B1 Intermediate US 1986 Folder Collection
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Hi, I'm Chelsea, and this is Hadley.
And today, Hadley's going to a luxury dog's spa while I go to work.
Mason definitely deserves a day at the spa.
When he feels good, everyone else feels good.
I hope she has a good day.
Hi, I'm Cynthia, I'm owner of New York Dog Nanny.
We offer a variety of services that you cannot find anywhere else in this city or probably in the world.
Reiki and therapeutic touch are growing in popularity with people, as well as, pets.
She gives me so much that it's cool to have this opportunity to let her just like be pampered.
He looks like an old, Greek man 'cause he's got very soulful eyes and a lot of expression.
There are so many reasons that dogs are good for people.
And that, I hope, people are good for dogs.
He helps brighten even the worst days.
He just knows how to be there when you need him.
She's very in tuned, I think, with like subtle shifts in emotions.
If I'm sad, she'll follow me around, and like make sure I'm okay.
They're happy, and have these like inner lives, and you get to kind of experience that.
Just like a best friend.
There's a reason they says it's men's best friend.
'Cause they are.
Reiki is an Eastern-based philosophy in meditation.
And what it does is it promotes deep relaxation in the body, as well as, boost the immune system.
With the dogs we're working on specific energy centers that are gonna help balance and rejuvenate the animal.
I would describe Hadley's personality as a very independent, very sassy.
She's a big mush, she just loves attention.
And he loves being around people.
My name is Veronica Burke.
And we are going to do a session of therapeutic touch.
What's going on in my mind, I'm putting into my hands.
I love her, and I want her to be happy, and to feel nice, and in any way that I can do that for her, I would want to do that.
Oh, my goodness.
You're so handsome.
Hi, Hadley, you look so cute.
Oh, you're fluffy.
Did you have a fun day at the spa?
Yeah, yeah (chuckles)?
I think dogs kind of bring out a different side of people.
It's so cheesy, but like dogs kind of bring it back to like what's important in life.
Friendship and companionship and being there for each other.
I love dogs so much.
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Dogs Get Pampered With A $300 Spa Day

1986 Folder Collection
Ginger Liu published on May 11, 2019    Ginger Liu translated    Evangeline reviewed
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