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  • Why do people grind their teeth?

  • Because they are always hungry.

  • No.

  • Some people may grind their teeth unknowingly only during the night.

  • While others may grind their teeth during the daytime as well.

  • The medical term for teeth grinding is called bruxism.

  • What?

  • It also has a medical term.

  • Indeed.

  • Bruxism can be caused due to stress, anxiety, medications, etc.

  • However, according to a research, bruxism is also common in people who snore.

  • Snoring occurs when the muscles like uvula, tongue, etc. relax and fall at the back of our throat.

  • Blocking the air pathway and thus, causing difficulty in breathing.

  • Now, it is bruxism that reopens the air pathway.

  • Bruxism or grinding of teeth causes movement in the relaxed muscles.

  • Due to which the muscles return back to their original position, thus opening the air pathway.

Why do people grind their teeth?

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