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  • Why do we yawn?

  • Human beings, including some animals yawn.

  • What?

  • Animals also yawn?

  • Absolutely.

  • During yawning, which is also called oscitation, we take a deep breath of air.

  • Hence, a theory suggested that it helps our body bring in more oxygen and give out carbon dioxide.

  • However, it is incorrect.

  • A prevailing research suggests that yawning regulates our brain's temperature.

  • Our brain works best at certain temperatures.

  • But when we perform various activities throughout the day, our brain gets exhausted and sleep deprived.

  • Both exhaustion and sleep deprivation increase our brain's temperature.

  • Hence, to cool it down, we yawn.

  • While yawning, we stretch our jaw and propel blood through blood vessels to the brain.

  • Along with this, we inhale air through our mouth and nose.

  • Air cools the blood going to the brain which in turn decreases our brain's temperature.

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Why do we yawn? | #aumsum

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