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  • What is a tsunami?

  • I do not know.

  • Tsunami is a series of giant waves.

  • In Japanese, tsunami means Harbor Wave.

  • And in Chinese?

  • Just listen.

  • A wave is created when energy passes through water.

  • Moving air or wind provides energy to water, forming regular waves.

  • While on the ocean floor, when a tectonic plate suddenly slides beneath the other.

  • The resulting earthquake releases tremendous amount of energy.

  • This energy spreads outward from the point of earthquake, triggering waves that can form tsunami.

  • Initially, these waves are small in size but they travel at great speeds.

  • However, when the waves approach the shore, the rising seabed obstructs the energy of waves.

  • This slows down the speed of waves.

  • But the energy flux must remain constant leading to an increase in height of waves.

  • Thus resulting in tsunami.

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What is a Tsunami? | #aumsum

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