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hey and welcome to my channel my name is
Heather and this is the fluffy Oracle

this readings gonna be all about how
does he or she feel about you and what

are their actual feelings and thoughts
at that time possibly so for a pile one

we have the purple amethyst with bread
hematite flex through it which is a

really pretty crystal see if I could
pick up a little bit the focus

you can see the little red hematite
flecks very beautiful crystal and then

for pile too we have a half dollar for
pile three we have a jade elephant time

stamps will be down below as usual in
the first comment as well as the

description box for your convenience and
I will also be putting the links for the

decks down below in case you would like
to add any of these decks here um

wonderful debt collections kind of like
I expand mine if you're new here welcome

please feel free to go ahead and hit
that subscribe button down below and

joining our happy family if this is your
first time welcome back and thanks so

much for sticking with me I love you
guys so much

so without further adieu and much more
ramble we will go ahead and jump into

pile one so I will see you guys in just
a second at your pile if you need any

extra time please feel free to go ahead
and pause the video now and I'll see you

in a sec alrighty so for my lips of
choice power number one a purple

amethyst let's get into this and see
what you have and how this person feels

about you so right away I'm really drawn
to the ace of cup cups card excusing I

really feel like they are very in love
with you

and they have a lot of deep and
overflowing love with you like and I

also feel like for some of you this may
be a new relationship as well and I'm

really attracted to the death card over
here because I feel like they have left

a situation that was no longer serving
them or you did vice however it

resonates just take it as it is or as it
does excuse me

so one of you has just left a
relationship or something behind that no

longer serves you and you finally found
new love everlasting and overflowing and

they see you as their nurturing type
with a child card because I'm really

attracted to the image instead of the
words on the card and then with the

shapeshifter I feel like you've
absolutely helped them to transform and

they see you as also being transformed
and that they could grow with you and

change and kind of spend the rest of
their lives with you but they have the

patience card as well so they want to
take their time with you they want to

take things slow they want to make sure
it's not something that they have to

kind of fight for with the seven of
wands because they're still not very

clear on everything yet with the unseen
card and with the experiments card this

is kind of something new for them this
is a very new type of relationship for

them unlike anyone that they've ever had
before what someone else is what I get

so it kind of scares them just a little
bit because it's the unknown and it's

something that they've never really kind
of like dealt with before with someone

so that's why they're kind of wanting to
take things a little bit slow with the

patience card but they see this as a
very successful relationship and they

love looking into your eyes is what I'm
getting I know that's kind of like a

little bit off but it was kind of like a
private message for someone if that

resonates with you then that message was
for you that they absolutely loved

looking into your eyes because they see
right through to the core of you and

vice versa
you with them and I feel like their eyes

something to do with their eyes with you
really attracts them like it was like

love at first sight and you just looked
into their eyes and you saw and fell so

deep at that time and you felt it in
your intuition that this was a person

that was meant to be with you as a soul
mate relationship so these your messages

I do hope that you enjoyed this reading
and I will see you guys next time if you

enjoyed this we didn't go ahead and give
it a big thumbs up and hit the subscribe

down button down below
if you're new here and that you enjoyed

this that way you can kind of come back
and check all the rest of my readings

out whenever I post new ones alrighty so
see you next video guys levius already

so for my left so chose pile number two
the half-dollar let's get into your

reading and see how this person feels
about you I feel like they have a lot to

learn from you and that you seem very
very knowledgeable and they view you as

being a very smart and down-to-earth
person and they absolutely love how you

take care of yourself because of the
athlete card and they love how you look

your body is really attractive to them
whether you're big or small it doesn't

matter they find you absolutely
attractive and beautiful in their eyes

so that's all it really should matter
they want a new beginning with you with

the Ace of Wands card because they see
you as helping them to be able to

finally move forward and come out of
being in the cold and feeling so cold

hearted and lonely from the past and
they also see you as someone that could

absolutely ignite the passion of love
with them within them because we had the

flame of love card down here and you're
someone that they've been waiting for

for a very long time to help free them
from whatever kind of heartache and

clothes like closed off that they were
feeling before they see you as the

person and feel like you are the person
for them that can help free them from

this situation and kind of lift them up
and make them feel better about

themselves whether you're a man or woman
this goes vice-versa I'm trying to see

if there's anything else that I get this
new beginning that they see with you

they see you is kind of like the light
at the end of the tunnel and like their

absolute gift is what I'm getting with
this this is a really quick reading it's

like straighten to the point because the
king of swords is a very cut and dry

individual he knows what he wants and
how he's going to get in how what he's

gonna do to get it and he's going to say
what he has to say in order to get it

so what he says goes so this person is
very straight to the point and I feel

like they view you as being someone
who's like an ultimate match for them as

well so these are your messages I do
hope that you enjoyed this reading I

know it was kind of quick but feel free
to go ahead and hit the subscribe button

down below if you're new here and give
this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed

this reading and if it resonated with
you as well as also let me know down

below in the comments how um how it
resonate it with you and what you

thought already Thanks see you next
video and have a blessed one guys love

yes alrighty so for my love so chose
pound number three let's get into your

reading all right they feel like they've
sacrificed enough and that they finally

found freedom with you and then they can
feel free enough to be themselves around

you and kind of let loose and relax
finally and I feel like they really love

they want to write you and text you for
some of you like I hate I feel like some

of you will be getting some community
some sort of communication from them

because I'm really attracted to her
writing with the heart front card but

I'm just more attracted to her actions
in the picture what writing in this book

here so I feel like they sometimes I
feel like they secretly write you so

many letters or you very versatile with
them kind of writing down how they feel

and how they truly feel about you and
same as vice versa and I feel like you

will soon hear from them and kind of
hear how exactly they feel about you

because they have a lot of passion for
you and they see a lot of passion in you

they also feel that you are basically
their knight in shining armor or their

hero type of person their person that's
basically their right or die is what I

get with that and they've chosen you for
a specific reason because they see a lot

of stability with you with the 4 of
Wands card and someone that they can

kind of settle down with and kind of
have a stable relationship with and they

also feel like you're somebody that they
can kind of just sit there and listen to

and look up to as well as just kind of
like sitting

with kind of like a Netflix and chill
thing and just sit an absolute calmness

and feel so much comfort and love and
like they also want to be your protector

I feel like you're someone that they
would kind of hold in high regards

enough to kind of just take and wrap
their arms around and keep them safe

they also look up to you as a mentor and
kind of feel like you're so smart that

you are just absolutely like some of
that they could really they really

respect you is one part of sound like
I'm having a hard time spitting it out

I'm like goddamn right anyway you're
someone that they look up to and I feel

like they want to be that way for you as
well um see if there's anything else I

get I want to read the back of the
passion card for you guys because I feel

really drawn to it says love sexual
energy passions aroused vital life force

Kundalini the Sun giver of life strength
a gift new infusion of energy something

beyond your control and surrender so I
feel like that's kind of like a little

bit of a laundry list of what you make
them feel inside to kind of give you an

idea which is why I felt drawn to
reading it and it's kind of like a list

that they've made like a checkmark list
in their head that they've made and you

kind of tick off all the boxes you meet
all the you know the criteria for what

they want and seeing someone in a
relationship and that's why they've

chosen you for this reason because
you're someone that they see as that

person that can have a stable
relationship and a long-lasting

fulfilling loving relationship even
though things may seem very unclear at

the moment they still see you like that
so these are messages I do hope that you

enjoyed this reading and if you new here
go ahead and hit this subscribe button

down below for me and joining our happy
family and giving this video a thumbs up

also feel free to comment below and let
me know how this resonated for you

thanks and see you next video guys

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How Does He/She Feel About Me? {Pick A Card Tarot Reading}

339 Folder Collection
pennywahaha published on April 15, 2019
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