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  • (gentle piano music) (birds chirping)

  • - [Narrator] They look like something

  • out of an Indiana Jones movie,

  • Bridges made out of living trees.

  • This is Nongriat, a remote village in Northeastern India

  • where locals have been growing bridges

  • for hundreds of years.

  • (speaking in foreign language)

  • That's Wiston Miwa, the head of the village.

  • He's lived here his whole life, since 1952.

  • (speaking in foreign language)

  • To get the roots to grow into a bridge across water

  • they use wire and old tree trunks to guide their path.

  • (speaking in foreign language)

  • (gentle music)

(gentle piano music) (birds chirping)

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The Valley Where Bridges Breathe

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    許大善 posted on 2019/04/14
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