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  • I love makeup, but it can kind of be a controversial subject sometimes.

  • Guys love to talk about how they think makeup is deceiving.

  • So you just assumed that I had naturally purple eyelids?

  • And then there are those who automatically link girls who love makeup to having deep-rooted issues.

  • I've never seen her without makeup.

  • I know, does she even know who she is?

  • Aside from that, there are a few euphoric moments that only girls who truly love makeup will understand.

  • Like when your cat eye is so sharp it could kill a man.

  • Or when you realize your lip stain is actually long wearing.

  • Or spending so much on makeup you get a free gift.

  • You won a hundred points!

  • You just won this amazing moisturizer.

  • Oh my gosh!

  • Now most people wouldn't associate loving makeup with speed and agility.

  • But the moment you save your compact while its staring down death's door is better than any NFL interference I've ever seen.

  • And there's no greater satisfaction than waiting for the new palette to drop the same way guys wait for the new Yeezys and actually getting your hands on it.

  • I'm so happy.

  • I'm so happy, too.

  • And you know you love makeup when your definition of a good day is sneezing without ruining your masterpiece.

  • And nothing screams sisterhood like meeting someone who's just as obsessed with makeup as you are.

  • Where do you get your eyeliner from?

  • It's always so on point.

  • Oh, thank you so much.

  • Hey, I love the lip.

  • Is that Kat Von D Lip?

  • Yes, is that Rebel?

  • Yeah.

  • Girl!

  • At the end of the day, makeup is more than just powders and lipsticks.

  • It's about trying new things, trading secrets, and looking and feeling your best.

  • And it's just about fun, OK?

  • It's really fun.

  • That's why I spend so much money on it.

  • I just want to have fun.

  • I've spent thousands of dollars on makeup.

  • It's really expensive, but it's really fun.

  • No, I don't want help.

  • Stop it, no, did it break?

  • That one's 30 dollars.

  • Oh wait, I can't cry, I can't cry, I can't cry.

  • I like makeup.

I love makeup, but it can kind of be a controversial subject sometimes.

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