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  • It's AumSum Time

  • Is gluten bad for you?

  • Dude.

  • Gluten is bad for everybody.

  • As usual.

  • You are wrong.

  • Gluten is a combination of proteins found in grains like wheat, barley and rye.

  • Gluten makes dough sticky and gives pasta its chewiness.

  • Now.

  • Gluten is not usually harmful but people having a digestive disorder called celiac disease.

  • Should not consume gluten.

  • But why?

  • When people having celiac disease eat gluten, it triggers an autoimmune response.

  • In this response, the immune cells attack our own body tissues.

  • Damaging the villi present in the small intestine

  • Thus causing inflammation, diarrhea, fatigue, etc.

  • In addition to this, damaged villi will not be able to absorb the required nutrients.

  • Thus causing weight loss, iron deficiency, etc.

  • Thus, people suffering from celiac disease as well as those having gluten related allergies.

  • Should preferably have a gluten-free diet.

It's AumSum Time

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