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-I want to talk about your April Fool's prank.
Because it made me laugh, but I'm assuming
someone else probably got confused.
This is on your Instagram.
-I did a film called "Love, Rosie" years ago.
And I'm heavily pregnant in it.
So I thought April Fool's, it is a great photo to use.
-And she says "Big news." -"Big news."
So, I didn't think anyone was going to buy it.
But my little brother, Matthew, called me,
and was like, "Are you pregnant?"
And I said, "Well, no.
Wouldn't I have told you not on social media?"
He's like, "That's so dumb. I hate you." And he hung up.
I was like, "I love you, too."
-Let's talk about "Les Misérables."
You're playing Fantine. -Yes.
-I mean, big role. -It was very exciting.
I never in my wildest dreams thought I'd get to play her.
-This is exciting. -Yeah.
-But it's not a musical? -It's not a musical, no.
It actually goes back to Victor Hugo's novel
and, obviously, the written word.
And that wasn't musical. So it goes back to the original,
and it is a six-parter.
And it's just really interesting for me because as Fantine,
sometimes most of her story line gets told through song lyrics.
She explains in a song that she fell in love
and had a child and was left by a guy.
Whereas we get to show it in an episode.
-Oh, interesting.
-Yeah, you get to see the ghosting of that period happen.
-The transformation is unbelievable.
-Thank you. -Obviously, I mean --
I almost can't even look at this.
'Cause I just know you, and then this is you as Fantine.
[ Audience murmurs ]
And, wow! You really went for it.
-The hair and makeup department were absolute geniuses.
I sent this picture to my mom because I was so excited
about the transformation not even thinking how awful that is.
-I bet she was like, "Don't ever send me this ever again."
-I was like, "Rough day at work,"
and she was like, "You never send your mother
that kind of a picture."
-Now your brother and your mom unfollow you on Instagram.
-Yeah, now they don't follow me on Instagram.
They never know what I'm gonna show.
But it was amazing.
I had a bald cap underneath my wig
so they could chop into the wig
and then look like they were chopping
into, like, my skull basically.
And then we put -- I had two of my front teeth
knocked out in the show, so I had green-screened teeth.
She sells her teeth and hair to pay for her daughter who's sick.
-How do they get -- This is good.
Did they just put, like, black out?
-This is so awful.
-Did they put, like, some glue on your teeth?
Is that what it is? -It's absolutely awful.
-Yes, that is not in character. That is after work one day.
I was really happy to get the wig off, obviously.
But, yeah, they put green screen teeth and then they
black them out so they can easily blur them in post.
-Wow! -Yeah, it was really fun.
-Is it hard to act like that?
-No, it's easier, I think.
Well, for me, it's easier, because I don't recognize myself
and I can get into character.
But then some of the other actors
are staring at, like, spinach teeth when they're acting.
So, Dominic West and I are filming my death scene.
Not a spoil-- I mean, everyone knows Fantine dies.
Everyone knows.
You can see her resurrect on Broadway or West End
tomorrow night if you wanted to. -It's a pretty old book, yeah.
We're good, yeah. No spoilers on this one, yeah.
-We were doing my death scene, which was day two of filming.
Like, I worked my way backwards. They had me die day two.
-Why? -Because we were shooting in
winter and they wanted it to be cold and dreary and depressing,
which is was.
-So, your second day of work, you die?
-I died, yeah.
It was like, "Nice to meet you," and then my death bed.
But Dominic is standing behind the camera looking at me
and he just can't stop laughing 'cause I have these green teeth.
He's not making it easy for me.
-You shot this in Brussels?
-Shot it in Brussels last year.
-Wow! Did you get to explore?
-I did a lot of backpacking around Europe.
I did some, like, train rides to cool places.
But then I also weirdly did a bunch of escape rooms.
I don't know why I went to Brussels and did escape rooms.
-Well, is it different than American escape rooms?
-Kinda, yeah. Different themes, I guess.
And some of them -- I mean, they were all in English.
I wouldn't have ever escaped otherwise.
But it was fun. -I love escape rooms.
-They're great. -I only did it once.
But Questlove apparently has done it like 30 times.
-Aren't they awesome? -They're awesome.
-But he's never invited me once.
-Oh, you know, I invite -- That's funny,
because I invited -- Well, David Oyelowo is in this,
and he's amazing.
We all, Dominic and I kept inviting him out
to hang out with us, and every time, he said no.
And I just took it as personal, I guess.
I know know, he didn't like me or something.
Dominic and I just found out two days ago that he's
a method actor and he just didn't want to hang out with us
because he was in character. -No!
-Because on the press tour, he's been so much fun.
And Dominic and I were like,
"You are so much fun to hang out with."
He's like, "Well, I'm not in character now."
And it took us months to realize it wasn't personal.
-You were like, "Dude, you are a jackass."
He's like, "No, I was playing a jackass."
-I mean, he throws me around in the show, but in real life,
he's lovely and funny. -Of course. He's really funny.
We love him. Oh, my God. That's hilarious to find out.
-I know. It was a trip. -Well, congrats on this.
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Lily Collins' Family Fell for Her Pregnancy Prank

446 Folder Collection
Christy published on April 13, 2019
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