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In New Eden, there is always work for a capsuleer.
Much of this work comes in the form of missions,
which are given to you by agents working for the various factions of New Eden.
These agents can be found inside most of the space stations across the New Eden cluster.
Agents always have missions for capsuleers to complete, and therefore, provide an endless supply of work.
They are an excellent way for new pilots to secure a steady income while still learning how to pilot their ship.
When you first begin as a capsuleer, you will start out with the training missions and tutorials provided by AURA – your first agent.
After completing the Pilot Certification, you’ll progress to the career advisor agents and take missions that teach you about the multitude of professions available to capsuleers.
From there, you will be ready to take on standard assignments and climb your way up the corporate ladder.
New Eden can be a dangerous place, but there is safety in numbers. Many capsuleer corporations work together when taking on agent missions.
If you’re looking for a wingman on your next assignment, then you should seek out one of the many corporations dedicated to running missions.
There is more work than just missions too, of course.
You can band together with other capsuleers, and work with each other to fight back pirate invasions of star systems.
Or you can hunt for even greater mysteries out in the unknown regions, where ancient enigmas lurk.
Most importantly of all though, remember that missions are ultimately only a means to an end – getting rich and experienced. You must decide for yourself how to use the wealth and knowledge you acquire.
It’s a living, breathing world out there.
All you need to do is find your place.
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EVE Online - CDIA Files: Agent Missions

908 Folder Collection
Galen Hsieh published on October 25, 2013
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