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How does blood clot?
With the help of glue.
Not at all.
Our blood consists of red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, clotting factors, etc.
Suspended in a liquid plasma.
I too have a plasma, look.
Please listen.
Usually, when a blood vessel gets ruptured
and we bleed, our blood begins to form a clot.

First, the platelets start sticking to the
broken vessel and each other.

Thus forming a loose plug.
But this plug is not enough to stop bleeding.
The clotting factors take part in a complex chain of chemical reactions and create fibrin strands.
These strands criss-cross one another and create a mesh that tightly holds the loose plug together.
Makes it strong.
Red blood cells and white blood cells also
get trapped in the mesh.

Thus creating a blood clot that completely stops bleeding.
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How does blood clot? | #aumsum

22 Folder Collection
AumSum published on April 18, 2019
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