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  • Our topic for today is Sense Organs.

  • Our five sense organs are eyes, ears, nose, tongue and skin.

  • We are able to learn, understand and enjoy all the things around us because of our sense organs.

  • Our eyes help us to see the different objects around us.

  • With the help of our ears, we can hear and differentiate the different kinds of sounds.

  • Smell is the power of detecting a fragrance or an odor.

  • We can smell with the help of our nose.

  • The sense of smell is connected to the sense of taste.

  • Food tastes less tasty if the nose is blocked.

  • The taste buds on the tongue help us to enjoy the different flavors of food.

  • Our fifth sense organ is the skin.

  • Our skin acts as a blanket to protect us from heat, cold and germs.

Our topic for today is Sense Organs.

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