeup chair than Black Widow and making fun of Mark Ruffalo for giving away spoilers
Too much. There was a really cool thing that just happened the rock just explained what's going on with the Black Adam movie
That's gonna be happening next year
So I'll post that video of him talking about it while you wait for everything click here for my breakdown
Of that other ten minutes worth of footage that they showed off to the press
Yesterday and click here for all my Game of Thrones Season 8 death predictions. Thank you so much for watching. Everybody. Stay awesome
I'll see you guys tonight
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Avengers Endgame Trailer - Opening Scene and Captain America Breakdown

3280 Folder Collection
Yukiko published on April 19, 2019
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