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  • (Image Source: Paramount Pictures)


  • There's no shortage of fiction in all three Iron Man movies, but the real man who inspired

  • how Tony Stark was portrayed in recent films, says he is making at least one cool idea from

  • the big screen a reality.

  • You know that now famous hand gesture technology from the Iron Movies? Well, billionaire inventor

  • Elon Musk said he can recreate that, tweeting... (via Paramount Pictures)

  • "We figured out how to design rocket parts just w hand movements through the air (seriously).

  • Now need a high frame rate holograph generator." He followed that up by saying a video of the

  • new tech will be uploaded next week. (via Twitter / @elonmusk)

  • But if you think billionaires are way beyond getting ideas from comic book character movies

  • you'd be wrong, that's exactly where his idea came from.

  • The director of Iron Man asked Musk if the new designing process was like the one in

  • Iron Man to which Musk responded. "Yup. We saw it in the movie and made it real. Good

  • idea!" (via Twitter / @elonmusk)

  • Now, this isn't the first attempt from the tech world to recreate everyday norms from

  • Tony Stark's world. Developer, Robbie Tilton, made a video controlling this 3D image with

  • Leap Motion gesture technology. (via

  • No details have been given about how Musk plans to pull this off but the tech world

  • seems pretty excited about it.

  • Gizmodo wrote, "This better not be a joke... How could this not be cool?"

  • While CNET added, "We're looking forward to next week's video."

  • And just to put an end to that other rumor... Musk told the  'zillionth' person there is

  • no full Iron Man suit to look forward to. (via Twitter / @elonmusk)

(Image Source: Paramount Pictures)

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