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Do you think I should get an army?
What about ships?
And then we should cross the sea?
More wine?
To the Iron Throne.
100% real Valyrian steel, or maybe do you want knife?
Real dragon glass.
This stuff is a knockoff.
You are in the presence of Daenery Three Therbachan.
Queen Amudelie.
Master of Dandia.
Protector of Cows.
Head of the real Gaedy.
And, Mother of Peacocks.
I would like to buy your ships.
100 bars of gold, plus a dragon.
I give you 20 bars of gold.
90 bars of gold, plus a dragon.
The shop down the street, they selling for 60 bars of gold.
70 bars of gold.
Okay, I give you 50 bars of gold plus three Dothraki.
Ten Dothraki.
It's good, we go to other shop, let's go, come on.
Oh no ma'am please, please come okay come, 100% handmade ships I am giving you.
I come here all the time, I am loyal customer.
Last price, special price for you.
I'll give you 50 bar of gold, one dragon, five Dothraki.
Give him 40 bars of gold.
Ma'am please.
You know I come to King's Landing with seven coin in my pocket.
I walk from Winterfell in snow, no horse.
Say you hope your brother has a long life.
I hope my brother Jimmy lives a very long life with his sister, who loves him very much.
Happy luckily.
The Lannisters have an army of one million.
How many people in our small village?
Ten million.
Oh, the gentle Snow.
Do you like games Porter?
Let's play a game, huh?
Run to your brother.
The faster you get to him, the faster you get to see him, huh?
Ah-ah-ah, you have to run.
Those are the rules.
Ah, are you as excited as I am for Game of Thrones?
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If Game of Thrones Were Indian

2279 Folder Collection
Ingrid published on April 30, 2019    Ingrid translated    Evangeline reviewed
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