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Why the Netherlands is the tulip capital of the world.
Every spring, both visitors and residents flock to the Dutch countryside to witness the bloom of tulips.
From more than 10,000 visitors on National Tulip Day in Amsterdam to hundreds of fields lining the country roads, tulips are a staple in the country and the national flower.
But the tulip has a very particular history with the Netherlands.
Said to have originated in Turkey and Persia, tulips were imported into Holland in the 16th century.
They became popular throughout festivals and in paintings.
Legend says that it became so popular in the 17th century.
It created an economic bubble known as tulip mania where a single tulip bulb cost more than a house.
The buying and selling of tulip bulbs became so expensive that the market eventually crashed.
Though historians differ on the extremity and accuracy of the legend, tulips still remain an important chapter in the Netherlands' history.
Here are just a few places in the Netherlands that you can find these colorful flowers.
Every year, Amsterdam hosts National Tulip Day in Dam Square where more than 10,000 people come to celebrate the beginning of tulip season.
Around 200,000 tulips cover the square and are available for picking.
National Tulip Day is held on the third Saturday of January each year.
Keukenhof, one of the largest flower gardens in the world, is home to more than 7 million flower bulbs and is most known for the Dutch tulip.
There are around 800 varieties of tulips within the garden.
It is only open during the spring for prime flower viewing.
Outside of the garden, visitors can explore the rows of tulip fields in Lisse by renting a bike.
Hundreds more tulip fields sit on the countryside in an area known as the Bulb Region.
It consists of the flower strip, which stretches for miles between the towns of Haarlem and Leiden.
This seaside town is popular for its variety of flower fields that begin blooming in late March through the second week of May.
Once an area completely underwater, Noordoostpolder is now a thriving part of the country with one of the largest flower bulb areas in the Flevoland region.
Travel by car as you enjoy over 60 miles of colorful, vibrant tulip fields.
When visiting the tulips, remember to check when certain fields are blooming and to be considerate of where you're stepping.
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Why The Netherlands Is The Tulip Capital Of The World

8451 Folder Collection
April Lu published on June 19, 2019    Vvn Chen translated    Evangeline reviewed
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