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  • Topic: Mitosis.

  • How does a house lizard regenerate its tail?

  • Have you ever wondered how we grow from a 20 inch new born baby to a 70 inch teenager?

  • This is because every minute millions of cells in our body divide to form new cells.

  • These new cells then further divide to form more cells.

  • In this way, the number of cells in our body increases and we grow taller.

  • Mitosis is a process through which cells in our body divide.

  • Mitosis is used by organisms.

  • Not only for growth but also for repair, replacement and asexual reproduction.

  • Hey.

  • Were they exact copies of each other?

  • Yes.

  • In mitosis, a parent cell divides to form two identical daughter cells.

  • Both of them have exactly the same genetic material.

  • Hence, they are exact copies of each other.

  • Hey.

  • Did the head of the scarecrow just grow back?

  • Yes.

  • You will be surprised to know that some organisms like a house lizard.

  • Can regenerate their cut or damaged body parts through mitosis.

  • When the house lizard's tail gets cut, it regenerates its tail through mitosis.

  • Each cell around the cut tail starts to divide and forms two identical daughter cells.

  • Again each of these daughter cells further divides to form two more daughter cells.

  • Thus helping the lizard to regenerate its tail.

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Mitosis - Why does a lizard's tail grow back? | #aumsum

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