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Physical and Chemical Changes.
Cold region, desert and forest.
In a physical change appearance or form changes, but substance remains same.
Ice on melting converts to water.
Water on evaporation converts to water vapor.
Ice, water and water vapor.
All the products formed are still forms of water.
Hence, this is a physical change.
These broken pieces are all still parts of a plate.
Hence, this is a physical change.
When wood burns, chemical reaction takes place.
New substance gets formed.
This is a chemical change.
Here, the substance changes.
Look at this car.
Over time, chemical reactions have taken place resulting in rusting.
This is a chemical change.
When we light a matchstick, combustion reaction takes place.
This is a chemical change.
The End.
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Physical and Chemical Changes for Kids | #aumsum

71 Folder Collection
AumSum published on April 15, 2019
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