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  • Topic: Osmosis.

  • How do fish drink water?

  • That's easy.

  • Using a straw.

  • No.

  • Fish take in water usually through their mouth or gills.

  • Depending on whether they live in freshwater or saltwater.

  • Freshwater fish takes in water mainly through its gills.

  • But Why?

  • Because it has less water and more salt concentration in its blood than the surrounding water.

  • Hence, due to osmosis, water from the surrounding flows through the gills into its bloodstream.

  • However, as the fish is continuously taking in water, it urinates a lot and removes excess water.

  • Saltwater fish takes in water through its mouth.

  • Really.

  • This is because its blood has more water and less salt concentration than the saltwater around it.

  • Hence, to maintain the balance, the fish gulps saltwater through its mouth.

  • Filters the water for its use and expels excess salt while urinating.

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