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Structure of a Neuron.
The nervous system helps to sense things around us.
Neuron is also known as the nerve cell and is the basic building block of the nervous system.
This is to certify that Mr. Neuron is eligible to transmit messages to the brain.
Neurons help in receiving, processing and transmitting information.
Thank you for the information.
Steam machine.
3 components of neuron.
Cell body or soma.
Let us understand each component one by one.
Cell body consists of the cytoplasm and the nucleus.
Dendrites are short projections or extensions that stretch out of the cell body.
Axon is a long, thread like projection of the neuron.
It has an insulating and protective sheath called myelin sheath.
Myelin sheath is made up of fats and proteins.
I forgot to check the receptor.
The neurons carry messages in the form of electrical signals called nerve impulses.
Dendrites pick up impulses from receptors and pass it to the cell body.
The impulses then travel along the axon.
Axon passes these impulses to another neuron through a junction called the synapse.
The impulses are carried from one neuron to another.
These impulses are finally delivered to the brain or the spinal cord.
This is a popcorn, not a cookie.
The End.
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Structure of a Neuron | #aumsum

21 Folder Collection
AumSum published on April 15, 2019
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